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26 December 2006, 22:49

AllofMP3 Response to Complaint by Major Record Labels

An attempt by the major record labels to use a U.S. court to as part of its campaign against is imprudent.
AllofMP3 understands that several US record label companies filed a lawsuit against Mediaservices in New York. This suit is unjustified as does not operate in New York. Certainly the labels are free to file any suit they wish, despite knowing full well that operates legally in Russia.

In the mean time, plans to continue to operate legally and comply with all Russian laws.

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Comments 541

1. by londongal1979, 27 December 2006, 05:40

Stick to your guns, allofmp3. Those mean, greedy, american gun-toting record label managers just want to continue to monopolise the trade of music to bleed consumers dry whilst pocketing THEIR rich trillions into their over-sized pockets. Music is love to all of mankind, a simple refreshment that should come to us as easy as breathing,it shouldn't be a privilage as those fat cats would like us to believe. Those big, ugly fat millionaires can go jump, and just accept that healthy competition in the marketplace (not monopolisation) is part and parcel of being a fair trading society. Think David and Goliath - the rest of us are on your side.

2. by Ian, 27 December 2006, 06:51

I hope you guys, as Londongal said, "Stick to your guns". I agree that AllofMP3 is in Russia and therefore cannot be governed by US law, so why are these record companies bothering to try and sue you? Surely, they know that, as you're a Russian company, there's nothing they can do. I figure, that as long as the artist's themselves aren't losing out, after all, it's their sweat and tears that gave us the music in the first place. So, go for it Allofmp3, a lot of people in the world support you.

3. by Dave, 27 December 2006, 08:54

The american recording industry has garnered the hate of millions of young americans, yet they don't care. Eighteen thousand lawsuits later they continue their path of arrogance, greed, and self destruction. Keep up the good work Allofmp3. We all support you.

4. by Tito, 27 December 2006, 11:18

It's time that this stupid record industry wakes up and realize that we want to download legal but for a normal prize and without DRM or other annoying protection.
Leave this site alone and work with them together, or is Apple paying you so much to keep there monopoly position.
Its time to let the American's know there are more people in the world then only the States.
Viva Russia, viva Europe

5. by by vic, 27 December 2006, 12:15

It is all politics.Ihope the russian government does not give in to american requests to ban allofmp3!You most continue your great work.

6. by HohleBirne, 27 December 2006, 12:38

Fuck the american Comercialfreaks.
shoot down and break necks

7. by Markyel, 27 December 2006, 13:25

We'll see how long holds on. I suspect a time will come when they will cease and desist just like other mp3 sites. They will cave in to the great American justice system. lol

8. by MIchelle, 27 December 2006, 13:30

Tecnology helps to lower costs in a lot of industries. This is similar to the banking industry, where they put in CASH machines to lower the cost of hiring so many tellers, while charging the customer for the service. So the few at the top make millions on the backs of working people. This is no different. Sure it makes sense to charge .99 a song if you have to burn a CD, print a cover and mass distribute it, but if technology allows the music to get to the people who are willing to pay, the artist for their services it's great. It cuts out all the people making money on the artist talent, the artist still gets the music distributed and heard, and the people get the hear the music of their favourite artists, why is this bad? This process eliminates all of the leeches, and brings business back to what it should be, an honest charge for a good, product or service. HOLD YOUR GROUND ALLOFMP3

9. by Masha Mondello, 27 December 2006, 15:11

That's great, but if you're not careful they may block access to your website from the US, which just has to affect your sales - not to mention reputation. We like you and want to continue to enjoy your wonderful website, but maybe it's not a good time for bravado when your very existance on the World Wide Web (with the emphasis on WORLD) is threatened. Are you ready to fight this legal fight?

10. by Engulfing, 27 December 2006, 16:56

i thought you pay part of the revenues to those record labels.

But when i read these news, i get the impression you miss-use russian law to maximise your profits.

It is absolutely clear, that your services might be legal but not legitimately.

I hope you find a solution on that.

11. by Mary, Australia, 27 December 2006, 17:12

I have purchased thousands of CD's over the years and been ripped off by paying top dollar... now its time to share music, even if you cant affort it. Stick to it allofmp3!

12. by Spanky Sullivan, 27 December 2006, 18:13

ALLOFMP3.COM runs a legal business. I would like to see a few pennies go to the artist thoug when I buy a son...I would be willing to pay 30 cents a song if I knew it was a fair system for the artists. 99 cents a song just seems a little to steep.

13. by Tony, UK, 27 December 2006, 18:14

Yet ANOTHER American fat-cat publicity stunt. This is how these greed-mongers operate to protect their grip on massively over inflated profits. Don’t bow to the global finance school bullies it only makes want more!

14. by Wes - US, 27 December 2006, 18:42

Why are people so resistant to change. Change is good. If millions of people are visiting and using Allofmp3, why not figure out why it is so successful? In addition to the low prices, there are additional features and musical selections that other sites do not offer (iTunes) that attract me to the site. Please keep up the good work Allofmp3 and I hope the RIAA realizes that the youth are going to rise up against it (your days are numbered).......

15. by Jim - USA, 27 December 2006, 18:43

I hate the RIAA!!!!!

16. by akrus, 27 December 2006, 18:56

Actually in case there was available same service like, but with legal music, I'd like to use it... but we're still missing FLAG/OGG online media shops so we just need offers if they want users to buy legal media ;)

17. by Forrest Gump, 27 December 2006, 19:02

Let be the first company and textbook example about how the new Music Industry Era started.

18. by Stewart, Australia, 27 December 2006, 19:14

"I hope the RIAA realizes that the youth are going to rise up against …" Yeah right Wes, dream on dude. So you come from America right. And what percentage vote in elections in your country? Fifty percent that's how many. I don't exactly see the youth of any western country rising up. (Except perhaps the French but they do that all the time.)

There isn't one mainstream Western politician who gives a fig about about Likewise, most politicians don't really understand the issues behind copyright. And when the record companies tell them it will lead to industry unemployment they'll shaft allofp3, Kazaa, Limewire et. alia.

For crying out loud. Your country has lost over 3000 soldiers in Iraq. Do we see mass protests? No! Do we see Americans demanding subsidised medicine? No. Do we see Americans dumping their gas guzlers and making do with one car instead of three? No! And you think that American youth are rising up against the RIAA whilst at the same time being sued into history? A big fat NO!!!!

My father, an American vet had a saying: "People get the government they deserve." You got George W. Bush: a liar and a cheat.

If you think it's any different in Australia forget it. We've got John Howard (and he's a rascist AND a liar and a cheat) and his government has just criminalsed copyright breaches. And Tony Blair…another liar.

Copyright is slowly dying out. It will take another decade or so. And what's doing it is the power of technology. Eventually DRM and copyright will become a thing of the past. But the youth rising up. Forget it. In the West if there was an attempt at revolution most people would stay at home and watch it on television. If they thought it interesting they might email some of the footage to their friends.

19. by chilli boy, 27 December 2006, 19:19

Stewart you have some serious issues mate, chill out and download some more cheap music

20. by mark, 27 December 2006, 20:01

the riaa is making itself public enemy nr.1 in record time like this.
i'm just waiting for the message on cnn that a "terrorist" bombed the riaa headquarters. somebody (the public) should unite against the riaa and their counterparts in various counteries where they think "they" need to receive the money from the songs, especially as in a lot of cases they do not have to keep a "open" book as the amounts they receive en "give" to the artists, i think (know) there is quite a gap or "indenscrepancy" with the books.

can't some suicide bomber in irak take the plane to the US and blow up the lobby if the riaa? that way even they die useful...

21. by Bill, 27 December 2006, 20:04

Good going guys. As far as I'm concerned, screw ASCAP, BMI and the rest. They might as well accept the fact, they cannot control this. They may try, and have a few rewards, but that is it. They should just go pound salt.

22. by Dave Buck, 27 December 2006, 20:05

Hi - I love he site. Previously I have been able to refill my balance using my Visa card. Now it seems you can only top up using Diners or JCB - I don't have eitehr of these cards. Can anyone help - I have no credit left in my account and need more music!!!

23. by Tha Guru, 27 December 2006, 20:16

Well, now I'm definitely going to buy some more songs from AllOfMP3. RIAA should knock on ROMS doors if they want their money, not try to any website because they don't make enough profit. Next thing they're going to sue Apple because iTunes Store doesn't ask enough money.

I'm not supporting the MAFIAA in any way anymore, I don't get cable tv, just rip everything from the internet

24. by StacyFrance, 27 December 2006, 20:43

"Those mean, greedy, american gun-toting record label managers" mean the ones that stick their necks out for the artists that YOU are ripping off? Let's all blame the man!

25. by GABO, 27 December 2006, 20:55

HI-I am a proud american who hates record labels..... do anything you can to defeat those greedy bastards!!!!

26. by (Anonymous), 27 December 2006, 21:17

"It is absolutely clear, that your services might be legal but not legitimately."

Read a dictionary: legitimate = legal.

27. by Christmas Wish, 27 December 2006, 22:18

We simply want music without frontiers. We want to pay reasonable prices, pay reasonable due to the artists and to listen without the shackles of DRM. We will always be one jump ahead of the record labels and distribution companies. We will always break the rules, break the DRM and share the music, without or without them. The decision is there's.
All of MP3 may not offer all of that, but in the absence of a system that offers everything, they meet us half way. Their site is accessible, allowing people with disabilities to access the music, something "permitted" sites rarely bother to do, they distribute music for a reasonable price, allowing more people to listen to more music. I don't believe they pay reasonable due to the artists whose music they sell and this is a shame which should be rectified without question, but they understand the market, they understand the commerce and they understand that the record labels are no longer the ones making the decisions in the music world.

28. by Where is my money?, 27 December 2006, 22:56

You can download my songs here, but i never received anything from this russian maffia

29. by Vincent, 27 December 2006, 22:57

Record Labels take allmost all profit for themselves and the artists are getting allmost nothing. takes ALL profit for themselves and give artists NOTHING in return.

This makes ALLOFMP3 even more bad. FUCK YOU!

30. by Olwe, 27 December 2006, 23:02

Russia has gas. Russia has oil. Russia has Allofmp3. Sounds like a winning combination to me! So my advice to Russia is sell the gas and oil at super-inflated prices and the music dirt cheap! But pleeeze Russia, stop selling your forests to China!!! We all need those trees alive....

31. by USA12345, 27 December 2006, 23:04

LOVE THIS SITE!!! Got an email about the pending suit. F**K the record companies. They're a bunch of @$$holes anyway. They should be working on one of the following:
1) Making music that's worth the prices they charge. (Unlikely)
2) Paying allofmp3 TRILLIONS for their brilliant idea. (Even more unlikely)


32. by merethan, 27 December 2006, 23:18

[quote] Stewart: But the youth rising up. Forget it. In the West if there was an attempt at revolution most people would stay at home and watch it on television. If they thought it interesting they might email some of the footage to their friends. [/quote]

If there's one I'll be there. I hate this world, really. Not the planet, but the way we live here in "the west". Seriously, I will never be a soldier, because there's nothing worth fighting for.
(Somehow the album 10,000 fists in the air from Disturbed brings this perfectly to music)

[quote] For crying out loud. Your country has lost over 3000 soldiers in Iraq. Do we see mass protests? No! Do we see Americans demanding subsidised medicine? No. Do we see Americans dumping their gas guzlers and making do with one car instead of three? No! And you think that American youth are rising up against the RIAA whilst at the same time being sued into history? A big fat NO!!!! [/quote]

This is a result from a sick world we are currently living in.
over 10,000 Iraqi's + over 3000 soldier met death, but we call it war, Bush, Blair and even "my own" Balkenende (Netherlands) do not face justice.

Then we have a man called Saddam. oh bet he was not a nice man, murdered +150 people in towns and 3 times more tortured, and now he faces the gallows. Why didn't he called it just war, exactly as Bush does? Then he would have been a good man, like Bush.

Soon people can no longer cover their eye's. countless numbers will start to hunger for worldwide renown.

Even will be one of the causes of people opening their eye's.

More and more people are willing to see the truth behind 9/11. (Why did those towers collapsed so nicely like a demolition? Why was the hole in the Pentagon WAY too small for an airplane?)

The Iraq war (Operation Iraqi "Freedom") makes people finally think. (If you want to give dictators a punch, go check out Afrika) Small numbers, still, but it has to start anywhere. Everything starts small.

If you got the money, you got the power. This is wrong, everybody can see it. "Sue to death" -> this is democracy and justice? WTF?

This world is SICK, seriously. I support any project or company who is not doing what the (mostly American) money wants. Think of the Pirate Bay, AllOfMp3, Razorback2 (unfortunate it was taken down illegal), Thorr network, Freenet, any open source project like Linux and all programs around it, Amnesty International etc etc etc. We all should.

When the next revolution is going to take the power away from the money and bring it back to the people, and is taking our minds to a new level, be there.

You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of 10,000 fists in the air.

33. by J^^nas, 27 December 2006, 23:19

I'm just interested how they can sue you in US, yes: people can with $$$ but thats nothing. Doesent Russian goverment use $ to count "Big moneys"... I hope that you can make some difference in this matter :). Funny to see will they sue you in Russia.

34. by Duncan, 27 December 2006, 23:52

Something tells me that RIAA's suit for $1.65 trillion will fall through. I agree with londongal in saying "stick to your guns!"

35. by Martin, 27 December 2006, 23:55

Seems the labels might have already won the battle with the inability to charge up your balance with a credit card. Is this the labels next strike at

36. by Mike, 28 December 2006, 00:33

Well Folks,
Like you I don't have much guilt about not giving Mick Jagger any of my money through royalties allofmp3 would pay him. But strangely the recording industry is in a quandry. Since you can't stop a tide (the public downloading a new Gwen Stefani album for $1.50 en masse) and that day will come. Most albums have one good song and the rest suck so actually spending a dollar for a song on iTunes isn't such a bad deal. Again, I am glad to give allofmp3 fifteen cents. But if the music industry ceases to exist then artists will just record themselves and market themselves on the net. Having an established music industry does have one advantage: it spends millions and millions of dollars promoting an artist. The result is that we actually hear about someone. How is one decent band going to make its way through the clutter? As far as the recording industry sending a cop to my home for downloading on allofmp3 fuck them. Peace to all in 2007.

37. by quickrob, 28 December 2006, 00:37

let's be smart people!

allofmp3 is breaking many international laws, but they are apparently successfully dancing on the fault line between legal and illegal insofar as russia is concerned.

granted, the major labels have been fucking up and are greedy. butt o blame americans, as many of the more ignorant posters here have, is just plain stupid.

the labels are losing money, and is successfuly stealing their business.

the labels in ALL countries are getting shafted. ill be the first to admit they deserve it. but some of the posters here are just proving to the world that they dont have a fucking clue to work with or two neurons to synapse together when they start bringing up Iraq and other completely unrelated shit.

id love to see reimburse the artists directly. otherwise, this is theft PURE AND SIMPLE. if the labels dont play nice, then the labels are mostly to blame for their predicament and the predicament their artists are not in. most musicians are not like Lars Ulrich, but some are. Those who just want FAIR PAY are getting fucked because with they are getting NO PAY.

So, for all the morons here cursing the US and blaming the US for all the worlds problems, howzabout you open your eyes and ears and dedicate yourself to getting educated and working towards being part of the solution, not part of the problem. for example, for each full CD downloaded, mail a $1 bill to the artist.

hey its an idea...a much better idea than blatantly flouting international law, stealing from musicians, and finding creative ways to blame america.

38. by Snake, 28 December 2006, 00:41

This is where Russia should make a stand.
A Russian company does not have to obey the laws of another country as long as they don't operate in it. Everybody hates the recording industry, DRM and all that sort of bullshit.
A government must protect it's civilians and it's economy. I hope the Russian government will not cave in. This has to stop somewhere. Why not here? There are still enough ICBM's in Russia to make a stand. The US isn't stupid enough to go to war because of some stupid record label managers.

39. by Me, 28 December 2006, 00:44

It's just sad to hear they charge up to 1.5Billion while i'm pretty sure that money won't even be going to the artists, right in the pockets of the greedy ppl themself. Keep it up

40. by alpha, 28 December 2006, 01:39

Music industry operates with overrated prices. And what do they do with the money they get? They spend it in milliosn dollars stupid adds campaign to push ahead the music they want you to buy. What sort of music? The one that costed them the less, made by puppets artists! They could reduce their costs by 90% if they wish; or they could make real investments in real music offer like does Allofmp3 who makes forgotten songs of the past live again and who realizes investments by offering a powerful on-line service.

41. by John, 28 December 2006, 01:40

Markyel you think the U.S. legal system applies here and is going to win everytime, wake up and realize the illusion your living in. Then you look like an idiot by putting "LOL" what are 10 yrs old. But let me not disturb your profound comment. One word for you "Confused"

Vincent the poor artist oh no they are not getting any money from allofmp3. Pls those people might provide the music but surely have more money than you and me. Stop kissing their ass and realize it is about time that we got some payback for 20 dollar CDs being sold. One word for you "Gopher"

Quickrob just wondering when was the last time you sent a dollar to a starving artist. Keep up the great work you surely are a leader not a puppet like the rest of us. One word for you. "Useless"

Keep up the fight allofmp3, comments from these indivuals and of this caliber should not even be posted.

42. by Freddyman, 28 December 2006, 01:48

Don't let the bastards grind you down. I, like many of your users, have spent thousands on LPs, tapes and CDs over the past 25 years of collecting music. Now all I am trying to do is broaden my musical horizons without spending loads of cash and allofmp3 allows me to do that. I have discovered loads of great new bands through your site and others like yours. Music at reasonable prices. Why should I spend nearly GBP10 on a download from iTunes when I don't even get the inner booklet and other associated material? Downlaodable music should be cheap and afordable. Besides, I support bands by seeing them live where they make most of their money. Keep up the good work.

43. by james, 28 December 2006, 01:53

what a load Bo-locks! i remember when Our Price records [ owned by W H Smith ] used to charge me £19 for a double CD
and lets face it most of the money the record companies make DOESNT go to the artists anyway
Now i see that the crap credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard and Amex have pulled the plug so i cant even top up
what next?
How about taking paypal payments?

44. by Scott, 28 December 2006, 02:40

This is the BEST music site I have ever used. It will be the best site for a long time to come. You will continue to get my support. Record companies throw their money about like there is no tomorrow - they waste money and expect people to pay the rip off prices that they charge for CD's. You will continue to get my business daily and I fully support your cause for this LEGAL site.

45. by Paul, 28 December 2006, 02:46

Dave, you can recharge your credit using xrost. Once you've done the transfer, go to and refill your aomp3 account.

46. by Harry S Baggs, 28 December 2006, 02:52

Please don't think the comments by Stewart are typical of the mood in Australia. I agree with some of what he saya but he is completely mis guided when it comes to copyright.

What teh RIAA is doing has nothing to do with copyright but has everything to do with making sure teh music execs keep their named car parking space and their salaries that look like hollywood telephone numbers.

I have no problem in paying for music BUT it has to be equitable. I find it galling that you buy a CD electronically and the music labels expect you to pay exactly the same price as if you purchased it in a bricks and mortar record store.

All I can say is keep up the fight. Detroit has it's back against the wall for resisiting the mood of the people and not producing fuel efficient, feature rich vehicles that the population wants, the same will happen with the RIAA.

We will see DRM, it's not the bogey everyone thinks it is, we will see payments required BUT we will eventually see realisitic pricing for the consumer and realistic revenues for the artists and hopefully some sensible attitudes from the music conglomerates who just want to push their junk and bury the real music everyone wants to listen to.

47. by Robbo , Great Britain, 28 December 2006, 03:01

The ISp i have was playing about for a few days stopping me download songs. ALLOFMP3 allows me to download just the odd song i want. I do hope that the artisits get some money though from this, its only fair.

Otherwise, great site, bteer than which isnt compatible for IPods....

48. by myinnershadow, 28 December 2006, 04:12

1. WOW, nice response, my response would of said dumb ass's wrong country.
2. you seam to on the list of reasons against net neutrality, they cant stop me from getting to you I'd just proxy a friend in Russia.
3. love you guys
4. they should embrace your success like i said elsewhere:
A)previous 10 years-3 weeks: $15 of music (3 singles)
B)last 3 weeks with you 100+
C)when its this cheap you don't worry if it sucks, you like a song you get every album the artist made.

Thanks you guys

49. by Billy from Chicago, Illinois USA, 28 December 2006, 04:29

Keep up the good work in Russia. You are providing a better service to mankind then the well-known alternatives. The overwhelming majority of Americans are with you on this one; Don't for get that as you continue to innovate and make it easier on the masses. Keep-up the fight for those that cannot. ALLOFMP3.COM FOREVER!!

50. by Poreca, 28 December 2006, 04:33

I am with your point of view!! Congratulations!

51. by Dasher, 28 December 2006, 05:47

Knowing that royalties per song are in the neighborhood of 6-10 cents per song, an album with 15 songs generates $.90 - $1.50 for the artist before sunk costs. Add in the cost of recording, producing and packaging the album and some sort of promotion and the total cost of the record falls way short of the iTunes cost of $14.85 or a retail price tag at a store.

The point is that the model that allofMP3 is using for distribution could easily cover the royalties and the ability for an artist to recoup sunk costs and still cover the cost of running the site and still provide a profit for its operators.

The record companies have been hiding behind the overbloated and inefficient distribution system they have built and are profiting at the artists' expense. It is not the artist who gets screwed so much as the record companies.

I do not know if allofMP3 is indeed paying artists, but if it ever became possible to actually pay them (an free them of the indentured slavery contracts) and for us to purchase an album for $2.25, everyone in this "new" way of bringing music to the public could profit. The record companies (aka middle men) would be left out.

Music to my ears!!!

52. by rob, 28 December 2006, 06:25

I've always ASSUMED this site was illegal, but it would be great if they "won" at least the right to operate. It'd be nice if they paid the artist, think about'd have to sell a LOT of albums making $1 off each to be truly "rich" ... after taxes, you'd have to sell a few hundred thousand copies, that won't buy a mansion and a lot of cars ... it's not like they release an album every year, plus there are usually 3-5 members of each band. So if they sold a million records, they'd each be walking away with say $200,000 before taxes...not really THAT much money in the grand scheme of things...certainly less than their a&r people get paid at the record company...

53. by technolustluddite, 28 December 2006, 06:47

>"this "new" way of bringing music to the public could profit. The record companies (aka middle men) would be left out.">

They know this, and it scares the shit out of them. Thats why they're trying to squeeze every last dime out of every college student, grannie, and overseas scofflaw. They bullied sweeden and the pirate bay, threatening SANCTIONS, now they're poking the bear of russia, denying them entry to the WTO???

It's a frightening thing when vicious corporations decide (inter)national policy.

54. by star, 28 December 2006, 07:02

i like your music.

55. by scriptor incertus, 28 December 2006, 07:11

Dasher addressed a key issue. It costs the record labels about $.75 to manufacture a CD. The artist only gets a couple of dollars per disk. Advertising and promotion cost a few dollars. The rest of the $15 - $19 dollar selling price of a CD in the US is pure profit for the record companies. Now they expect us to pay the same price for a download?

I'm not sure if the artists ever recieve payment from, but they are not operating illegally. They are operating withing Russian law and purchasing music from them is equivalent to travelling to Russia, purchasing CD's and bringing them back to the US. Stop claiming allofmp3 is illegal.

I hope that allofmp3 continues to do whatever it takes to provide reasonably priced music to the world. Maybe the record companies will eventually realize that charging $15 - $19 dollars for a downloaded CD doesn't make much sense. Of course as long as my ignorant fellow countrymen continue to shell out the cash, nothing will change. So spread the word and get as many people as you can to use The success of this site is a direct threat to the record labels. Without it they are free to extort cash from music lovers around the world.

56. by Ronald Reagan, 28 December 2006, 07:29

I was wrong about you, mother Russia. I am sorry. Please keep fighting the good fight against the MAFIAA. And screw the WTO, you're better off without them.

57. by A.C., 28 December 2006, 07:35

More Euro-trash and ignorant American haters. I am a 6th generation military man whose father and grandfathers saved thousands of European lives from the jaws of evil by risking their lives. It's sad but every day i feel less and less loyalty toward our European brothers. All this American bashing will become your undoing. Next time your hour of need is upon us don't you dare ask our men to shed a drop of blood for those who would spit on the face of an American soldier and it's flag. Totally non-music related but i am sick and tired of my country being ripped by foreigners at every chance they get. The USA is a good country with good people. Citizens donate more than half-a trillion dollars a year to other countries to help the poor and needy. We all have our downfalls but our country is just, and keep our values dear to our heart. Sad to think that it may take another terrible war in Europe to remind people of the honor and compassion that the American people have for their brothers. Sad..sad...sad.

58. by Susanna, 28 December 2006, 07:36

I hope never closes down. It's the best music source and has most of the music that I like. Keep up the great work allofmp3 team. And don't listen to those annoying record labels, they're not important, but artists are. After all artists do most of the work to record albums. We got you're back team.

59. by juztruckin, 28 December 2006, 07:44

Well allofmp3 do you pass on some of your profits to the atrist like you claim? Or does ME (#57) have a valid point?

60. by mozart, 28 December 2006, 08:42

I REALLY LIKE THIS SITE. I get a lot of great music here and I feel like it is a fair deal. but let's clarify this one major point.

Sony is a Japanese company
EMI is a British company
Universal/Vivendi is a French Company
BMG is a German Company
Time Warner is an American Company

that my friends, is the big 5. let's not blame the Americans for everything.

61. by lol @ riaa, 28 December 2006, 11:35

Keep up the totally awesome work allofmp3! You people definitely know the legalities of not being jacked by the devil (aka riaa).

ROFL @ the 43.502415 trillion rubles law suit. That's just idiotic!

62. by Kiwiboy, 28 December 2006, 11:39

Funny to see some posts are from people saying this site shouldn't be offering downloads - "so what were you guys doing here anyway".
I agree to comments above - this site is the same as travelling to Russia and buying the CD - yes you can get the pirate CD for say a 100 roubles (approx USD3) - or you can buy a "legal" version with hologram for approx USD5. Still USD5 v's the price in the US is huge - this is because record companies are trying to change mentality - YES - but it also shows they know they charge the price in the country that people swallow. So developed nations with higher salaries pay higher prices - SUCKS - guess that's life. Just wish records comapnies would save their billions spent on suing people and just get their worldwide pricing RIGHT.

63. by Patrick, 28 December 2006, 12:18

Regarding the comment by 'A.C.', the "6th generation [American] military man". Why doesn't he spend more time worrying about his country's agressive and imperialistic policies and what his "military" is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? This guy really has his priorities all wrong...
And when it comes to America-bashing, I think that, given how the USA has acted, it deserves a little 'bashing' - more than a little, if you consider what America has done and continues to do. America cannot tolerate being criticized or challenged on any level. 'A.C.' could not conceal his limited intelligence and his even more limited sense of perspective and even had to resort to childish insults, e.g. "Euro-trash", etc.
We in Europe do not need or want your "loyalty", A.C. Get out of Iraq and get out of our faces.
What the world needs is a strong and united Europe and for Russia to stand up to American threats and American demands.
Rome fell, as have all other militaristic empires. American Imperialism will fail too; it is already floundering.
Long live Allofmp3!

64. by dexter, 28 December 2006, 12:42

Hey AllofMP3, how about fixing your system so credit cards can be accepted for payment! It's been weeks since your system has allowed payment via credit card. I would like to buy more music from you. Don't you want my American dollars? You need to get your payment system working again so those of us who want to continue to support and patronize you can do just that.

65. by kiwiboy, 28 December 2006, 12:45

Dexter - can you read?
Newsflash - if you are trying to pay by Visa etc its not this sites problem - your US buddies have scared the credit card houses into not accepting payments to this site.

66. by Plastik Owl, 28 December 2006, 13:25

Dexter if you peek around the site, there are other avenues of payment.

67. by Jack, 28 December 2006, 13:31

May they fall much faster than they have risen.

Just because the RIAA REFUSES payments from via a third party, does NOT mean that is not WILLING to paid the legal russian royalties to the artists.

As far a jurisdiction, those lawyers are going to get in trouble with the US Bar in NY.

68. by Andrey, 28 December 2006, 13:31

I think .99 cents per track is too much. If you download all the songs from the album, it would cost as a regular full-featured CD in a music store. Does everyone need a CD? I personally only use my mp3 player and respectively expect my music to cost less. That's why I purchase tracks here!

69. by Pivotal, 28 December 2006, 13:34

If the big guys (Sony BMG ...) think they make $150000 per song, then they should do a damn better job at getting the music here (some country other than America and Europe). I can get so much more choices and so much more to my liking when just browsing allofmp3. If I can't get the music I like just because Sony and BMG etc doesn't like those artists, then thank you allofmp3 for having it all! :)

70. by Andy, 28 December 2006, 13:44

Allofmp3 has understood and listened customers. What we need is decent prize level and no protections and off course good quality of music.
American record industry is greedy, that’s the problem.
BTW, Russia isn’t in Europe. Laws suck also in here Europe and industry is living fat.

71. by Simon, 28 December 2006, 13:59

What the music industry miss is that if the music is priced fairly people buy more of it. The music on this site is a fair price and I have bought artists music that i wouldn't have normally bought.

Hope you win against the greedy music industry - its about time someone stood up to these greedy companies.

I refuse to use itunes because it only works on their devices and why should I pay c$2 just becuase i live in the UK where as in the US its $1. GREED!!!

72. by Blackbird42, 28 December 2006, 14:08

Well at least they give you free advertising.
I wouldn't have come to allofmp3 if I did not read about the lawsuit they filed.
Either way, you are in a win win situation and the world is closely following what will happen with allofmp3.

73. by Elahrairah, 28 December 2006, 14:09

Okay is AllofMP3 passing on royalties? I read this question.

AllofMP3 passes on royalties to ROMS, the Russian agency which handles royalties.

RIAA refuses to acknowledge that ROMS exists, because ROMS is competition.

If RIAA would ackowledge ROMS exists they could get paid.

That's the deal.

74. by Elahrairah, 28 December 2006, 14:12

See if ROMS exists, then ROMS can perform the service at X price instead of Y price.

RIAA sets own price now. So movie DVD costs $15 and soundtrack made for movie DVD costs $18, WTF???

With competition, RIAA can't do that anymore. So they can't let ROMS play part. So they pretend ROMS doesn't exist. Except if they did, they'd get the royalties but not the other dollars.

That is because ROMS is Russian agency and RIAA wants to be that agency.

Didn't recent news in US on Exxon payment of $5billion for Alaska spill say that $2.5billion was maximum allowable payment under Supreme Court precedent? So 1.65 trillion is just for shock and awe but really it seems stupid.

75. by Supporter, 28 December 2006, 14:15

Don't surrender to terrorist demands! Or what else such threats should be considered?

Flawed attempt for flawed companies, I will never ever buy anything from anyone that has relations to such organizations. Why should I support companies that sues ordinary people (like you) and ruins their life with debts that no one can handle?


76. by bugsystewart, 28 December 2006, 15:32

I've been a loyal user of allofmp3 for about 6 months now.

My philosophy is that the RIAA have had their fill several times over from me.

Firstly LP's, then for convenience, Cassettes, then for clarity/quality CD's.

Some albums I've purchased 3 times. Who is taking the piss here, if not the recording artists themselves.

I don't see anybody rushing to replace my cassettes for CD's free of charge, because, I already own in the first instance.

No, everybody stick to their guns.

Music today is not worth the money that I would be spending upon it. Why buy a CD which might contain one track I might like.......

77. by Mark, 28 December 2006, 16:27

Reorganise the site to pay artists and maybe record companies their small cut but keep the price down to less than 50c a track - ALLOFMP3 users would be happy to pay a little more

78. by sjaaksken, 28 December 2006, 16:38

In regards to post #32 with [quote](Somehow the album 10,000 fists in the air from Disturbed brings this perfectly to music)[/quote] you should look up the legal questions section of thepiratebay:

From: "Dorothy Sherman | GrayZone, Inc."
To: ,

Records, Inc./Disturbed "Ten Thousand Fists"
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 12:34:45 -0400
Organization: GrayZone, Inc.

First Notice of Infringement and Declaration

TO: PRQ Inet
Box 1206
SE 11479 Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)73 9549748




After reading this I would never ever play that song again because it's a polluted symbol, hypocrit in so many ways possible.

79. by David, UK., 28 December 2006, 16:55

I'm utterly sick of governments, companies and money dictating what we do and think AllOfMP3 is a tiny victory but a significant one. Of course it should be used responsibly, buy music from big already loaded artists here but by the music of smaller artists legitimately, if that is done Allof' only helps the music industry. Plus look at the amount of anti allof' comments here, Apple and their ilk would not have that. Thanks for the music AllOf' and good luck with the lawsuits.

80. by small citizen, 28 December 2006, 17:08

change is good. it is change that will force the criminal record companies to finally surrender and distribute their produced music and films for a fair and reasonable price. not a price every well thinking individual knows is in no way related to the effort and investment related to that product. it is not the russians that we are the maffia, it is americans with their 'we rule the world, and take what ever we want' greedy attitude that it the maffia. allofmp3 do not comply.

81. by D, 28 December 2006, 17:45

If music was so overpriced then people wouldn’t use sites like to download music from.

Allofmp3 clearly operates legally under Russian law, it is just unfortunate the music distributors in the UK and US smack stupid prices on not only CD's but digital media. How can they justify these prices considering it is only ever in digital format. Then you have the added insult of company like iTunes slapping restrictions in your face only allowing you to move the media from PC to player so many times before "locking" the tracks.

As soon as people like iTunes stop trying to monopolise the digital music industry and start pricing music fairly then these law suits will never happen and they will stop pissing of the people that actually matter. Us, the poor unfortunate people that just want to buy, play and enjoy music.

Allofmp3, carry on and best of luck!

82. by ruari, 28 December 2006, 17:55

This is all about money and keeping the price artifically high. What ever happened to the open world market, this is no different than China selling t-shirts cheaper than they can be made in the USA, we commonly call it competition.
The record companies keep pushing back on this technology but once you have opened pandora's box you can't close it again, no wonder all the major download sites are run by hardware companies and not the record companies.
Once the record companies have run themselves ragged trying to close down this sites they will start to pick on its customers.
I am quiet happy to pay for music, but at a realsitic price otherwise I may consider getting it free again instead.
In the long run these record companies are cutting their own throats, because this sites prices are more realistic I've downloaded musicI would otherwise never dream of buying, and in the end buying more of the same type.
A loyal customer and a passion for music

83. by Afan, 28 December 2006, 17:58

My only point is I'd be pleased if Allofmp3 could find some other way to get the royalties to the artists. The only way people can criticise Allofmp3 is because of the whole issue with royalties. Every moral objection to this site would disappear if this were solved. If royalties were paid and the site continued to exist, it would then show the record labels up for what they are - a greedy bunch of overchargers.

84. by Bastard, 28 December 2006, 18:15

Hey good job AllOfMP3!! Nice to see that the eastern front holds in this battle! However, should you lose, the Pirate Bay will fight on!

85. by Maurice Tift, 28 December 2006, 18:18

This whole 1.65 trillion dollar lawsuit reminds me of the time I got a cell phone bill for 18.9 trillion dollars. Of course, I paid it immediately. I didn't think that the check would clear, but then I learned that Wingnut Communications posted record profits and the stock price soared. They threw a big party, and then -- 3 days later, they went bankrupt. So I guess my check wasn't good after all!

Someday, people of the entertainment world will discover that they can make more money with a new model that does not require the RIAA. When that happens, things will change very quickly.

86. by Erik, Norway, 28 December 2006, 18:28

USA & RIAA think they rule the entire planet, and over all the beings on it, they think they can outrule every single nations local laws when it suits themself. I'm really sick of the USA's way to push they're laws and religion on every other nation, and naturally I'm also really, really tired of the mafia tendencies of american movie & music industry. As long allofmp3 operates legally by russian laws, I can see no point why the american record industry shall go to lawsuits. What are they trying to accomplish? A new cold war?

87. by rerviken, 28 December 2006, 18:40

Viva Russia, viva Europe

It's time that this stupid record industry wakes up and realize that we want to download legal but for a normal prize and without DRM or other annoying protection.
Leave this site alone and work with them together, or is Apple paying you so much to keep there monopoly position.
Its time to let the American's know there are more people in the world then only the States.

88. by DRM- Don't Restrict Music, 28 December 2006, 18:41

I found out about and signed up to AllofMP3 from a link on the BBC web site's article about the lawsuit! So the publicity the lawsuit is generating may be very good for AllofMP3; encouraging more people to go to the site and find out what all the fuss is about for themselves. There's a saying "all publicity is good publicity."

An extra 20% credit on offer now as well- sweet!

89. by Kier, 28 December 2006, 18:55

What the heck are they gonna do? Bring it before the U.N.? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Do they expect these guys to come over to a United States Court, be held to their laws, and just bend over for them? This is easily the most ridiculous thing I've heard all month!

90. by Jack Summo, 28 December 2006, 19:08

The Anti-American bias that I see from other counties is absolutely despicable. You know, we didn't ask for this war. Don't judge a whole country based on what their government does. We, as a whole, are decent people. I'm tired of hearing this and that about Americans. We are people, just like you in other countries. Again, don't judge a nation by the people who are in power. That's just not right. All of you who know the rest.

91. by RADAR, 28 December 2006, 19:42

Why don't we (USA) let the rest of the world live their lives. We have no business in the everyday lives of people in other countries. It all boils down to money! Let the people of the world decide whats best for themselves. Lets keep our nose out of peoples every day lives and concentrate on our own problems! Impeach Bush!!

92. by Olusegun adekanye, 28 December 2006, 20:16

Keep up the good work AllofMP3. I cant live without my cheap dowloads anymore. Fight the fat cats.

93. by Brian L, 28 December 2006, 21:27

Fair play to AllofMp3!!

94. by willshade, 28 December 2006, 21:44

Вы не должны бояться лающей собаки, но Вы должны бояться тихой собаки!

95. by willshade, 28 December 2006, 21:59

The record companies screwed themselves when they charged more for a CD that cost less to produce than vinyl. Who wants to pay 9.99 to 18.99 for some indie trash or rollingstone magazine over-hyped crap. If the price of a CD was capped at $5.00, bands and execs alike would have more money than they knew what to do with.
They blew it from the beginning.

ALLOFMP3, Вы имеете друга во мне!

96. by Stu, 28 December 2006, 23:56

F*ck the Po-leece!

97. by Sknustky, 29 December 2006, 00:11

I'm tired of the RIAA trying to wiggle their way into this russian website. It must have been pretty funny for the operators and owners of allofmp3 when they received a letter stating a 1.5 Trillion dollar lawsuit. You guys must have peed in your pants. I could only imagine the idiot lawyers trying to present their case while trying to hold a straight face. It only weakens the RIAA's stance.

Good for you allofmp3, you've manage to make an ass out of the RIAA.

98. by freemarketeconomy, 29 December 2006, 00:22

1-- to the idiot who thought the WTC was a set up--That is a disgraceful insult to the innocent people who died at the hands of weak men who hide behind sexism and racism and call it religion--who want to shackle the rest of the world to do what they think is best or die. I prefer to have the freedom to make my own choices--as do you, but work to recognize if you are ignorant or stupid, don't show it off in public with comments like that. As for allofmp3, I don't beleive the record companies are "losing" money, as sites like these are strong promotional tools for the popularity of the artists. I do believe the moral thing for allofmp3 to do is charge an extra .05 US and send it directly to the artist as a royalty.

99. by Barbara, UK, 29 December 2006, 01:47

allofmp3 has opened my ears to so much amazing music, music I would never have bought otherwise - and it's not just the prices (though that's certainly a factor!). It's just a great site, and improving all the time. I don't know what I'd do without it now. But I do know I won't be downloading elsewhere. I looked at another site today: so much per month to download 40 tunes and if you don't use all your credit you lose it. What the fuck? Imagine a shop pulling that trick: 'so much per month for 20 toilet rolls, and if you don't use them you lose them'. Ha ha ha! Keep up the good work allofmp3, I love you guys.

100. by Chris, 29 December 2006, 01:52

Soccer - Players earn too.
Musicians and labels shoud get prepared for the future, not selling the cd s itself, put focus on live acts and acessories for the thumb groupies.

101. by freemarketeconomy, 29 December 2006, 01:54

I wouldn't pay close to full price for 95% of what I download, so artists aren't losing a shot at my money. Consumers are quite aware that it doesn't cost $15.99 an album or 99cents a song to insure wealth for the artists and record labels. If they want to get rid of allofmp3, they can always set up a site just like it and charge low prices just like it does

102. by christuffer, 29 December 2006, 01:57

You haven't killed any innocent civilians through an illegal war, if we're arguing legality here.

Why should I pay .99 cents for a track which - at 128kbps compression - is only ONE TENTH of the original? Surely, it should then be only ONE TENTH of the price!?

If the bastards close you down, keep your catalogue of music, open up an operation elsewhere, send us all an email and we'll be there.

103. by Jack The Ripper, 29 December 2006, 02:07

Fuck the USA, They don't deside anymore what others are doing. Keep up good work AllOfMp3!

104. by chiccadee, 29 December 2006, 02:49

I am from the US and feel I have been bilked by the music industry for YEARS having to buy albums full of crap just because I liked one crummy song. I have paid for exactly ONE song from itunes. That was one too many.

Now it is our turn to buy one-at-a-time and cheap! We actually deserve hundreds for free for having to buy all that sh*t we never wanted.

Also, please think about your posts that say "I hate USA" "f*ck USA" etc., just because you don't agree with an industry's (many of whom aren't even based here) lawsuits. Please consider "f*ck the music industry" or something...I love my country, just like you love yours (and we all should have our own patriotism, don't you think?) Thanks! Rock on! :)

Maybe we can be "members" of Allofmp3 or something..then we won't be considered "public"? I would pay an annual (small) fee to link to your site through a 3rd party.

I did use the xrost to refill my balance (which, with my luck, means the site will be shut down!) I better download LOTS of crap...and soon.

105. by freemarket, 29 December 2006, 03:08

If you want to complain about the killing of innocents, educate yourself and make a long list of groups, religions, and countries to bitch to--- The US government has made some poor choices that are often undefendable--but the people of the USA by and large do far more to help and respect the people of the world than the people of any other country. That being said, this is about a worldwide industry attempting to impose its will and "protect" its product--they will use the legal system of whatever country they thinks gives them the avenue to do this--don't think they haven't been working on Russian officials--the US system is stronger and they are hoping for publicity to use to blackmail ISP's and credit card/on-line pay services.
Channel your energy on supporting this site and working toward defending it. You will appear jealous and will lose focus if you continue to generalize Americans

106. by Bryan (USA), 29 December 2006, 03:23

Wow, I was going to signup and start downloading some discounted MP3s. But with all the anti-american sentiment on this board, forget it. I have decided not to support this site. Think I would rather pay a few more bucks than support the anti-amercanism going around (and no I am not a supporter of George Bush).

107. by Bryan, 29 December 2006, 03:39

The blanket anti-American comments make some of you sound just as ignorant as the RIAA. Americans of our generation who went through the Napster experience do not share the sentiments of the small group who control music distribution in our country. They're well funded and well-entrenched politically, but we're all hoping for a change.

AllofMP3 should start distributing directly to artists, as you say you're considering in your FAQ. That's the kind of move that could permanently change the way music is distributed, and it would make the RIAA look really foolish when they claim you're theives.

108. by lowcoast, 29 December 2006, 03:45

depuis quand la russie est régie par les lois americaines, j'ai du louper un épisode de la guerre des mondes.... Les supers majors sz croient infaillibles et ont peut-etre envie de mettrre le feu entre ces 2 nations distincts, ils ont dus fumer la moquette pour en arriver à ce résultat... je vais être trés attentif à ce que les majors ont à dire... peut-être qu'ils croient que internet leur appartient t qu'ils sont les maîtres du monde... ols provoquent un peu... non?

109. by lowcoast, 29 December 2006, 03:47

depuis quand la russie est régie par les lois americaines, j'ai du louper un épisode de la guerre des mondes.... Les supers majors se croient infaillibles et ont peut-etre envie de mettre le feu entre ces 2 nations distincts, ils ont dus fumer la moquette pour en arriver à ce résultat... je vais être trés attentif à ce que les majors ont à dire... peut-être qu'ils croient que internet leur appartient et qu'ils sont les maîtres du monde... ils provoquent un peu... non? je suis en plein dreams....

110. by Mike Diaz, 29 December 2006, 03:50

Music thanks to the digital era is finally deregulated and allowed to evolve. We are witnessing fresh dynamic change to what music is really worth in the free market - not what labels or countries want but what the consumer wants. AllOfMp3 understands the real market forces and is a very real element of the new digital age.

111. by Patrick, 29 December 2006, 03:56

As Allofmp3 is based in Russia only Russian law applies and only the Russian government and the Russian judicial system possess the authority to shut down the site.
Why is the Russian government under President Putin even considering the possibility of giving in to American pressure?
What is the worst that the Bush Adminstration can (or dares) do? It is powerless. America thinks it can dictate to the rest of the world. When we critize America we are not critizing all or even very many Americans. Just the tiny minority at the top; the plutocrats who have always gotten their way and expect to always get their way.

112. by Matt, 29 December 2006, 03:59

I'm an American and I can understand the anti-US sentiment. However I'd like to tell people that many of the ordinary Americans are pacifists who like to mind their own business and do good and be charitable whenever possible. The problem is the government and media are controlled by power hungry freaks who end up spoiling any attempt to do good or earn the goodwill of the world.

That said, I totally approve of the service is providing. The quality and options available are extremely good and reasonably priced unlike the lossy formats and DRM'd crap that other sites give to the customers.

113. by John, 29 December 2006, 04:05

Hey Markyel.
Is this the "Great American Justice System" that freed O J Simposon but sentenced an innocent British au pair to prison for 20 years. America wouldn't recognise justice if it jumped up and bit them on the ass!!
Way to go allofmp3. Keep up the good work. Let America know that there is a world beyond their oceans.
And Jack! Who elected the government???

114. by Jack Summo, 29 December 2006, 04:15

I hear your words "chiccadee".

To all of our members; we must stand together. regardless of our countries orgin. We are all obviously, music lovers and must ALL make a stand. It should not matter if you're from Russia, The USA, The Netharlands, China, Japan, Africa, etc.

As John Lennon once said....."Imagine". If you have issues with peace, you have a problem.

Peace Out.
Jack Summo--Bel Air Maryland

115. by duffsdad, 29 December 2006, 04:54

i dont give a damn whether allofmp3 gives royalties to artists , i support the bands i like by paying to see them in concert . Have you seen what they charge for tickets , t-shirts , posters , keyrings etc not to mention the price of a beer at a gig . I can assure you i will not lose any sleep knowing i`ve done mr mccartney or bono or any other superrich rockstar out of a few quid because i give my hard earned cash to allofmp3 . rock on guys .

116. by freemarket, 29 December 2006, 04:55

Half of our country did elect the current regime. But remember, the entertainment industry we are complaining about here didn't support the current regime, so that is irrelevant. AND, I would gladly compare my history, and my economic and judicial system with any in the world.

Hope this site survives the pressure, hope they compensate the artists and bypass the current structure of compensation, and I hope everyone can keep their attention to the real problem, an industry that expects to charge more than the true value of their product--regardless of what country they originate.

117. by Chip Vee, 29 December 2006, 04:58

It is just amazing how the RIAA spends all their time and money on trying to figure out how to stop illegal downloading. If they would learn and set up a sight similiar to Allofmp3 they would be making so much money they wouldn't know what to do with it. They just don't get it! Charge as much as they can and sell less. I guess greed is good? The record execs live in a bubble and cannot deal with change. Sue your customers get brand loyalty just ask Lars Ulrich.

118. by Justadude, 29 December 2006, 05:30

Nice to see Tony Blair getting a cheap holiday with the Gibbs

119. by Sky1984, 29 December 2006, 07:12

I think what the RIAA are doing is turning the very people that feed the industry (the consumers) into criminals, eventually they will back down.

Stand your ground, I and several more support you...

120. by Micah, 29 December 2006, 07:16

I would pay 25 cents per song! Raise your prices if that will help you remain in business. Do whatever it takes to stay legal and stick around!!!

121. by Sam J, 29 December 2006, 07:23

I don't begrudge anyone from trying to make a profit, but the RIAA is a monopoly and they use it unfairly to their advantage. Why is is that a movie can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce, but the DVD only cost $15. A year later it is in the bargain bin at Walmart for $5. A music CD cost a small fraction of what a movie does to produce, but it also sells for $15. Years later it STILL sells for $15.

122. by Andy F (England), 29 December 2006, 07:57

These people surely need to realise that if their prices were realistic, then there would be no need for web sites like this. Until that day, long may allofmp3 rule!!

123. by ZKerby, 29 December 2006, 08:54

Big fan of the site. But, does Allofmp3 send any of the proceeds to the artists? I am all for industry shake up and cutting out the middle man, but if you aren't, then you are just as much a part of the problem.

124. by BigBri, 29 December 2006, 09:48

I'm an American. Why does the U.S. care about AllOfMP3, and not illegal offshore gambling websites? It's only music!!! Stick To Your Guns All Of Mp3!!!!
-Rock On

125. by juztruckin, 29 December 2006, 10:02

Actually with all the law suits the RIAA has brought against plain hard working ordinary U.S. citizens over the past few years, im quite suprised the there hasn't been a class action law suit targeting the RIAA and the recording studios for what seems to me price fixing (illegal in the US) and more importantly running a monopoly (also illegal in this country) Well i'm not a lawyer or i would know these answers, but what I do know is that 'you' as a U.S. citizen can call or write your congressperson (senate and house) and voice yor opinion on this unfair buisiness practice! Also wouldn't it be great to have a web site set up in the U.S. to voice our dislike of the over inflated price of just one song.

P.S. Please Euro's and others, please don't be haters of the average person in the U.S just because of our jackass president (who by the way, just barely won the election by a few votes)

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

126. by jackie ling wong, 29 December 2006, 10:40

1. the anti - american feelings that have been expressed are the type of reactions that lead to wars...conflicts. people need to use more reason and thought when expressing themselves. just because you disagree with the US administration shouldn't turn you into the very thing you are reacting against.

2. regardless of whether you CAN legally offer music without paying the artist, i feel that you should definitely offer a fee/song to the artist. i wouldn't mind paying extra.

3. love the music... have bought a lot of music i would never have considered. thank you.

127. by Ricky, 29 December 2006, 11:40

Keep it up allofmp3, you're the best thing that could have happened. Been with you for 11 months and hope to be for much longer. You guys rule.

128. by Not a self rightous Euro, 29 December 2006, 11:48

I will no longer support this site based on what I'm seeing here. The fact is we have a bunch of USA bashing...from folks who want to download American music for the most part. Hypocritical asses. US entry into wars have saved Europe which is again on the verge of learning a lesson because they are to girly to stand up and fight for anything. I'm sure they will come asking for help again.

By the way, I think all of the DMA stuff is crap as well....fair use is still in play...FAIR use...the more I read...this ain't fair use if the artist don't get the royalties....

So for those of you bitchin about the USA....go back to listening to your local artist who are getting paid and don't worry about the good ol' USA....most of our ancestor's left Europe for a reason.

129. by Igor, 29 December 2006, 12:36

Surely Russian government will give in to the USA as the Russians don't want to endanger their WTO entry. This is the one and only reason the record-companies only consider of sueing sites such as allofmp3 (and much more others of them as there are soo many). I do agree that if a country's law permits this kind of business, there should be no foreign involvement on this either. If the USA wants to keep Americans from using this site, they should just block access, which should be technically possible.

130. by the truth, 29 December 2006, 13:33

AllofMp3 does give part of profits to labels.

Labels don't give at all to artists.

Who's at fault?

131. by J, 29 December 2006, 13:57

There is no problem for me to buy music from american, but all the servers like napster and others are only available for american people, there is no way to download MP3 legally in europe, so for me its better to break the law and buy from you, than not to buy at all.

132. by (Anonymous), 29 December 2006, 15:20

Hooray! Just when the whole 'America vs the world' debate was cooling down due to intelligent and insightful remarks by some americans, "Not a self rightous Euro" steps in and adds fuel to the fire with his ignorant rant. If only your country was filled with people like "Chiccadee" and "Jack Summo" we would all get along.

Now let's sit back and wait for the first non-American to respond in an equally ignorant way, this is so exciting!

133. by Fijand, 29 December 2006, 15:48


134. by jim, 29 December 2006, 16:12

USA take the piss. They want to use globalisation to have their CDs packed in other countries for a dollar a day but they dont want the consumer to benefit by taking advantage of the same principle by purchasing music in another country! Same old situation one rule for the fat cats and another for the public!

135. by Krisburs, 29 December 2006, 16:46

Imagine a world where there are no record companies. Musicians (proper ones not manufacturered teenie-bob fleecing machines) would still produce quality music downloadable from the web; free or franchised as the musicians choose, but ultimately cheaper with no greedy mouths to feed in the chain. We would have a better quality of music, more live gigs and everyone would be better off.

Hopefully, such a time is not that far away. Everyone can help to make 2007 the year the music industry dinosaurs died out.

And to "not a self righteous Euro" -

1. American music is mostly dire. The good stuff is, in the main, produded by your immigrants.
2. Thankyou for pointing out you won WWII. In any type of contest or war, a participant that waits until half time, sees who's winning then joins in, is likely to be on the winning side.
3. DRM is crap. I have been buying and copying music for 30 years, as has almost everyone I know. Most 'artists' still only need one hit to be millionaires!!

136. by Steve, 29 December 2006, 17:52

I agree with most the comments here. The music industry needs to change. Many times big companies do get greedy and it isn't fair. I don't think making this an american thing is fair at all either. Keep in mind there wouldn't be so much music if it weren't for the free interprise in the USA. Also, many of the record label higher ups are of foreign desent, so be careful to assume that Americans are always screwing everyone over. Take a look at the music being bought on The majority is written, produced, and performed by Americans.

I could go on for days on how the whole world has prospered by the American way, from capitalism to hunger, and peace, but we don't
even need to go there.

Bottom line, over generalizing and making this a US vs. the world issue, is ignorant and down right unfair.

... fyi, (I am not of american descent)

137. by Realist, 29 December 2006, 18:33

What this REALLY means is that US customers (at least) should spend the rest of their money in their All of MP3 account before access is denied by a US legal decision and your money is lost. By offering their site in English, it is clear All of MP3 wants to sell to Americans, circumventing US copyright laws. Mark my words.

138. by Realist, 29 December 2006, 18:48

Krisburs, you wrote:
"2. Thankyou for pointing out you won WWII. In any type of contest or war, a participant that waits until half time, sees who's winning then joins in, is likely to be on the winning side."
You need to learn history. When the US entered WWII in 1941, Germany had conquered all of Europe except for the British Isles. By your logic, we would have joined the Axis. If we did, Europeans would all have pictures of Hitler on their walls right now.

139. by (Anonymous), 29 December 2006, 19:28

As would you "realist"... You think he would have stopped at Europe? Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to all of our allies (Don't act as if you were the only ones) but helping Europe was as much out of necessity as it was out of kindness. Now, can we get back on topic?

140. by (Anonymous), 29 December 2006, 19:34

Oh, and Germany declared war on the US, not the other way around.

If you wish to further educate yourself:

141. by Samuel Fogh, 29 December 2006, 19:47

To the artist who complained in the comments that he wasn't getting any money from sales on AllOfMP3. You need to blame the right people. You should complain to your national copyright organization and demand they receive what is rightfully yours through ROMS. If they refuse. Try contacting ROMS yourself.

AllOfMP3 pays 15% in royalties.

In fact the only difference between Russia and most other countries is not in the law, but in fact in the rules of the organization which represents rights holders. The only difference between ROMS and the organization in my country (Denmark) is obligatory DRM and fx. if a site sells to a German citizen the site has to pay German higher/lower royalties. That is all in the rules of the organization and not in the copyright laws.

142. by Jim, 29 December 2006, 19:50

Stop stealing american music then. Steal your own fucking folk music or whatever russians listen to.

143. by Jimbo, 29 December 2006, 20:12

"Stop stealing american music then. Steal your own fucking folk music or whatever russians listen to."

I have a present for you. It's called a book. You open it and read and expand your horizon. It keeps you from getting stupid and being manipulated. Criticize all the input your don't get first hand and consider all motives.

I hope it helps.

144. by Jim, 29 December 2006, 20:13

You can keep you dumb HIPHOP - R"N B - RAP

This music reflects the republican greedy christian fundametallist Americans , the lack of IQ
greetings from the EU

PS do someting about the 2000.000.000.000 you americans still have to pay to the world bank instead of playing wargames.

145. by V73C, 29 December 2006, 20:14

Thank you 'allofmp3' for offering consumers a real choice where we purchase our music. The Internet has opened many opportunities to the world. Thanks so much for doing your part.

146. by KineticOnline, 29 December 2006, 20:21

The RIAA = An example of everything that is wrong with America

147. by getAclue, 29 December 2006, 20:38

Thank you, quickrob, finally a voice of reason.

148. by chiccadee, 29 December 2006, 20:54

I thank you for reading my prior post. I do think you have to look at the interests of the companies, also. You honestly cannot blame them for trying to make as much money as they can. That is indeed the nature of business, after all.

If you were selling your house, wouldn't you take the highest offer you received? Of course you would. Would it matter if home prices were artificially high or if some of the people who wanted your house couldn't afford your asking price?

Just some "devil's advocate" type of things to think about.

However, I do agree that the profit being made (mainly by the industry, not proportionally the performers) is out of control. You have to admit this is not unlike professional sports teams, film industry, computer software, etc. Someone controls the markets for these things and tries to grab as much money from us as they can. I really don't think this is anything new or anything that is uniquely American in nature. It is called "making money", I don't think the US, any government, any industry, or any single person, is alone in its pursuit. Some actually play fair, some "seem" to, and some simply do not.

I do like the cheap songs here, but also see Allofmp3 as another business...taking money...likely wagering the *volume* will outweigh the cost-per-item. You all can't really believe that this site is here just to be nice to us, do you?

149. by Micky In Brooklyn USA, 29 December 2006, 21:25

People let's ALL calm down.
First of all the fact we are having this debate is good for the industry since it shows healthy competition in the marketplace. For years Americans and people all over the world have been forced to buy pre packaged crap in order to get one good song. Now we have more control over quality and quantity and that SCARES the big corporations- they can't figure out how to "monetise'" the internet and so they bring out the lawyers and try to sue competitive business models like out of the market place.

Please don't blame Americans in general for the actions of corporations since any intelligent person who reads the news knows ALL corporations are only out for profit. You think Apple cares what we post on ALLOFMP3? Nope! But Apple cares about it's BOTTOM LINE. If you think American music sucks DON'T BUY IT!!! That's the best way to get it to change. If you think American corporations are money hungry wolves don't buy American products. But good luck with THAT- we are innovators after all- sooner or later you're gonna want what we make.

If you buy from allofmp3 you may be breaking national laws BUT you are also sending a message to the indrustry- we want fair pricing and more control. And if you want to support your favorite artist make sure you go see them in concert when they swing over your way- more of that money ends up in their pockets anyway.

150. by Hoochiepapa, 29 December 2006, 22:55

The lawsuit means that Allofmp3 does not pay the record companies for their copyright products and just stick the money in their own pockets. It's like buying merchandice from a producer and not pay the bill even if you collect money from your customers. To hide in Russia, the home of corruption and mass spam, tells me what kind of company allofmp3 is... Hope this site will be gone soon

151. by pebo, 29 December 2006, 23:02

what is all the fuss? The more people that get there hand on music the more people you have listening to your music, therefore you will have a bigger fan base, and be able to sell out more concerts. More money in the pocket of the musicians, not in the record labels pockets. the record labels can eat sh** and die

152. by Mick, 29 December 2006, 23:38

It is always the same story. When you go to a country and steal their raw materials by killing everybody, well this is called big business. When multinationals do not lower their prices and make medicines affordable to all, that also is business.
But globalisation (of course not controlled by multinationals) like Allofmp3, meaning music for everybody at competetive prices, well that's called piracy.
And 1 Euro per song, meaning 10 Euros or more for a CD, without printing, plastic, distibution costs... well actually for a legalised peering... That's awful. Music is a commodity, and should have a commodity price. And not those rippery prices...
Isn't it strange that all music online has the same price? Sounds like price agreement... but ain't that illegal? Well not for everybody of course....
Well happy new year to everybody....

153. by Scott, 29 December 2006, 23:48

I believe that we are all getting ripped off by the major labels. If you have read the article by Electronic Musician Magazine (USA), you would see how little the artist makes. Here is the link for some interesting and compelling information ...

Anyway, bottom line ...

1.Greedy record companies controlling and making way too much money on the artist. (see article above)

2.Cheaper prices on MP3's will circumvent pirating. We all BUY our music here, don't we ?!!! So the right price WILL work!

3. DRM is another reason people are here (ALLOFMP3).

4.If I am going to pay a buck a song, for an entire album, I will buy the WHOLE CD and rip my own files. That way I have the original superior recording to play on my stereo, my WMAs (MP3s) for being mobile, plus I have the artwork AND I have the original CD as my master UN-DRMed backup copy.

So now I will play the Devil's advocate.

As a musician, if I cannot get paid in some way (are you listening ALLOFMP3?) for the time, effort, and cost of recording music, I will (I am an independent) go by way of the dinosaur. I need to pay my rent, buy equipment, etc., to be able to bring music to (all of you)the masses. AND, as much as I agree with the legal issues ALLOFMP3 presents, I still feel the responsibility for creating a healthy music environment lies in ALLOFMP3's hands. Somehow I believe ALLOFMP3 must take more responsibility to make sure the artist receives their royalties. I would pay 25 cents a song (at an equivalent price of 10 cents a song for a 128 kbps MP3) so that the artist receives at least 10 cents a song. ALLOFMP3 could build in an extra 5 cents per song for admin fees to make sure the artists are getting their royalties.

So there!!! That's my 2 cents.

PLEASE provide a better model for digital music distribution so that EVERYONE wins (except the greedy). ALLOFMP3 is a good start but needs work. You could be the leader for the future of DMD (digital music distribution) if it wasn't for the artist/royalty glitch.

And a message to all you who buy music. If I am not able to support myself through music ... I will be difficult to make it my life career.

Thanks for listening,
Scott (New York, USA)

154. by Henfield, 29 December 2006, 23:57

I'd gladly pay twice the current prices if the other 50% was going directly to the copyright owners.

Then everyone would win. Why is this so difficult?

155. by DJ, 30 December 2006, 00:44

I don't think anyone out there would expect to pay full price for anything that has lost its peek quality. Allofmp3 recognizes this and sells music by quality. If I buy from other music sites I get deminished quality music for the same price as if I bought the CD. If the music industry wants more money then start producing music worth buying rather than filling their CDs with worthless filler songs.

156. by fireray89, 30 December 2006, 01:03

I hope you keep up the fight and keep up the good work. These record companies try to monopolize everything. The almighty dollar before the fans. Don't back down!!

157. by (Anonymous), 30 December 2006, 01:17

Why not go ahead and poison the RIAA with radiation???

158. by OverDosis, 30 December 2006, 03:01

To all the morans that keep talking about how shafts the artists by not paying any royalties. Get a fucking clue. Allofmp3 pays royalties to ROMS which in turn is supposed to transfer those royalties to the copyright holders (via ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Etc.) Unfortunately the RIAA has decided to not accept the royalties coming from ROMS, because if they accept the royalties then they don't have a case against ALLofMP3 is not shafting anyone, they pay royalties just like the iTunes music store... the only problem is that the RIAA doesn't accept and distribute the royalties coming from AllofMp3 like they do the royalties coming from iTunes.

So to all the artists that say... "Oh, My songs are downloadable at but I have yet to see a single penny!" Well thats not AllofMp3's fault, thats the RIAA's fault for not accepting the royalties that are due to them. So go write to your record label and to BMI and ASCAP and tell them you want your royalties from ROMS. Oh yeah, and also... Go do some live shows, and sell CDs at the show... You'll probably make more money that way than by hoping 100,000 people buy your crappy CD.

Pfft! Anyways, Mechanical royalties... How much royalties do artists really get when they have a major recording contract and distribution? 50 cents a CD? If that. If they are making 1.00 dollar per CD they are already a major recording artist with an established name. You know what, stop being the pansies of the recording industry and go out there and start your own fucking label. Distribute your own shit, post it on the internet and sell CDs out of the trunk of your car. It might be hard work and no one is handing you a nice check for $250,000 dollars but in the long run you will make more money and you'll be in control of your own destiny in the music business. Don't let anyone tell you that the only way to make money in the music industry is by signing a major record contract (which is not true, usually you get fucked on a contract if you're the artist.) They'll sign you to a 2 record deal... give you $250,000 to record both albums and when your record flops you're going to be paying them back for every single penny that you spent and probably file for bankruptcy in the process.

Do yourself a favor, keep music alive and free... and stop looking for a scapegoat of why your crappy music isn't making money for you.

159. by ok ok, 30 December 2006, 03:08

the majority of these comments are so unintelligible and without merit. First of all, yes there are savings from an online business versus the traditional brick and mortar company, but there are still overhead costs and business/opportunity costs associated with it. While I agree the RIAA and labels are making an enormous profit, there must be incentive for artists to create and distribute their music to the public. There is nothing wrong with demanding that their hard work get some merit and compensation.

You morons and your "fuck the poleece" and other stupid comments. What has this world come to.

160. by RU Serious, 30 December 2006, 03:33

Wake up people!! AllofMP3 is not just ripping off big, fat-cat US Record Companies. It's ripping off American, European, African, Asian, ... artists and small independent record labels around the world. All these people work to create, edit, produce the music that all of you enjoy. AllofMP3 is paying them NOTHING. Do I support the RIAA? No. It's big money chasing more big money. Their model is broken and their days are limited. But do you think AllofMP3 is a non-profit working to bring justice to the world?? No, they are motivated by the same thing as the RIAA: money, money, money. Capitalism (compliments of the US) is VERY ALIVE AND WELL IN RUSSIA. Most of you are just pawns in a giant game you don't even begin to understand...

161. by Al, 30 December 2006, 04:12

Some of this anti-American sentiment on this thread is beyond infantile. It isn't just the RIAA that's threatening this site, the BPI is doing the same, and there is already a ban in Denmark. Ironically, without the BPI taking action against this site (and the resulting publicity), I might not have become aware of allofmp3 in the first place.

Anyway, I do hope that allofmp3 finds a mechanism to provide royalties directly to the artist if the record labels won't play ball.

162. by 166, 30 December 2006, 04:30

Long may this excellent site continue. Let 2007 be the year for all of MP3. ***k I-tunes, and other inferior sites - is by far the best!

Happy New Year to everyone involved with the site. Russia - we love you!!

163. by Eric the red, 30 December 2006, 05:33

We can see violent eye's looking towards the suns and wars over music.
Speak of shit hole country and you speak well of Mexico.
This is good site, and I pay to get these mp3's, then I say one thing more....
I want my Daddies records back.

164. by cloudman, 30 December 2006, 06:03

It's too bad so many subscribers have negative things to say about us Americans. We suffer the same treatment as everyone in Russia and Europe, even the whole world. I don't feel badly at all about using this site to download music. I have well over 300 CDs that I've purchased legally at retail price. These people have gotten their pound of flesh from me. Besides, many of these artists use their money to criticize, demonize, and make fools of themselves before their fans in the US. So, I join everyone else in adding my encouragement to AllofMP3. I think in this endeavor many world nations are united. That's a good thing!

165. by john t bone, 30 December 2006, 07:16

This website sucks, just like every other download site on the market. Gone are the days that people got a cheap thrill from downloading from a file-sharing site with the recognition that their actions may be classed as illegal by some authorities. Allofmp3 is in the process of sodomising the music industry. If you give away free money, everyone will be poor.

166. by Fuck C-Ra, 30 December 2006, 08:21

File charing sites always sucked ass. I never used them even in the good ol days. Well OK I DID D/L PhotoShop 7 but........ Any way is great, intuitive and user friendly. Who gives a rat's ass if Paris Hilton can't buy another Bentley because she "lost" money from royalties? As far as "stealing" goes, there's no farking WAY that I would pay retail for most of this crap. K-Fed? I d/l'ed a few of his just for laughs but he is a perfect example of what I mean. Npbody in their right mind would pay for that crap. maybe U-2 needs another castle but they are not getting it from me either.

167. by bri719, 30 December 2006, 09:51

ya what #171 said :-]

168. by paceco46, 30 December 2006, 10:19

stick it to them

169. by (Anonymous), 30 December 2006, 14:18

Real artists would get off their arses and sing to a live audience and be paid for it.

170. by John H, 30 December 2006, 16:02

These greedy b*st*ard record company's have ripped us off for years. Now they don't like it when someone offers mp3 downloads at a fair price. The fact that this site operates legally must stick in their throats. Good luck to you and to other sites like you. You provide a service which is second to none.

Perhaps if major record labels dropped their prices then sites such as yours would not be requied but as long as these multi-national corporations continue to dominate your site will be a breath of fresh air.

We are with you all the way my friends. May you continue and prosper.

171. by quaich14, 30 December 2006, 19:15

there are two sides to this argument or maybe 102 - although artists make some of their living from the sales of cds/records most artists make the big money from touring. record companies, sony, polydor,warners etc make the big money from record sales so although inexpensive/free downloading hurts new artists it has less impact on established artists than it does on the record companies. perhaps the question we should be asking is how much does drm and itunes and all the other music-protection high-cost download sites give to the artist and how much to the big companies (i buy a cd it is mine i should be able to do with it as i wish, lend it to a friend, copy to my mp3 or my partner's mp3 or whatever; i download an album the same rules should apply but the runaway greed of drm sites prevents this and so they deserve to be disregarded and they will eventually disappear). sites like allofmp3 challenge itunes and msn and the other sites, whose financial greed has outstripped their ability to provide good service etc, and they don't like being challenged by an inepensive and customer-friendly site. good luck to allofmp3 (and allofbittorrent - let's be really contentious!!!!

172. by Paulus, 31 December 2006, 21:43

I really hope that you can win from "the greatest "American industry....
So Do YOUR best to win ....for Us !!!
Allofsmp3 >>> I hope to see you next year !!!!!!

173. by Vladimir, 2 January 2007, 01:45

Guys, stick it to the RIAA as hard as you can. You're obeying your local law, that is all you have to care about. Please remember that the RIAA and/or its constituent members have been convicted of price-fixing the price of CDs throughout the 90s, which means they stole billions of dollars from their customers, an offense they were convicted of. Now they come and whine about their rights being trampled on while they are the convicted criminals.
Never give up, guys!

174. by xiando, 2 January 2007, 09:40

The Swedish website The Pirate Bay are also frequently victims of the obvious mistake RIAA (who front for Sony, News Corp, General Electric, etc, look up who they really are at their website) are making here: New York is not a city or in any other way a part of Russia, just like it's also not a city, state or in any other way a part of Sweden.

It's amazing just how difficult it is for some lawyers to look at a map and figure out which countries are not occupied by (like Afghanistan and Iraq) or parts of the USA...

175. by Harry S Baggs, 2 January 2007, 14:23

Gee, there are some very sensitive American's posting here. All I can suggest is that you guys vote instead of being the silent 50%, you get what you don't vote for and they are the ones causing the impressions from a lot of the people here.

The RIAA is really enhancing the impressions of millions of non-american's to believing that what the States wants the States gets.

Well I think it is about time your Government and your corporates actually turned around instead of standing on the shore with your backs to the rest of the world.

Bush does not help, getting your first passport when you become president says a lot about the man.

Don't get me wrong I have a lot of very good american friends and they feel very similar to how I do, In fact, one of my friends decfided to become a nationalised Aussie as soon as Bush got re-elected because of the stupidity of the bulk of the voters.

Anyway, this is so far off topic, allofmp3 needs to dig in its heels and resist, resist, resist, you have a huge following and you did not become the worlds second largest legal download site by not providing the public what it wants - keep up the fight.

176. by Jonathan, 3 January 2007, 01:41

What a lot of you don't understand is the scope of effort that goes into creating an album. There are many branches (departments) in each record company, and the amount of people who work on each individual album is far more than you probably think. The truth is that the people who do the hardest work are NOT millionaires. Sure, the CEOs and the bigwigs make a great living, but in order for the hard working people in distribution and publicity to keep their jobs, music has to cost a certain amount of money to ensure that everyone who worked on the album CAN get paid. Sure, it'd be nice if the record exec's took a pay cut and "shared the wealth", but do any of you think that's really gonna happen? (Also, with smaller (independent) record labels, the "big wigs" barely make enough money to stay alive and expand to other artists.

I'm certainly with you all; I don't want to pay $20 for a CD or $.99/song. I just think the RIAA and the entire American Music Industry needs to realize that this change in the marketplace should bring about a change in the "workshop." They should factor internet sales into their yearly business plans, and perhaps realize that eventually, they may not need such a large publicity department (especially for well-established artists).

I can certainly say that the RIAA is completely destroying their reputation among music consumers. While most people don't know the "good" the RIAA is trying to accomplish, they (the RIAA) have to remember that most people don't care, and that they hold all the money. People will not willingly buy from a company they loathe. Way to go, RIAA... destroy your market. Let's hope for two things: 1- AllofMP3 will stay alive and well, and 2- The RIAA finds a way to adapt to the changing conditions in the marketplace.

Sorry for the long post.

177. by Adika, 4 January 2007, 17:15

1. Please note that globalized companies know well that differences in local laws can open certain "opportunities". So they produce chemicals in India and China by methods baned in the US and EU decades ago. They move the industry to place with much lower taxes, salaries etc. And of course big companies could be located on inhabitable island, if that means that they don't have to pay some taxes. So what is done here is legal and even fair by capitalistic standards.

2. As mentioned several times before, AllOfMP3 pays royalties to whom is should. Please also note that for example in the EU we pay some taxes after every device capable of storing/copying information (CD, DVD, copy machine, HDD) as if it would be filled with music/movies. So I pay the music/film etc companies even if I burn the backup of my work to a CD. The distribution of this money should not be a concer for the average costumer.

3. Big companies have to understand that free dowloading comes from the fact that the prices are too high, and not because we are all criminals (I have to add here that in certain countries it is legal do dowload a movie and watch it, it is illegal to redistibute it). So sell it for the right price and people will pay. This is well exemplified by the sucess of the site :)

+1 I would like to tell all American citizen that (at least I hope) most of us know that your are nice lads/lasses. And when someone expresses his/her disagreement with some policies of your goverment or a copmany situated on American soil, it is not intended as an offense to you personally. Forgive them.

+2 When discussing WWII on a Russian site I think it is inprudent to say that Europe was saved by the Allies. As the brunt of the fighting was done by the Soviet Union.

178. by Daniel, 5 January 2007, 05:21

DVD-audio was designed (by the record\electronic companies) to replace CD's(and hope to make us buy stuff again). Of course DVD's hold MORE information than CD's, so what did they do to the DVD-audio format?

They just increase the audio quality of the songs. - Thats it.

They acted in greed as what they should have done was increase the number of songs on a single disk from around the ~22 to about ~50. They would still then have abit of room to increase the quality some more.

The reason they wont is a 2 or 3 disc set is more "marketable" for suckers to buy than a 1 BIG dvd.

It will be the same for films on BD or HD-DVD, they COULD fit the entire LOTR trilogy on one BD\HD-DVD, but they WONT as they wont make as much money.

179. by Lowcostmusicfan, 5 January 2007, 17:15


180. by PoeticGeek, 7 January 2007, 09:48

Actually, the iTunes Music Store doesn't make jackshit. All the money goes to the record companies. The Apple developers don't get paid except by Apple.

181. by aa, 9 January 2007, 19:57

i mean law! :)

182. by iam, 10 January 2007, 06:29

Fuck the riaa maybe the fat cat artists and the music industry should come and live in my poor ass shoes i'm 45 and i know over the years i have bought lots of music on media from reel to reel to cd's. Maybe they ought to try to live on less than 20000 a year. I guit watching or going to sporting events because of the enormous costs. So good job allofmp3 KEEP THE BIRD FLAG FLYING.!!! The only ones who are going to get money from this is LAWYERS

183. by Milosz, 10 January 2007, 23:48

Look I know we all hate record labels and the US. But the fact is that I play in an independent band in Canada. We have no label or anything. We record the albums ourselves and release them ourselves.

We didn't spend all that time and money so that this site could pilfer the mp3s and sell them without any consultation with us or reimbursement model.

Frankly, we'd much rather you download the songs for free from a peer to peer client because we didn't make an album to make a faceless russian corporation money for doing nothing at all.

Think about it, this is basically like a guy sitting on KaZaA downloading mp3s and then selling them to you. You are getting ripped off.

I understand that not being involved in the production or distribution of music lets you focus on the bottom line and nothing else. But the fact remains that this is a barely legal company that is doing nothing more than making money off of products they had no hand in producing.

184. by Rob, 11 January 2007, 13:21

Dear musician. How about this. See records as a way of promotion for your life stage performance. This is a way a dutch musician, Hans Dulfer, feels about it and he is a great performer. Times are changing and the digital transfer will make copying easier. Live shows should pay your bill and CD's are a way to get known with your music and performance.

I still feel a free download should be a way for a musician to make promotion. The concert should generate your income. And I think that a live show is what you like best ?

I am afraid that there will come a time that even that will be copied as well but then still the feeling of a real life show is still more fun then a copy.

185. by RUS_Pirate, 11 January 2007, 19:16

Янки Гоу Хоум )

186. by Alex C,, 11 January 2007, 19:35

I was born and raised in the US. I choose to run Linux on my computers. 'American' music stores only support Windows or Mac, this is very frustrating for Linux and Unix users. I will not use MS Windows or Apple Mac for many reasons, cost is NOT one of them. The only music store that truly works with Linux and has a huge selection of artists is, all of the other sites that are Linux friendly have a much smaller selection and almost no big label artists.
I support, because they support me.


Alex C.

187. by Milosz, 11 January 2007, 20:38

Dear Rob,

Yes, I totally agree. And we do make mp3s available for free and have no problem with file sharing. My main complaint is that someone else is making money off of my work. Someone who has done nothing more than rip our CD and post it on a site. Not the fact that the songs are available for download here.

Your argument is that a free download should be a way to promote the music. But this is _not_ a free download.

See, the thing is that people here think that they are doing the right thing because they are paying for music. But this is not the case. It's just giving some person money for downloading a song for you. Would you even give your friend 2 bucks for a cd just because he went though the trouble of ripping it for you? Then why give it to some random guys (or gals) in Russia? This is exactly what is happening.

Seriously, just think about what exactly is happening.


188. by Alan, 12 January 2007, 21:08

Hate to throw in the racist card, but itunes is only available in the 'ayrian' (white) nations i suppose in the belief blacks, jews, chinese, muslims etc cant be be trusted with download content. Thats why I support allofmp3, which is available to all nations. Music should have no boundries, allofmp3 rocks.

189. by Craig, 17 January 2007, 22:12

Hey if this site ever needed any kind of help I would be willing to set up a server in the USA and i think that it would be a wise idea to have server set up in other countries so if one location gets shut down the site can still run off of another until somebody can set up another main location. AllofMP3 let me know if you interested and this site is the best on the net.


190. by Oregon Bob, 20 January 2007, 23:22

I love AllofMP3. Russia has the right model for copyright. Hopefully, the rest of the world will wake up to this fact soon. However, I feel that there should be a mechanism in the Russian copyright model for royalty payments to the artists. It seems that is not happening, and that is just not fair.

191. by (Anonymous), 24 January 2007, 04:49

fuck the greedy American record industry

192. by (Anonymous), 24 January 2007, 05:16

Please don't go. I can't add money to the cause and I am afraid you may be gone forever.

193. by Neil Griffiths, 28 January 2007, 01:06

May you long continue, I pay the money you provide the songs,I'm happy. You say your legal, that will do for me.

194. by Joe, 1 February 2007, 04:03

surly buyin music form allofmp3 is not supporting the artist but infact helping fund russian organised crime,

i mean ffs if you want to download illigaly atleats use a free service so crimnals like allofmp3 dont get you $$$

195. by Mike P., 1 February 2007, 07:41


You can post your music reviews or Complaints on this site

If you have any complaint, that you would like the world to know about, All Complaints can be reported here
Reviews & Complaints

196. by Stu, 5 February 2007, 08:49

Get over the politics and enjoy the music.

197. by Jonathan, 5 February 2007, 11:37

wow, are you all truly this ignorant that you don't believe people should be paid for the artistic contributions they make? are you all truly this ignorant that you don't realize that without the record label support you would not hear of the artists you like, nor would the albums be as well produced or interesting. this is pretty sad.

If you truly don't think the music isn't worth anything then simply don't listen to it.

198. by daywalker, 6 February 2007, 23:21

alright guys, just wondering if anyone knows how to add money onto i have been using Xrost a few times (last time early December) but i can no longer find the link on this site, and on the xrost site it says its temporarily down.

any ideas?

thanks for any help

199. by lsdeep2000, 7 February 2007, 04:11

i can only post, what i actually posted in another thread already:

well isnt it a heated discussion as ever LOL. considering that the riaa is a bunch of leeches without a product (which you pay any time you buy music - make no mistake, its part of the never sinking cd prices), it is amazing how much influence they have. i am around for some decades now as a musician, dj and last but not least a collector. it was never an issue in my young days that you shared music with friends (guess that started with the introduction of the nearly forgotten audio tapes (jeez - sometimes i miss my old revox) and later on cassettes (8 track rings a bell???). no mysterious riaa around to sue my butt or my friends. it was kinda normal to tape stuff of the radio (if youre european and a bit older john peel will ring a liberty bell for you ;)). vinyl had no copy protection and got distributed between friends without anybody having an issue with it. so where cd's. and along came the (by major labels missed) digital revolution. we traded, had fun and actually still bought music. it was a great media to get stuff to check it out and often enough (speaking at least of myself) buy it afterwards (jeez if you have $20k speakers and the rest of audio equipment to go along with it you dont wanna bust your ears listening to 128k mp3's).
but the music industry got worse - or particularly the music they throw on the market (increasing flops due to - in my opinion morons at the decision making level) and you pay for the bad decisions. resulting in ever decreasing sales (my tip get execs that now something about music and dont sign any half witted idiot for outragous sums). send your bands on tour to create money (well ok, its hard if you have some pseudo, plastic studio created product that wouldnt fill a mc donalds if the burgers are free).

another problem i have personally (wonder if i am alone there), i have about 13k albums (vinyl) and about 6k cd's. the vinyl is just fine and the stuff goes back to the 1930's but many of the cd's start to (in need for a better word) disintegrate!!!!! after 20yrs. you know - the silver layer shows suddenly holes at spots and it doesnt play anymore as a result. well i contacted (not that i expected anything in return) labels about it - requesting a free replacement (kinda product liability - jeez the sh*t isnt cheap, actually more expensive than many vinyls i bought in my life - which is still just fine). you guessed it - i still have to get one answer today!
i wonder if others have the same problem with cd's - it would be a great starter for a class action lawsuit against the music industry. just imagine millions of ppl with billions of cd's get refunds - i think we wouldnt talk about some jack - a** riaa probs anymore because they would be bankrupt and their managers part of the social wellfare system ROFLMAO!!!!!

well that was my comment for now ;)

200. by Rick UK, 7 February 2007, 20:02

Can anyone advise me how I can get credit on the site please. The only payment mthods I can see are Diners and JCB(?) Help!!!

201. by Duncan, 10 February 2007, 10:26

Hi Rick UK,

U have just realised the seriousness of the RIAA shutting down allofmp3. You used to be able to use Xrost after visa payments were denierd by allofmp3 however this site has also cancled this payment method. Im afraid you cant buy music (like me)without diners or JCB.

I recently read someone who posted a site which was similar to allofmp3 in its format. Does anyone know the url of this? Appreciated. Sorry rick for the bad news

202. by weazer, 11 February 2007, 06:34

Same here. I used to pay with Mastercard, but the only options I get right now are Diners and JCB, which I don't have. Are Diners and JCB going to be the new hero's who are not going to bow for the US and RIAA?
Any other options?

203. by Saved in AZ, 16 February 2007, 11:01

I cant figure it out. I have no trouble paying with my mastercard. I have been doing it since June 06 and as recently as last week added 20.00. It never fails to take it. All of my friends who have gotten an allofmp3 account have to use xrost. What I've done for them is, they pay me the money, I go online and send them a gift certificate. Everyones happy!!!

204. by johnp234, 18 February 2007, 00:55

The record companies see how many songs are DL on and say to themselves; "that's how much revenue we're losing!" just the way the software companies do. What is never factored into their greedy equation is the incontestable fact that most if not all those "quasi legal" or "illegal" transactions would never have happened at the prices they are charging. Certainly I'd never have paid $11.99 for a Johnny Rivers CD, but I sure will at $2.00 or so! Therefore, no net loss to either Johnny Rivers or his record company, is there?

205. by dandensam, 20 February 2007, 00:57

I am in the UK and cannot find a way to top up my account now that the xrost option has been deleted. If you go on the xrost website it says that they are updating their payment facilities, maybe once this is done the xrost option may reappear? Until then it looks like I may have to go back to paying a rediculous price for my music elsewhere. Shame really.
Anybody got any ideas for me to top up before I jump ship?

206. by mugzy beitch, 20 February 2007, 02:11

It doesn't seem to matter what payment method you'd like to use...allofmp3 has been showing 'We are sorry, but the ordering is currently disabled. The site is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please check back later.' when you try to add music to your basket (reminds me, by the way, of the old 'zakryto po texnicheskim prichinam' that commonly appeared in the shops in the Soviet days). Bad sign...I think they may have been shut down (or shut themselves down) following a recent ruling in favour of EMI against a Russian site - - for copyright infringement. Looks like the party's over...

207. by Duncan, 20 February 2007, 16:17

I assume noone knows the affiliated site to allofmp3 that looks very similar

208. by ocky, 24 February 2007, 02:59

I can hardly believe it, but I'm seriously considering getting a Mastercard just so I can top up - would seem to be the easiest route.

I totaly agree with johnp above, I would never in a million years have paid regular price for all the music I've bought here. Allofmp3 has enabled me to broaden my musical horizons, for which i'm eternally grateful.

209. by Yuri, 28 February 2007, 05:45

Guys, what happened with Russian music prices? 30 cents per track of any size for new releases -- why? :(

210. by z guy, 4 March 2007, 22:35

so, signed up, but cannot buy any songs! HUH?? why can I not buy songs? Keep getting a message "Unfortunately credit card payment is not available at the moment."????

211. by CrazyPat, Argentina, 11 March 2007, 21:58

Hey Z Guy, you should try to fill your account using the option "all tunes", at least it lets you use Mastercard

212. by Bucky 666, 17 March 2007, 03:48

Actually the conflict is a simple equation: we inherently know that, whether we like it or not, songs are in fact copyrighted; our downloading them essentially for free is stealing from the companies or owners; it is insignificant that Mick Jagger is rich because he still has a legal right to be paid; the RIAA has a right to be angry; and most important is that I don't give a shit about the RIAA because I want my tunes for free and I am willing to take the risk of being caught. But let's not take the moral highground and condemn the big, mean, greedy record companies. In the end we just want our music for free.

213. by music4people, 17 March 2007, 09:02

Having troubles with deposit on allofmp3? Use, look for info on

214. by alex, 18 March 2007, 19:39

I just downloaded an album that is premixed. I tried burning the mp3's to a disk but there is a gap in between the tracks. Im using Nero. Can anybody help? I dont mind using different software.

Kind regards

215. by Mark, 19 March 2007, 00:41

Hey Alex, Download the tracks again in wav format. This will loose the gaps.

216. by music_mad, 20 March 2007, 02:59 is back!

217. by (Anonymous), 22 March 2007, 07:55

Allofmp3 you are our voice against DMR! You can buy a new or used CD and not worry about DMR why can't those fucking US based download companys see that we want NO DMR! Allofmp3 you are my heros in this DMR fight and you run a download site the way a download site should be ran! High quaility, good selection, good download speed and reasonable pricing! Best of luck to you! And THANK YOU!

218. by Terry, 22 March 2007, 08:34

In the U.S. you can buy a Used CD which no royalties are paid to anyone. No DMR. You can rip it and it's your CD to resell back to the used CD store or some other company or person and it's legal! So why don't these greedy Record Companys go after the Used CD Stores? Because they are being ran by Greedy fucking MORONS. And our courts are filled with Judges that have their heads up their ass if they let them win any of these cases yet look the other way when a person or a company sells a used CD.

219. by Mike Stranger, 22 March 2007, 18:29

Thanks 123 adware

220. by bobgto65, 27 March 2007, 18:39

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221. by Jason, 30 March 2007, 01:03

I purchased an mp3 voucher from Bob last night. Today I've already downloaded one classic out-of-print treasure from allofmp3, with many more to follow. Take if from me.... Bobs vouchers will rock your world!!! Allofmp3 is awesome too!!! My tracks were ready for download immediately. Turn on the Pro option when you specify your bitrate. That way you can choose 4 levels of VBR encoding. I go with the transcoding mpeg4 for best quality and compatibility with my mac mini | ipod.

BTW, not everyone in the USA is a tool of the outdated record industry. I am a small recording label that embraces the internet as a way to distribute music. There are many advantages, and the cost is low. The Berlin Wall didn't come down in one day. You can't expect these big label guys who are used to making tons of money to just cave in one night either. Eventually though, things should be ironed out. People will be able to download the music they want for a reasonable price, the artists will be compensated, and the big labels wlll learn to accept the inevitabilties of a digital world.

222. by Robbie, 4 April 2007, 13:01

I just bought a $50 gift voucher from Mike Jones [] using PayPal and within an hour or two I now have a healthy balance in AllOfMP3. I thoroughly recommend this way of getting payments to the site, Mike is honest and reliable.

223. by Scott, 11 April 2007, 23:30

I appreciate the alternate forms of payment to allofmp3. I will continue to use the site as long as there is a way to pay for this 100% legal service.

Keep up the good work!

224. by Scott, 12 April 2007, 01:04

I personally agree that AllOfMP3 is fairly paying for their rights to the music in the land in which their business is based. It is the US music industries policies which prevents artists from profiting from this very successful Russian sales venue!

It seems very simple to me, change the policies.....

Incidentally, I was just able to successfully add to my balance using my MasterCard.

Happy Downloading!!!

225. by Mugzy Beitch, 12 April 2007, 14:16

I'd like to know how in the hell you people are downloading from allofmp3!!! For at least 2 months, when I click 'add tracks to basket' I've been getting the message:
"Ordering is temporarily disabled
We are sorry, but the ordering is currently disabled.
The site is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please check back later."

I still have about $15 in my account so that's not the problem. I even tried opening a new account; the site accepted my new account but there is a message that I cannot add money to the account!!! What am I doing wrong?!!! HELP!

226. by Mysterysword, 18 April 2007, 05:25

Torrents are another way to "illegally" download songs, but it is copyright protected. Here, you are at least paying for your songs, so, I believe it is unjustified. Lol, I hope this doesn't start WWIII between US and Russia.

227. by Mugzy Beitch, 20 April 2007, 03:16

Yeah, well thanks solaris, but that's a different site, isn't it? Meaning reregistering, paying again, and losing the money I've already put into (besides the money still in my account I have a prepaid card for another bundle of money). So the question remains, how are people downloading here when I haven't been able to do anything for 2 1/2 months?! BTW, my inquiries to the site itself have bounced! HELP!!!!!!!!!

228. by ban jo string, 22 May 2007, 23:31

Bummer sh*t poo cow dung knob, i aint gonna pay big money for trax again, no no, flamin no. Im a wiganer and tight as a***oles. Id rather listen to the missus sing in the bath. Please someone tell me how to add money to my account. Quiff Quiff bloody slack

229. by buried_jim, 5 June 2007, 23:38

I totally agree with this statement right here and I am also an American. Instead of tearing each other down, we should band together for one common goal - keep alive!

-------->>>I'm an American and I can understand the anti-US sentiment. However I'd like to tell people that many of the ordinary Americans are pacifists who like to mind their own business and do good and be charitable whenever possible. The problem is the government and media are controlled by power hungry freaks who end up spoiling any attempt to do good or earn the goodwill of the world.

That said, I totally approve of the service is providing. The quality and options available are extremely good and reasonably priced unlike the lossy formats and DRM'd crap that other sites give to the customers.

230. by missing_my_music, 15 June 2007, 23:06

please there has got to be some way to refill my account! I'll fly to Russia if I have to....pleaaaasssseee! Does anybody know how?

231. by From "sunny south africa"..., 22 June 2007, 19:35

AllofMP3 struck me as the best thing since sliced bread! It was efficient,effective and affordable - and- as a previous comment stated ,one WAS making a payment for the song track downloaded.
I think someone needs to look into all this "mambo-jumbo" talk and see it for what it is......a site distributing musice AT A COST !!!
Hell, if they can make it pay.....what the heck......I say go for it !

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