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26 January 2007, 01:32

iTunes declared illegal in Norway

The Norwegian consumer ombudsman ruled this week that Apple violates consumer protection laws because songs from the iTunes store can only be played on iPods.

The issue should be resolved by 10 October 2007. Apple might open its code to other producers; abandon DRM or jointly develop some new protection system. If the company doesn’t find a solution then the issue will be taken to court with a possibility of closure of the service in Norway altogether.

Some European countries might follow Norway in this action against Apple (Germany, France, Sweden and Finland). The Dutch ombudsman has already “… lodged a complaint not only with the newly formed Dutch Consumer Authority (ConsumentenAutoriteit), which will act as the enforcer of 15 European consumer protection directives, but also with the Dutch anti-trust agency”. (The Register)

Apple responded that it’s “…aware of the concerns … and hopes that European governments will encourage a competitive environment that lets innovation thrive, protects intellectual property and allows consumers to decide which products are successful.”

The IFPI commented that it “thoroughly supported interoperability, but wanted a market solution rather than one imposed by authorities”.

Read more:
Norway declares Apple’s iTunes illegal, The Financial Times
Dutch consumer chief puts Apple through the mill, The Register

Comments 264

1. by Hugo, 26 January 2007, 06:22

about time

whos gonna pay to have their music in only one type of mp3 player

itunes is the main reason i hate itunes

2. by TheAnt, 26 January 2007, 08:03

What a turn of events...

I've never been a fan of iTunes or the iPod because they are so limited in the scope of file formats that they play. I have a similar problem with Napster, as they files they provide are of a very low birate.

I've always stuck to Rio MP3 players and for my music. Rio MP3 players play a wide variety of formats, and allofMP3 provides audiophile worthy OE/EX encoding.

*On a side note, Rio sadly opted out of the MP3 player business in late 2005.

3. by 2whlrider, 26 January 2007, 10:23

iPod is legacy technology. Their many competitors beat the iPod in features and price. As far as iTunes goes--I bought music from them once...just once. No more DRM for me.

4. by (Anonymous), 26 January 2007, 11:38

"i get all my music from allofmp3". you say that you're like a resposible citizen. sure you're paying for it, i guess. but you're still a thief. allofmp3 openly admits to pirating music and profiting, but the fact that YOU'RE still doing your part by paying for it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it? you might as well save your pennies and continue stealing music. then at least no one profits from it. but oh wait. that warm fuzzy feeling might go away....

i agree, i don't like the fact that only music purchased from itunes and music you ripped yourself can be transferred to an iPod, but there are plenty of other _legitmate_ online music retailers where you can purcahse music for your rio or whatever the hell you're using.

and while we're on the subject i'll add that the only reason people like YOU idiots have a problem with DRM in the first place is (and this brings me back to my first point) you're all a bunch of theives. hiss and spit all you like, it's still a fact. just ask allofmp3 how much money they send to the artists.

you all disgust me.

but hey, that's just my "unbiased" music news opinion. to each their own, right? then again, i don't suppose they have that kind of freedom over in russia.

5. by kraylus, 26 January 2007, 11:49

*correction: music downloaded from itunes can be used only one the ipod. not "music purchased from itunes and music you ripped yourself can be transferred to an iPod", even though that's almost true in and of itself.

and another thing, if not being able to use itunes music on your third-party mp3 player makes you wet your pants and snot bubbles come out your nose, burn your itunes music to a cd, then rip it. problem solved. sure, it might be mildly inconvenient, but you'll get an ever bigger warm fuzzy from doing it.

"OMG! think of all the cd's ill waste!"

a good way to start paying back for all the ones you stole.

6. by (Anonymous), 26 January 2007, 14:20

'itunes is the main reason I hate itunes'


7. by Ritter99, 26 January 2007, 14:58

allofmp3 rules. additionaly I encourage artists to get a paypal button on their myspace, I really like donating extra for music I listen to often.

8. by pinzpilot, 26 January 2007, 15:07

Hey "Anonymous",
YOU are the only IDIOT making your rambling response. Calling us all "thieves and idiots" shows your true character. I get a warm fuzzy feeling just knowing that every one else also recognizes your true character. And it all started out with your name: "Anonymous". So, "anonymous", keep your warm, fuzzy feeling and since you seem to hate everything and everyone, if it's possible, please try to have a nice day.

9. by slayaz, 26 January 2007, 16:49

WTF is "Anonymous" even doing here is we disgust him/her so f**king much.

Go preach elsewhere loser, and stop trolling.

10. by yeti, 26 January 2007, 17:54

iTunes illegal in Norway. Before that: Allofmp3 illegal in UK. As a consumer I am asking: if iTunes, being so big and so respected is now suddenly ILLEGAL somewhere, what IS the LEGAL way to get music? CDs? Oh, I forgot, these now carry labels saying it's illegal to rip them.

What exactly IS the LEGAL alternative to piracy? I hate to say that, but there isn't one. At least not today. Too bad for the artists.

11. by Waz, 26 January 2007, 19:47

Lets break it dwn. If you buy your music from someone/somewhere who is liscensed to sell it - than its legally yours. If youu download from non-liensed peoples/places, or copy it from others - than it is not legally yours. You are allowed one copy maximum of everything you buy and any more is considered illagal. It is not illeagl to use because you are paying for what you owm and they are licensed to sell it. What the record companies dnt like is the prices which are selling it at.

Hope that helps

12. by (Anonymous), 26 January 2007, 20:59

it's copyright infringement, not theft, anon moron. lol.

13. by Jessica, 26 January 2007, 22:25

You know what; I come from a gaming background, and have always hated Apple and Macintosh. When 90% of the world uses Microsoft, why in the hell would I ever purchase a product that is only truly compatible with 10% of everything else? Cattle, that is just how most people are. I will hand it to apple though, the marketing strategy was brilliant ant their comeback surpasses most, BUT STILL I don't like the product for more reasons than I can list. I am so glad Norway is stepping up. I am Scandinavian and come from an intelligent line. . . . . Norway demonstrates that to the fullest.

14. by Mr. Idiot Idiotewski, 27 January 2007, 00:24

My girlfriend has an ipod and she thinks Apple invented mp3 players. Also, she thinks by buying Apple product you are different from the rest of us sheep. Ermmmm ...I know ... I tried to explain that mp3 players existed long before iPods etc. etc. but to no avail. She thinks that she thinks different by owning an Apple gear.

Anyway, just topped up my account here so off to 'steal' some more music and choose which mp3 player to put it on (iRiver H140, iRiver S10 or Creative Zen Vision M). Allofmp3 is cheap, site functionality is awesome and does not take ownership of my PC, unlike annoying iTunes which I signed up to but never made a purchase and uninstalled it ages ago.

Oh, and message to Anonymous: who cares about artists, they make music for the love of it! No?

15. by deco, 27 January 2007, 02:18

itunes is rip off! bout time

16. by fartknocker, 27 January 2007, 04:08

Oh, NICE letter from "Annonymous".

Are you sure you're not Lars Ulrich? A failed RIAA attorney? Hillary Rosen? Either way, you're a loser and good job on trying to threadjack a legitimate article.

Why don't you go back to iTunes and pay .99 cents like the rest of the sheep to fill up your "just like everyone else" iPod? YOUR warm fuzzy feeling is thinking that ANY of that .99 cents is actually going to the artists! Do a little research, and you'll find that they get NOTHING from online purchases, as most contracts only give pennies to the artist, and then they DISCOUNT THAT if you buy them through a record club. The difference is that with allofmp3, the money is staying in the pockets of the consumers, versus going into the pockets of RIAA lawyers. The artists aren't missing much.

Read into the history of record contracts, annonymous. Start with TLC, the Goo Goo Dolls, or if you're as impatient as you are insulting, Google "Courtney Love Does The Math" and read the article she put in Salon Magazine.

Back to the topic, before this "Annonymous" threadjacked....

Apple is going to do their best to control the DRM, and probably even go as far as trying to make other manufacturers subscribe (ahem: PAY) for THEIR brand of DRM.

I loved this little gem in the article:

"Apple responded that it’s “…aware of the concerns … and hopes that European governments will encourage a competitive environment that lets innovation thrive, protects intellectual property and allows consumers to decide which products are successful.”

Translation: We're #1 in sales, so therefore, the government should celebrate the tax our mp3 players generate and "ignore the little stuff".

Bonus points for Apple's spin doctors on the "competitive environment where innovation thrives" bit. Apple produces, by far, the least innovative and most limited mp3 product available IN THE WORLD.

I'm filling up my Samsung K-5 with more music, and topping my account with a $50.00 payment today.

Just because "Annonymous" pissed me off.

17. by David, 27 January 2007, 04:28

I just love how it is the criminals themselves that define what is moral, just and right.

Our very own government is the bigest criminal of all. I feel and experience no guilt.

18. by aaa, 27 January 2007, 11:00

hey Mr. Idiot Idiotewski, i think you need a new gf! haha

19. by Cynical Philosopher, 27 January 2007, 17:12

Actually "Anonymous", people don't say "i get all my music from allofmp3" because they think they're "a resposible citizen", they say it because they do and are not afraid to admit it. And allofmp3 does not "openly admits to pirating music and profiting", it does in fact claim its a legal business, which just goes to show how "unbiased" and uninformed argument is.

The next thing is, many other "_legitmate_" music retailers are of a low quality, and by saying "_legitmate_ music retailers", you must by saying that other music retailers technically aren't completely legal or recognized as legal.

Oh and as for your final (pathetic) point, DRM has just been declared by the Norwegian ombudsman to violate consumer protection laws as they cannot be supported by vitrually any other medium. And if artists don't "do it" for the fame, glory and the fans, then why should they even be doing "it" at all?

You disgust me, especially with your bad spelling (who can have that many typos and miss them?) and horrible lack of persuasion with facts.

And yes, "to each their own" is a nice idea, but if that really was true then everyone would be perfectly happy and free and this would be a perfect world, but it isn't. You yourself said that they in Russia don't have the kind of freedom found elsewhere, so it really isn't a perfect world, no matter how much anyone wants it to be. So no, none of are thieves, as there will always be people looking for a better price, and if it works, it will happen.

20. by Julesy baby, 28 January 2007, 00:42

I love how i never used itunes.

21. by Albert, 28 January 2007, 03:29

And I love the ease of use and reliability of iTunes and my iPod´s.
This combination never let me down since the first day of my first-generation iPod back in 2001.

So I like never been forced to use something else.

22. by Paul, 28 January 2007, 07:12

I believe i-tunes would be a much better service if they followed allofmp3's model of allowing users to choose the quality of the files that they would like. I also believe that users are willing to pay a little more if they can get what they want. Currently i-tunes is not giving us what we want.

23. by skylinerspeeder, 28 January 2007, 16:45

I'm from the uk. It is true. Itunes is a rip off! My sister has an ipod and loves it. How about this for all of you who still like your ipods as mp3 players (not the itunes store). Download music from allofmp3 and import into itunes then to your ipod. If you are still crazy enough to use itunes music store like it was said earlier. burn then rip. It does not happen yet and probably won't but cds don't have DRM protection. THey wouldn't work in a cd player (i know because i am an amaetuer programmer in my spare time).

As for my music habits I use a sony nw-a 3000 (20gb model) and also burn my music to disc to play on my sound system. I am 13 and cannot afford that sort of price. Why would I pay £11 in the shops or even £8 on itunes for an album i can get for £1.20 on allofmp3

24. by youngblood, 28 January 2007, 20:40

A couple of misconceptions.

With AllofMP3 why you would buy music from iTunes music store is beyond me BUT, you can convert those tunes to MP3 without burning to a CD first.


AllofMP3 files work fine directly on the iPod. I have an ipod full of them.


25. by op, 29 January 2007, 00:45

pretty funny how typos all of a sudden is a topic, seeing as no one here actually knows how to type right.

anyway... I'm thinking that maybe piracy and sites like are the instruments we need to make sure that artists, be it movie stars or musicians, get a little bit less hung up on themselves and actually start earning normal amounts of money... how the hell can Julia Roberts be worth 500 million bucks per movie anyway? have the people paying her actually seen her on the silver screen?

the norwegian ruling only goes to show that the nordic social democracy rules and that all of you other suckers are worse off for not living here. we don't want no corporate jackasses to lay down the rules for how we do things... it's the people against the ceo's, and i'm sure we'll win!

oh, and i guess anything goes in russia, so i don't really feel guilty about buying music here... guess the next thing they'll throw in is buying chechen kids at an incredibly low price! i'd get one.

26. by Kat, 29 January 2007, 08:13

You can download songs from itunes onto CDs. and from those CDs, you can upload them back onto your computer onto whatever you'd like. So this isn't entirely true.

27. by kyr, 29 January 2007, 09:34

People should forget about that damn iPod. It's not a clever decision, that simple. Expensive. Limited. Not suitable for music lovers. It's just an -image-.

28. by ernestomoore, 29 January 2007, 22:55

So the asses are complaining again and saying D/L Itunes "for the artists"? Don't they realize that only APPLE is getting rich? Jerks

29. by Spatco Electric, 29 January 2007, 23:34

Recently, I stupidly bought some episodes of "Heroes" without estimating the storage space it would require to save them. Then, when I got an external hard drive to put them on, I was unable to log onto the iTunes store. Some problem between the new iTunes software and my ISP. I was really upset that I couldn't log on. The iTunes returned, but my ability to log onto via the same ISP vanished (404 error), even though I could log on through (but I gave up when I learned i had to pay extra for SSL. Then the sun came out from behind the cloud of censorship, and I now can access both. I don't think either should be illegal. I like being able to choose the best price for the product I want ( doesn't sell TV shows, and they're missing some obscure bands that iTunes carries). Give me both, and let me choose, I say. But I'm an American, Capitalist pig who believes better products and prices come from competition between businesses (no, I don't endorse the occupation of Iraq). Whoops, I hope Homeland Security, doesn't come knocking). Also, making any of these stores illegal, is internet censorship (something the Chinese Government has caught flack for recently). As an American patriot, I'm also against censorship. Norway is censoring their citizen's right to choose which store they want to use. Is that really right?

30. by Brian, 30 January 2007, 10:09

This is a step in the right direction.

Having online music retailers forced to take any copy protection out of the files you spend your hard earned money on is a great thing.

Next hit Apple for charging 99 cents a song and we have the downfall of the mp3 player market and some healthy competition for other types of mp3 players that actually function and don't give a shit about what they look like.

Fuck Apple, fuck the ipod, and fuck Steve Jobs.
Fuck copy protection and the RIAA.
Its a wonder people steal music in the first place, its free and its free of AAC and DRM.

31. by uniquedallas, 30 January 2007, 12:57

Dallas, Texas, USA loves ALLofMP3.
I hate iTunes as well, but damn that iPhone
looks so sweet.

And I sure hope the iTunes becomes illegal in Europe.
That will be a wake up call back here in the states.
Then maybe Apple will open up to all markets and not be
iTunes exclusive.

32. by muffinman, 30 January 2007, 20:00

On the subject of theft. I paid a royalty for led zep 4 when I bought the vinyl in 1974, then again when I bought the CD in 1994.Why the fuck should I pay again to download the thing again in 2007? To pay for some twat in an office in California who couldnt name 5 zepplein tracks!

33. by Crazyassray, 30 January 2007, 21:39

Muffinman speaks the truth.

34. by mccoist, 30 January 2007, 21:45


It is time the music industry woke up to the fact that the economic model is changing. AllofMP3 exists and flourishes because downloading from "legit" UK sites is too expensive. Why pay £7.99 for a download which once on a server costs nil (or little at least) to support. A CD with jewel case, colour inserts/sleeve notes etc etc..that has been pressed, shipped via transport and someone has to tie up cash in holding stock costs £7.99 in Virgin. I am buying more music than ever (spending more) as it is cheap and therefore I am prepared to "take a punt" on artists I have never heard of. WAKE UP EMI, VIRGIN, WEA etc... drag yourselves into the new millenium. I would happily pay £3 for a quality download... but the current price is treating consumers like idiots!

35. by widereceiver, 30 January 2007, 23:58

Your previous purchase on vinyl, cassette, CD, etc., is irrelevant. Suppose you bought a movie on VHS and later the DVD. Are you then entitled to the Blue-ray disc? Of course not.

36. by reb, 31 January 2007, 01:43

Today Alcatel sued Microsoft for copyright infringement - using the .mp3 protocol (developed by AT@T, belonged to Lucent, which was bought by ALcatel) illegally and without permission. Damages sought of $2.4B U.S.

Apple and other.mp3 users are next in line . . .

Let the games begin!

37. by Terence, 31 January 2007, 01:45

People grip that if you pay for one copy of an album you can only have oen copy. When did this all come to be? Does anyone remember back a few years ago, up until around the mid 90's when you walked into a music store to buy a "tape" (and sometimes cd's), it was practically store policy to suggestively sell blank tapes. Remember when they had stacks and stacks of 10 pack blank tapes at the check out counter? What did the record companies think we were doing with all those blank tapes.

I think that the problem with the record companies, is not so much that we are trading songs and cds, but with the help of the internet, it has gotten so much easier. Before we could only trade music with friends, people we actually knew and classmates/co workers. Now, with the internet we can have access to peoples entire music libraries across the world. With this much music capable of being easily traded (compared to swapping tapes and dubbing) is what really makes music companies mad.

38. by Jay, 31 January 2007, 03:02

They knew exactly what we were doing with all those blank tapes. Which is exactly why to this day the record receive a royalty on all blank media (in the U.S. anyway, not sure about elsewhere). Funny thing is, last I heard, not a penny of that royalty money has made its to the artists. Surprise, surprise.

39. by It's All About Money, 31 January 2007, 09:51

The real point here is about money. Record companies want more money and consumers want to spend less. Itunes was an excellent model for how an online store should look like. However as pointed out itunes is costly and the quality is poor. All the records companies have to do is lower the price and up the quality. If you make things cheap enough then most of the (of course not all) of the file sharing and piracy issues are gone. In fact music sales revenues would increase.

As a side note, the iPOD is a great player but I realize it fashionable to damn all things Apple. I'll guess theses critics are one of few people who bought a ZUNE.

40. by Iakovos B., 31 January 2007, 10:59

iTunes is the reason I decided not to buy an iPod in the first place. Every other mp3 player I've used allows you to use Windows File Explorer. That's been Apple's problem all along; everything's proprietary with them. So, to hell with Apple.

41. by Rex, 31 January 2007, 11:29

Artists didn't complain when we recorded music off the air to 8-track then cassette. The advent of the VCR and DVD burners didn't get TV and movie stars' panties in a wad.

42. by Mr Glide, 31 January 2007, 17:16

re: TheAnt: I use a Rio too - The 'Carbon' and always have used Rio since my first mp3 player, the PMP300 back in 1999.
Such a same they appeared to drop the ball, as they were the pioneers in my opinion.

43. by Alen, 1 February 2007, 06:35

This is in response to (Anonymous), 26 January 2007, 11:38...

First of all it is the consumer that is getting ripped off by .99 cent per song charges. There are no distribution and manufacturing overheads which music industry and RIAA have been using as an excuse for CD prices. If industry follow model for pricing they would not only increase the amount of downloads but their profits. Also you forget to mention how artists get ripped off in a scheme where they at most get 20% of the profits. So shut the hell up you moronic idiot. You're probably getting paid by RIAA to write that type of propaganda.

44. by Gabe, 1 February 2007, 06:55

I am a firm believer in interoperability. Which is why I use or download music from However, I don't believe the right move is for the authorities to put their foot down, on the free market that is on it's natural course. Itunes should have every right to only allow their songs be played on a iPod, but we as consumers then also should have the right to rip CD's, or import our music from Russia (AKA And if two many consumers start doing this, then Itunes will change the way it operates on it's own. That's the great thing about the free market, it works itself out, all on it's own. It doesn't need any help from big brother.

45. by Gabe, 1 February 2007, 07:08

In response to Alen's comment. I hear that argument a lot, that if they charged prices their sales and profits would increase. I definitely agree with the sales increase, however, how do you know profits are going to increase? It's something everyone loves to say, but clearly the recording companies have a better idea of market conditions than the average person in decided what the best price is to deliver the maximum profits. And the recording industry obviously wants the largest profits, in the long term, they can get.

46. by Seth Alvo, 1 February 2007, 07:28

so don't buy from the itunes music store's still the best program available for archiving your music. I buy most of my cds from this site, and then import them into itunes. What kind of crappy country would make that illegal? Who would even make a stupid music archiving program an issue when there are so much more important things going on?

47. by BlankZero, 1 February 2007, 11:35

The iTunes program isn't a problem. Drag-and-drop, anyone? There's not anything complicated about getting your music onto your iPod. I haven't, however, touched the iTunes Music Store, and don't intend to.

But when did it become fashionable to lash out against Apple? Sure, their music store is completely over-priced, but their software and hardware are top-of-the-line. If I hear one more person talk about a "better mp3 player with more features than the iPod," I'm going to kill something. I don't want features; I want a functional mp3 player with an intuitive interface. No mp3 player has topped the iPod in that respect, so stop pretending it's a sub-par product. Yes, it's expensive. When you're the market leader, with a stranglehold on product popularity due to ease of use and product functionality, you can afford to raise your profit margin a bit.

I'm willing to pay for quality, and if you aren't, you shouldn't take it as an opportunity to slam a perfectly good product. Just pack up and deal with it.

48. by jaxager, 1 February 2007, 11:46

Anonymous needs to understand something...We don't give a rat's @$$ what you think! Why the hell are you even here? Muffinman has an excellent point. I have bought Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique at least four times on CD and cassette. Why should I have to pay for it again? The record labels have been ripping off the consumer for so long, turn about is fair play. And everyone acts like the artist is the one getting ripped off, when a lot of times it is either the RIAA or the record label screwing the artist. And then, what if the artist isn't even the one that owns the rights to the song anymore. Why the hell should Michael Jackson get paid royalties for Beatles songs. F Michael, F Anonymous, and F the RIAA! Oh, and Anonymous, learn to friggin' type.

49. by Hayden, 1 February 2007, 14:32

It's as simple as this, record companies burn us big time! I would happily guy downloads directly from a site, or the likes, at a fee that goes straight to the artist, not tossing long haired 50 year old wankers still snorting coke that we are paying for. Sometimes I do download free music, steal if you will, but if the album is good, I:ll go buy it, and I will certainly go see the band live! Music needs to change, we have, and they are losing out trying to make as much money as they can!

50. by David, 2 February 2007, 04:51

Geez, Anonymous must be one of the "strugglin" artists who cannot afford three houses, but only the two mansions in Hollywood and Malibu. I feel so sorry for them.

51. by Jimmy Jazz, 2 February 2007, 05:13

What's the problem?

Go on e-Bay and get a cheap i-Pod, I did - 8Gb for less than £100.

Fantastic product - a lot better than any other mp3 player I've owned.

Download from allofmp3. Download iTunes. Move to i-Pod.


My only problem is with Visa not accepting my payment but I'll get round that soon enough!

52. by elmo, 2 February 2007, 07:49

Makes Apple out to be the Microsoft of the internet music biz. Funny though, how Sony has been doing the same thing for years and yet no one goes after them!


53. by chopped liver, 2 February 2007, 08:31

I view the Norway ruling the same as if the local video store were ruled illegal b/c they only stock DVDs and I only have a vhs player! Waaahhhh!! Cry Babies!

54. by aussie, 2 February 2007, 22:19

I now own my 3rd mp3 player - the 1st was an iPod I won, the 2nd an Zen (which know lives in the cupboard somewhere) and finally back to iPod. I think iPod and iTunes are a really user friendly system. I don't buy from iTunes because of the price and I can get new releases sooner from several overseas sites than I can from Australian iTunes. So I guess I get the best of world worlds - I use iTunes, steal their artwork and free podcasts but they don't get any money from me.

55. by schneck, 3 February 2007, 01:40

yeah, it's a shame rio dropped out of the market! still have my 5gb-rio from june 2005. batteries are still lasting extraordinarily long, even though i'm using it quite a lot. people were (and still are) always looking at me in a weird way, because i have a mp3 player which actually is NOT an ipod..

56. by kris, 4 February 2007, 02:36

click and buy wont let me buy an icard to refill my balance. how do i refill my balance? Please help?

57. by Bardwell, 4 February 2007, 10:01

That's absurd.

You know, movies that I buy for my PSP aren't playable on my DVD player, but Norway hasn't outlawed PSP.


58. by Southern Cross, 4 February 2007, 14:36

It's Sony that I love so much.
They are happy to sell you music from their record label on their CD's,
Let you play it on your Sony computer, but when you rip it using that Sony computer or Sony CD drive to enable you to listen to the music on your Sony MP3 player it becomes illegal.
Sony will also quite happily sell you blank CD's also naturally, this allows you to make copies with Sony hardware using Microsoft's Media player.
Yet we are told this is also illegal.
Like lots of things about this site. The choice of format, product selection, and ease of use.
I am listening to more music since using this site and that has to be a good thing right??
Only big grumble was dropping payment by Visa.
Got around it by purchasing through Xrost or whatever it is.

Happily not a iPod/iTunes consumer.

59. by Guitarmike, 5 February 2007, 18:11

32. by muffinman, 30 January 2007, 20:00

On the subject of theft. I paid a royalty for led zep 4 when I bought the vinyl in 1974, then again when I bought the CD in 1994.Why the fuck should I pay again to download the thing again in 2007? To pay for some twat in an office in California who couldnt name 5 zepplein tracks!

what can I say you speak the truth. I was brought Simon & Garfunkel greatest hits in 1976 or there about. And thought i will rebuy it on CD but then i looked at the price and thought man have they not made enough momey to reduce the album price. But now I know why course we paying for the man in the Californa office. Greed pigs.

60. by ShiangZhang, 5 February 2007, 22:44

You guys are all stupid pieces of shit. Stealing music might be okay from popular artists that sell millions of records and charge hundreds for their concerts, but not all artists sell nearly that many. How does an artist who only sells 50,000 records and sells concert tix for $15 make their money when more than 80% of that goes to their record label (which in turn uses it for promotion and manufacturing)?

Sadly though, the artists who usually have this problem are the ones that come out with the best music, stuff that isn't catered just for the audience or made with a style their major music label has pushed on them.

I think allofMP3 is great because it has such a great selection and full albums can be downloaded with ease. However, I feel that it's our responsibility to at the very least keep in mind WHO we are stealing from and try to not cater to the man. People, if you hear something on here you really like, and it's from an indie artist who is probably working as a waitress to make extra money, do them and yourself a favor by buying the vinyl--at least then, we can enjoy all the tangible benefits of buying music while also paying the artists we love for what they do.

61. by andyfreeman, 6 February 2007, 01:02

I love hearing all the utopian banter. If you are buying stolen goods, it doesn't matter what price you are paying. You are still perpetuating the theft cycle. By the way, I was able to build a negative balance in my account of over $193.00. Pay back is a real bitch, Pretty ironic that communists perpetrate crimes motivated by capitalistic greed!

62. by Aerica, 7 February 2007, 02:51

I have no idea where you all get your information but they aren't just for iPods or even just for mac users. You can change the music from iTunes into mp3s so that you can burn them onto cds. I have done it plenty of times. I even have iTunes on my PC and burn all my songs onto cds. At least they are a legitamite source of music.

63. by talkinghorse, 8 February 2007, 04:18

i use All of MP3 for several reasons:
1. Price
2. Usability of the website
3. Ability to preview full albums rather than just intros has encouraged me to buy loads of stuff that I would never be willing to spend £10 + on a CD just in case it was OK. I'm listening to music far more often now than i have done for years.
4. It pisses me off no end that when I do buy a CD the old fashioned way, almost none of the money finds it's way to the artist. My tastes are fairly obscure and I hate that my money is spent on promoting the latest talentless boyband and one hit wonder to the deaf teenage girls I share this island with, so that it's no longer safe to turn the radio on. If the record companies went back to the old method of nurturing talent for a few albums rather than just raping them for the handful of songs they leave school with and then showing them the door, people might hate them less, which just might make people a little more sympathetic to their whining about theft. It's just bullies getting there comeuppance at the hands of the mob. Not actually legal, but completely inevitable...

64. by cwick, 8 February 2007, 06:25

I'm sick of this legality debate.
I'm gonna change the subject to music quality. Which is why i'm here.

iTunes is ripping everyone off. iTunes charges .99 a song for 128kbps quality music @ 44.100 KHz. A regular audio CD is about 1400+kbps @ 44.100KHz. This means that if you pay $10 for an entire album downloaded from iTunes you're getting music that is roughly 1/10th the quality of CD audio music.

Think about it...a regular audio CD costs about $10 too.

This is the real advantage of

65. by Lars IstooRich, 10 February 2007, 02:32

'Anonymous' your grasp of morality is as tenuous your knowledge of Russian politics. I've got over 400 Cd's, but I ain't bought one for over a year now, I'm sick of paying corporate chain's inflated price's. If however it's an up and coming artist I'll buy it off their website to try and ensure they get as much cash as possible. Anyway! It is an undisputed fact quality of music has a direct negative correlation with musicians wealth (with the possible exception of the Beatles & arguably Bowie), Allof is doing musicality a favour. For every CD Cd you buy I'll buy 3 AllofMp3's. Next time leave your name I think you and Andy freeman could be special friends.

66. by 12345678901234567890, 10 February 2007, 18:44

I think iTunes needs to wake up to! There is plenty of web sites and shops out that sell music they recorded or stole. I know that because I live in a very difficile area of South West England (even though I am french, I know good enough english to be here) , where you can not take two steps without seeing a group of chavs (is that how you spell it?) or les drogués or emos (is that how you english spell that word too?). If iTunes lower their price and improve the quality of the music, then those brassé shops and sites will not appear again! Everyone is happy then. Record Company will be happy. iTunes will be happy. The consumer will be happy, non? And maybe everyone can calm down. It is just music. I buy some my music in HMV and some here on allofmp3.
I am not saying that allofmp3 is mauvais (unlike annoymous above). En fait, this is the 'plus propre' site I've been on for music! But if you want to see music that is good quality and for the same price as iTunes, go to online shop site of tesco. Ils sont fou, but you can hear the music!
By the way, I'm not exactly english, so I might have sounded strange. That would be french and welsh heritages!

67. by Mr Tom, 10 February 2007, 20:22

Right on MuffinMan. I have bought numerous copies of an artist over the years, be it vinyl, cassette and cd. I moved around a lot by hitchhiking and almost everytime, I would sell off and hit the road. Some of the music I collect I have only been able to find on alofmp3. I am talking older stuff. We don't have a great music store in town and a few of the sites I looked at do not have the selection or quality choice. I am also sure that I am not the only person who downloads music for a listen to a new band and then goes out and buys more of thier cd's

68. by j, 11 February 2007, 04:37

o shut up don't such a baby about using itunes.. There are programs that allows you to use other programs.. Jesse people can be such bitches about this kind of crap.. If you don't like it go use something else and another program its not that difficult.

69. by natalie, 11 February 2007, 06:27

well hello thats dumb....ITUNES....IPOD?!?!? hello its meant for the IPOD. if you dont have an ipod you shouldent have the itunes softwear.! how stupid can yooh people be?!

70. by TDR, 12 February 2007, 00:25

allofmp3 are a perfectly legitimate music outlet that are legally licenced to sell music, and pay fees on the music sold to ROMS - which redistribute to it to any artists that register an interest in receiving royalties from sales in Russia.

Anything else you hear such as claiming allofmp3 is illegal or pirate is just FUD spread by music companies that dont like the fact that Russian law allows allofmp3 to set pricing for music that is appropriate to Russian incomes.

The Berne convention legally protects you if you license music from allofmp3 - becuase it is legal in Russia - it is by default legally licensed in any other country that is also a signatory of the berne convention.

71. by DutchMarco, 13 February 2007, 00:04

From Apple´s own document:

"It’s hard to believe that just 3% of the music on the average iPod is enough to lock users into buying only iPods in the future. And since 97% of the music on the average iPod was not purchased from the iTunes store, iPod users are clearly not locked into the iTunes store to acquire their music."

I canst statement, but the thing people seem to be complaining about most is that having purchased lots of music from iTunes, they are stuck to using an iPod to play it. unless conversion of the software is possible. If not restricted by the DRM-system.

Using another program (eg. shareware) for purchasing music from iTunes(as suggested by user 'j') seems like a patchy solution at best, not one I'd like to depend on having spent lots of $$$ on the service.Indeed they should go use something else, like allofmp3, but that might get banned for Dutch users soon. Regardless of the Berne convention! So Dutch citizens might have to go use iTunes or something similar, because we don't want to have to buy CDs and be stuck with expensive superfluous sponsoring of the record companies ((I don't mind paying the artists, but something tells me record companies don't always do that).

BTW 'Natalie', people can download iTunes and use it without owning an iPod. I have (thoough only for listening to internet radio stations, not for purchasing music).

BTRW I have a creative Zen, most of my music on it is bought here, or ripped from CD's I bought myself. NO DRM wanted/needed!

72. by Simon, 13 February 2007, 01:22

i think its darn time someone brought this up. i got annoyed that the format i downloaded it to didn't work when i tried to add to a Sony MP3 player. I felt like i was had, my mates told me to get iTunes as it was really good. i downloaded it, registered, spent about £10 and found they were pretty much useless.

Eventually, i bought an iPod. only so i could listen to this £10 worth of tracks on the trains/buses.

73. by du2vye, 14 February 2007, 13:41

I have an ipod and it plays mp3's just fine. I have bought from itunes before and changed them to mp3's in itunes (on my computer) just fine. i certainly am no geek - which is the main reason i converted to a Mac. I don't need to figure anything out to do anything on it. Fact is, Apple has the softest DRM allowed by the music cartel - which is why they are attaking it. The only reason the DRM existed in the first place was a compromise Apple made in the beginning to carry some label music and that wasn't enough. They wanted to up the price and harden the DRM. They got harder DRM, but Apple let some labels drop rather than raise pricing or go to 'tiered pricing'.

The biggest problem is it will backfire against the labels just like everything else they've done.

The only tech advancements made by Vista and nearly any Sony product has been in the area of DRM. Certainly not user friendly or pro-consumer. They definatley don't want a free market.

Now I am stuck with 2 bank accounts and 3 credit cards all showing a Visa logo. I'm hunting for a bank that offers something else like ... Mastercard, while I can still use it and you know what? That's been tough. I've only found a few smaller credit unions, none of which have a b&m branch convient to me.

It's called protecting monopolies. It's strange that countries like Russia have become more capitalistic and doing more developing for the consumer than countries like the U.S. and Germany.

74. by (Anonymous), 14 February 2007, 23:43

I pay to download from Napster (10/month). These are protected DRM files (wma). Problem? Nah. I use Tunebite to convert them into mp3.

75. by Tay, 24 February 2007, 01:44

Who cares about Norway - They are not European - Its an overpriced place full of crap (like Sweden but more expensive) - Look they have piles of money in the state bank from oil and yet they tax everyone to oblivion - Ban everything from them would be great then lets see how they get along in the world!
Shame that allofmp3 is now ruined by the fatcats of the music industry - My ipodis great (not invented in Norway by the way) and allofmp3 was directly transferable so whats the problem except they are shut to take money...............

76. by John Sposato, 20 March 2007, 20:39

Two of my favourite groups are from Norge (as it's called there); a-ha and their spinoff Savoy. I really need Savoy, which has PÃ¥l (Paul) Waaktaar-Savoy and his wife Lauren. They're really hard to find here, and this site was the only one I could get "Mountains of Time" online. I'm still waiting to pay, you know. If I try to buy the CDs, they're very pricey. It's hard to get labels here to sign them. People just have different tastes in the States, I guess.
I hear there are high taxes in Scandinavia which cover health care and paternity leave. None of a-ha live in Oslo full-time, even when they started.
The sub-continent's biggest sellers these days are deathcore black metal bands like that one that won Eurovision last year.
a-ha's Warner catalogue is on i-Tunes US but I had to send away for the CDs or luckily find them in the shop before I started saving time and money here.

77. by John Sposato, 31 March 2007, 21:16

I found Savoy elsewhere.
The laws must be different there that iTunes is not allowed. They can always come here.
I don't usually do blogs since I think this is just another fad like Facebook and Craig's List.

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