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27 August 2007, 13:46

IFPI refused to recieve royalties in Russia

Major record labels once again refused to accept royalty payments from Russian on-line music stores.

IFPI refused to receive money from the Russian royalty collecting entity ROMS (Russian Organization on Collective Management of Rights of Authors and Other Rightholders in Multimedia, Digital Networks & Visual Arts). Although ROMS operates within the law, IFPI insists that the only entity which could act on behalf of the labels and other rightholders and collect royalties is the Russian branch of IFPI (RPA – Russian Phonographic Association) and refuses to accept anything from ROMS.

Read more:
Take your dirty Russian money away! (In Russian)
Western record companies refused to accept royalty payments for their music from Russian on-line stores, Prime-TASS (In Russian)

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Comments 321

1. by Frank LaBarbera, 29 August 2007, 01:45

They should be satisfied with the offer. They always have been money-hungry, screw what is the right thing to do.
Sounds like a pissing contest!

2. by gunta the head, 29 August 2007, 19:01

I'd like to rob your house and steal your car. No really, that's cool; I have $20 I'll like to give you in return. Doesn't sound like a good deal to you? Oh.

3. by jon, 30 August 2007, 06:09

hmmm... comparing robbing a car to music? if you want to use an analogy, please use one that works. a car is material. music is digital. there are an unlimited number of digital copies of each record. each car must be manufactured. the car has the price tag that it does because there are raw material and labor costs per car. the price of online music is arbitrarily set. i would not complain if allofmp3 raised the pice of music more. but paying 99c per song in degraded-quality digital form is outrageous. allofmp3 is fair because there is no drm, you pay per mb, and you choose the format you want.

4. by Uncle Fedor Prostokvashennyj, 30 August 2007, 06:39

Have to agree with jon. gunta the head, should have used a better analogy to make his point, the one used is just an exaggeration, a cheap attempt to make a big statement.

5. by SoCal Guy, 30 August 2007, 07:30

AllofMP3 has been acquited in a court of law. So what is gunta complaining about? And now, the other music sites are starting to sell MP3s without DRM. Seems like we were on the winning horse all along.

Gunta is probably mad 'cuz no one is buying his music.

6. by Rick, 30 August 2007, 16:51

It seems to me that getting in a pissing contest with who should collect the funds is just childish. It looks like the IFPI is looking out for itself and not the artist or artists that actuly make the product. Absolute power corrupts....Absolutely!

7. by Stan, 30 August 2007, 17:16

Theft is theft, whether for physical or virtual goods. Those that produce music (artists and record companies alike) should be afforded the same rights as those selling any other product to set prices and the terms of sale for what they have made. AllOfMP3 is just about setting a price they like for goods and telling owners of that content to take what they offer or go pound sand. Try doing that in the checkout line of any store – when buying physical or virtual content – and see what happens. As I said, theft is theft, irrespective of weak / politically motivated Russian Federation laws.

8. by Uh huh.., 31 August 2007, 05:08

Yeah.. So AllOfMp3 - Charge 99 cents per song and give them the amount they want.. I can give a crap how much it costs. Just leave the DRM out of the equation.

9. by Gar, 31 August 2007, 16:06

"Theft is theft, whether for physical or virtual goods" - this is a wrong statement. Taking a physical good means: i have it and you dont have it any more. Copying a virtual (software) good means: i have it and you have it (see ).

I really like it when the mi gets a knock on their greedy head. They change the law in so many countries to their will (extending of copyright law only cuz they still make money with beatles songs, charging for a medium without allowing to return it when its broken but still forbidding to do what you want with it (ie rip)). Its time there is country/law which doesnt so easily bend to their will.

and why is it, that every piece of software gets cheaper the older it is (older versions of software/old gmaes etc) until its for free (abandonware) - not so with music/video - no matter how old the stuff (or bad it is) its always the same price.

10. by (Anonymous), 31 August 2007, 16:57

by brick

I've been in the business years ago and always ticked off at the recording companies.They give you 3 or 4 percent in royalties and keep the rest,just not fair. The artist makes his money on his tours,etc. The artist and song writer's keep recording companies in business.The promoters and agents of course are the bigest part of the equation for the song writers and artists. Lets get rid of greed and let allofmp3 and the like,get a few crumbs. the greedy recording companies and whoever can go sulk and cry the blues on their YACHTS.

11. by William, 1 September 2007, 10:23

Don't care. Want to download music in my format whenever I choose. Whatever the charge is I don't care. Let the market set the rate. If it's cheap enough I'll buy. If I can get it cheaper elsewhere, like for free my copying from my mates I'll do that as well. Want to make money from your music? Put on a show that I want to see and do some work for it and entertain me. Then you can make a living. Else don't release your record and then complain when it becomes popular. As for record companies, really, producing an album these days costs peanuts. The marketing spend is enormous and not required - God invented the radio a long time ago. The recording industry is simply no longer needed and what we are seeing are the death spasms as they gasp their last. I Can't really say I'll miss them either.

12. by Nickski, 1 September 2007, 14:03

Firstly, ' just about setting a price they like for goods and telling owners of that content to take what they offer or go pound sand.' That's what supermarkets do to farmers all the time. If you don't agree with that method of business, stop using supermarkets as well.

Secondly, stop believing that it is the artist who is being ripped off. It is quite simply the music industry business who are being hurt, and rightly so. When a certain well known music and electronics company were told in court that they were fine to go on, in my mind illegally, 'fixing' the price of CD's in the UK, they raised the prices virtually overnight. Did the artists see more? What do you think?

Here in the UK we pay more for our music than most other countries. Why? because the industry can get away with it. If I can get away with not giving it to them, I will.

Get real and realise that the only reason the record companies whinge is because they need excessive amounts of your money to buy boats, planes, cars and probably coke as well. Not to give it to the artist - the money that is!

13. by James, 4 September 2007, 02:16

Well, I see your points, all of you.

My take on it is that the market should be the primary force in setting prices. In Russia the price of music downloading isn't nearly what it is on, say, Apple's site, or Wal-mart, etc. So then the price allofmp3 currently charges is the price of the music download, which is set by the market. Allofmp3 is operating legally and paying royalites. They're just not paying as much as a US-based company would have to pay. Again, that's the market at work!

Bottom line here is that the music companies are flat-out greedy. For over two decades they've been selling us a cheap, unreliable product, and charging upwards of US$20 each (or more): yes, the CD. These things are so fragile that if you even look at it too hard it scratches and very likely becomes unusable! But will they warranty their too-fragile, unreliable product? Will they at least offer an exchange for a new copy if I set mine down label-side up and it scratches?? NO!!! BUY A NEW ONE AT FULL PRICE, CHUMP!! HA-HA-HA!!

I'm not for illegal downloads, no matter what the excuse is. Stealing is stealing, but as I understand it downloading from a site like allofmp3 is the same as downloading from any other royalty-paying, legally-operating site such as Apple's iTunes. So again...what're the record companies whining about...? o_O

14. by Billy, 4 September 2007, 21:06

I just want to know when the site will be back up. I'm having withdrawls not being able to get music when I want it.

15. by Asmadi, 5 September 2007, 03:43

The argument that steal is stealing is so overplayed it's becoming a broken record. I'd like to live in a world where materialistic ideals, capitalism, and greed aren't the norm (I don't believe I'm alone in this). Personally, if someone wants to call it stealing to fit their ethical rhetoric then feel free to not participate. But the global community at large seems to want to share and not buy into the pandering of companies. I support local artists everyday by going out to venues and listening to them play live. I talk to the artists and they provide face to face discussion which in turns causes me to want to financially support them by donation or purchase. This is the world I support, not one where people try to argue that downloading a song in some way hinders their ability to function in life but instead a world where people who are worth listening to get the airplay they deserve. The semantics of stealing is stealing is overplayed. Someone bought the digital version, and they own it. If they choose to share it with 5 of their closest friends or even a million, so be it. US law on the subject is not inline with the masses at large, and does not serve the interests of the democracy we all claim to be a part of. Our democracy is based off the lobbying of corporations, the insanity of rich white men, and the fear and stoicism of its general population. We all have a voice and not all of us agree. But I would like everyone to question how much harm as really been done? The little harm (if any) that has been done should be weighed against the enormous good of having a global culture which is rooted not in self interest but in the understanding that life is more than money, and art itself is its own currency.

- Just my rantings on the subject.

16. by Lariviere, 5 September 2007, 19:44

I'm not sure why the American companies expect to charge US rates for their music in Russia? The cost and std of living is much less in Russia (where allofmp3 is located). The avarage Russian can not afford to pay American prices. I live in Brazil, and when I buy milk in the store I pay the Brazilian price, not what they charge in the USA.

17. by mikebsr, 6 September 2007, 00:55

Isn't an MP3 an inferior reproduction of the original?

The music companies are trying to suck cash out of people while pretending people are getting an original copy of the song. If they think we should be paying a premium for the high quality of their CDs, shouldn't we expect a discount for an inferior copy?

18. by Darius, 6 September 2007, 08:55

Just because a company chooses to sell a product for less than the "suggested" retail price how is that stealing. When an american company chooses to place an album "on sale' or put it in a clearance bin how is that different?

It cost about $1 to produce a cd. In fact, it cost the exact same amount to produce a cd as it does to produce a cassette, yet there is a HUGE difference in the price!

Then the labels should be going after any retailer that charges less than $15 for and whole music cd.
Look out Walmart, Target, Sears, Apple and the like. YOU'RE NEXT!!

19. by Henrique, 7 September 2007, 14:09

I must agree with Gar and Darius...

U.S. (I am saying U.S. because they are the ones who always start this actions) think that they can reach beyond their boundaries and impose their laws to other countries, and they do it sometimes. But it gives me a great pleasure seeing that they cannot do it to Russia or China...see what happened to Google (and I agree with freedom of speech, make no mistake). Did the americans invade China to make them accept a full version of Google? No. Did they invade China and change they rule their country (a harsh dictatorship). No. Now with the russians...the same. They only pick on the small one. But that's life. The strong ones rule...

20. by Steeve Black, 8 September 2007, 16:51

I accept to pay about 10$ (not 20$ - I wait that it goes on special price...) to buy a material CD, with the artwork booklet, the actual disc with song in WAV quality. Because after all, it's logical to pay for the raw material & manufacturing. (i know only a tiny fraction goes to the artist). But when I don't care enough for those extras and only want the music in a computer file format, which costs nothing to create (except for a little electricity and hard disk usage), I'm willing to pay for it, provided it costs much less than the album I buy in the store! and that I know that the artist will get something from it. All the "official" legal download sites ask for an uncredible amount of money, for something that is less than the physical CD gives. That ought to stop! Long live AllofMP3!

21. by wtf, 8 September 2007, 20:23

i dont get it, the riaa is upsesed about free music downloads(emule, edonkey(yes, u can still get into it!)limewire, limegroup, frostwire, ares, and on and on and on) than when theres something closer to legal some other company goes against that????

who wants to pay a buck a song.......

22. by David, Melbourne Australia, 9 September 2007, 09:35

They say the best defence is an offence, I have been arguing for some time that the music industry is scamming the public by charging far greater prices for online (2-3 times) than they normally received from a retail cd which has manufacture, distribution, wholesale and retail overheads. And this for a second rate quality mp3. If they weren't so greedy and charged at the All of MP3 scale, the result would be far less piracy and much greater legal purchases of downloaded music. What they should do is put more extras such as posters and books with the retail cd, as well as bonus dvd's of the band.

There is also a principle in economics that companies are supposed to pass onto the public the benefits of cost savings through technology, but the record companies have just wanted to keep this for themselves.

23. by Joe Shmoe USA (Evan Peer), 11 September 2007, 18:34

Anyone with an issue with this system has issue with the capitolist system. Few artists are genuinely upset about aomp3 or even file sharing at that point. The ones who are have either been paid by the labels for their outrage, already have global notoriety, or just plain stupid.

As an artist, I love my music to be shared via any means necessary. I have a website, I have t-shirts, hats, stickers, visual art, CDs, etc. All of which I pay for.

If no-one knows who I am, how am I supposed to get people to buy my CDs and stuff?

This is what we used to have to pay record labels for. To promote me, and produce the audio media. The simple fact is the internet enables self-promotion; and computers enable self-production. More $$$ for me!! 8-)

A robot replaced my father at an automotive production plant, and now a machine is taking the recording industries jobs as well. $#!* happens. What are we supposed to do? Stop making cars so the people that shovel horse poo don't loose work/ money?

Simply, the RIAA protects their own intrests and no one elses regardless of what they say. They can't expect a government rescue like the railroads got when air travel got to be popular. The railroads got it because the federal government felt that the rail infrastructure was invaluble to the country for milatary mobility. The recording industry knows it serves absolutly no purpose tward the welfare of this country and they exist only at the whims of progress.

Money is only paper; a representation of value. what makes you think paper is so valuable? What makes you think that russian paper is less valuable than american paper? The cure for cancer could be written on a piece of paper.

I know this is all a bit cryptic. Just trying to provoke all of you to think differently, purposefully, and individually.

This is evoloution people! Adapt or be left behind. The human race is in a magnificant time. We are all connected; thoughts, feelings, ideas. We have the power to salon globaly. Our individual governments even if they unify, are powerless to stop us. (Short of enslaving / imprisoning the global population)

This is a global community, we are empowered if we choose.

Evan Peer

24. by Jon Rossman, 15 September 2007, 12:42

I agree with Joe Shmoe USA (Evan Peer) these people only want your money and as much of it as possible. As you see they haven't stoped FREE music sharing as of yet! The people who are reading this are probably PAYING for music on this site! What the hell do they want? If they shut this site down I will never pay for music again... Until I found this site I have not purchased music since 1999... I feel this site prices music fairly and if the RIAA has issues with it I will go back to giving those greedy bastards nothing so they can take what we give them or get nothing. I will never pay $20+ for a CD mark my words... Capitalism is great... just vote with your money... don't give it to greedy bastards!


25. by RayCon, 16 September 2007, 23:19

I am quite thoroughly impressed by the quality of discourse here. Most everyone has expressed points tha thave some validity. Large corporation of all breeds, not just the record industry but, say the mobile phone industry and others, know that, at some point, they will reach market saturation, at which point they will have to devise other plans of action to improve revenue. They can raise prices, and they often do under the guise of giving you more. Ever get correspondence from a company that tells you how much better life can be with automatic payment, whereby money is transferred into their coffers each month without their need to even send you a paper bill?

Many years ago, the price of sugar in the United States went sky-high. Of course, the price of everything made with sugar went up in price accordingly, but the food industry also raised the price of their diet sugarless products as well. Yes, it's possible the sugarless products were helping to susidize what may have translated into even higher prices in the sugar products, but you get my point. Unless corportions are held accountable, they will get away with what they can.

Herein lies that issue with the record industry. Many years ago, I purchased vinyl LPs, and lots of them. Even though a friend could have given me a cassette taped copy, if I like the music enough, I purchased the album. Why? Well, obviously the music quality was better, but I also liked the album cover art, the inner sleeve with lyrics, and occasionally the neat little "extras" placed in there, sometimes for marketing purposes but, at other times, just for the heck of it, because it's what the band wanted to give to their fans in appreciation for their purchase. What do we get with downloadable MP3s? You get the music, and that's all you get. Why in God's name should we pay anywhere near the same price for an album of MP3s? Also, the record companies throw a lot of "filler" into those CDs they produce... the "B-sides" of the one or two hits on the album. With the advent of downloadable singles, their revenue has been severely curtailed, because consumers can now weed out the good stuff from the chafe. The consumer who buys a few songs is not buying a full album with 8 pieces of filler. Hence, the record industry wants to charge more for the singles.

It's interesting that the record industry never considered (or simply blew off) the idea that greater volumes produce greater income. Look at what happens around Christmas time with all the sales at department stores.

The digital product argument is valid, because it costs no more to sell 5000 digital copies of a hit single that it costs to sell 50. With this consideration in mind, if the record companies were to charge, say, 25 cents per downloaded digital copy, they most certainly would find themselves ahead. There would be more purchases because the price would be affordable, and many of those purchases would be credited to impulse buying. "Oh, it's cheap enough, so I'll buy it. If I don't like it, no big deal. I won't be out that much money." At a price of 99 cents, the scenario looks entirely different, as the price will not support impulse buying.

All said and done, I guess those of you who have suggested greed as the culprit are right on the money... no pun intended.

26. by itmfsshasl, 17 September 2007, 05:41

Here is a comment I wrote earlier on SlashDot about ALLOFMP3:

I have seen a few of these stories and NOWHERE in any of them are there any statements from any controlling legal authorities; just a bunch of FUD from the RIAA and it's cronies. Is it or isn't it legal? No one seems to know and if they do, they aren't saying. It does seem pretty cut and dried as to whether or not it is legal there. I have used it and plan on using it again.

***New Statement*** And now that ALLOFMP3 has been to court and WON; they are not stealing. Notice how there are STILL no controlling legal authorities making statements other than in a court of law. They did not break the law.

The arguement that it is illegal or should be illegal because the Russian equivalent of the RIAA is NOT paying the artists does not make me a bad person for buying their products. If they aren't paying them...and nobody has produced any evidence that that have or have does this make me in the wrong? I have no idea whether any store I have ever been too has justly compensated everyone back up the supply chain adequately if at all. If my job description is to include researching these things then the RIAA owes me a fortune for doing their work; and you had better believe I charge a fortune for my services.

***New Statement*** And now we find out that ROMS has been trying to pay these people the money that they are owed but this money is being declined. So you are not getting paid? Talk to your manager or lawyer and see if you can get them to accept your money for you.

Let's look at it from a different perspective. Shopping at this place is like going to the mall. It is out in the open. It operates like every other store in the mall. It has been there for several years. AND! even provides what looks to be like pretty legitimate documentation allowing it to be open. If I go down the causeway and eat at a restaurant that has done the same thing but has forged it's business that something I should be taken to jail for? If I go into a clothing store and buy a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans...only to find out later that they are counterfeits, should I go to jail or be fined exhorbitant amounts? Here is another funny perspective on this. Over the years more and more companies have been offshoring...why? It is cheaper...not a little bit but bunches and bunches cheaper. We are told time and time again that it is WISE to patronize these other nations as they have a superior product to offer. In this case of MP3's, they are 100% correct. So what is the problem here? It would seem that they need to better police the Russian RIAA there.

Remember the time about 2 years ago when Chevy didn't pay the steelworkers for making the screws that hold radios in place in their cars and everybody who bought a car from Chevy between the dates of January and June of that year went to jail? Neither do I. Do you remember last year when the American cattle farmers didn't pay for the corn in the cows feed and everybody who bought beef last year had to pay a $25,000.00 fine? I don't either.

Now, if the site is legal, if I were the guy, guys, gal, or gals running this site I would sue the RIAA in court till they bled. Since the only thing it seems to understand is lawsuits...I would sue them, the people in it, any supporters of the RIAA and any others I may have forgotten right out of existence. The RIAA would become the multimedia version of SCO. A small little shadow of it's former self.

***New Statement*** SCO...drove itself right out of business and has just filed for bankruptcy.

They, the RIAA, are screaming for this site to be shutdown. It is still up. I imagine it is legal and THAT is the whole problem here as far as they are concerned.

***New Statement*** And just how much does an artist make from a digital sale? Last I heard (read) if they were lucky enough to factor digital sales into their recording contracts, they made about 1 penny per online sale.

***New Statement*** I have said it before and let me say it again; let's get all the recording oversight groups like the RIAA together around the world and put them under one group. Let's set a wholesale price of 30 cents for each song out there. 10 cents goes to the artist, 10 cents goes to the record label and 10 cents goes to the dealer. Anybody who wants to sell such items can do so once entering into a contract with aforementioned oversight group who will then ensure that everyone gets their fair share. Some sellers will be able to charge more because they have a better selection or can offer better bitrates etc etc. Push all these transactions through PayPal like on Amazon and there ya go...everyone is legal...everyone is getting paid...everyone is happy. Problem solved. Are they going to do this? NOPE. Oh, and BTW...RIAA? If you don't ask me if you can use this idea since it is copyrighted to me, 09/16/2007 at 21:34 EST...I will sue you till you bleed...for $$$billions$$$:)

27. by guntathehead, 24 September 2007, 16:22

Does no-one here understand that the cost in the music is in the creation of the music, rather than the reproduction of it? As yourself this - how much do you think you could make if you ripped all the CDs you own, or uploaded all the MP3s you own and hosted them on the internet charging people pennies to download? A fair bit I'd say. Highly profitable business to be in when you don't pay the artists, the people that created the music, the taxman, or invest any of the proceeds in new music. Far too many people are willing to park their morals to justify their stealing, and blame "the RIAA/ record industry and its cronies".

28. by zeke, 25 September 2007, 04:28

I think I-tunes and some of the other download sites are the ripoff. why pay more for a higher bitrate when its still going to sound lousy in your i-pod headphones? why is selling music for less than retail price any different for selling a car for less. more demand because of lower prices equals more profit if you don't have much overhead costs. I think the RIAA has too much power because of the money they use to hire topshot lawers who only care about making money. They try to arbitrarily set the price for the maximum that they can still get people to purchase the product in the same way opec fixes gas prices. I support the rights of the artist, but it should remain competitive like in was 50 years ago when good artists came and make money and the artists that wern't that good didn't make money. I'm sure the label makes more off sales royalties so their going to fight when anyone sticks a hand on their pie.

29. by sergey, 4 October 2007, 17:33

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30. by Neo, 5 October 2007, 03:01

Not long ago one had to 'sell the farm' to pay for the price of an international phone call, now with VOIP and dergulation the game has changed. The massive profit margins for the Telco's have shunk to levels more in line with other commodities.

I think the music industry is facing a similar situation as digital media takes hold. They are fighting to avoid commoditisation as it means they would make less profit and therefore would need to cut costs and come inline with other commoditised businesses.

An iPod now holds 20,000 songs at $1.69 per song (itunes in my part of the world) which means that you would be carrying more than $33,000 around in your pocket if it was full. I can buy two new cars for that money!

Each car has a substantial fixed build cost; whereas the ability to produce songs is only substantial once, thereafter it is a 2 tenths of nothing.

31. by Pissed off, 5 October 2007, 07:55

You know what. I listen to talk radio anymore. Tell these record labels with their 50 story builings and 7 figure jobs to contribute to the real needs of this world and stop worring about getting cheated out of other peoples talents. Next thing they will want to do is put a implant in everyones ear so they can charge for every time you hear their "clients" tunes. I am willing to pay the the prices that Allofmp3 charges. I think the artist's ought to record "their" music and put it out for sale themselves. If they were to charge these prices, I would buy it. Right now, they get nothing from me. Fact is cut the man out that does not contribute to the actual product and the price will come down.


32. by Absynthe, 5 October 2007, 19:16

I love because it allows me to listen to music from other countries. I live in the US and we hear virtually nothing from any other countries other than the UK (and even that's very limited). I can't go on iTunes, Walmart, etc and listen to/buy those songs and I can't buy more than a handful of foreign artists in any store. The radio stations are paid off by the record companies to play only what they want to promote, which is why you'll hear the same crappy song 5 or 6 times an hour ad nauseum. I know this it true because many of my friends are/were radio DJs. So where do you turn if you don't like Top40/pop/generic stuff?

And, to make an analogy, why is it ok for American companies to out-source all of their manufacturing/tech support/etc to other countries like China and India where they get away with paying lower wages and no benefits and such, yet they charge us the full price for all goods and services (and even more now because fuel prices have gone up). How is that ok, but finding more affordable, and still legal, alternatives for goods/services is punishable by fines and jail time? I agree wholeheartedly with supporting the artists, but the artists get next to nothing from record sales. They make their money off of concert tours and other merchandise. The record companies get the bulk of profits from record sales, no matter how popular the artist is.

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36. by Paulus, 14 November 2007, 23:47

Using MP3sugar.... waiting for the return of AllofMP3...

Record companies can sink, Titanic style. I'll be an happy person when that becomes reality. They're just a bunch of greedy, arrogant people, nothing less.

I'm against piracy, so i'm against record companies.

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A: At least not offensive, previously often violent wind is high, washed-up now (laugh at) . Going singing actually is recreation originally, everybody can happy good.
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A: Best partner, I feel is White, can attack be apt to to defend, can organize again. He is known how to help other teammate, the most crucial is to understand the culture here, play very happily with everybody, have say those who laugh to have. Came back last year nevertheless, see he became fat big round one, do not have condition completely.
Q: These a few years is team the foreign aids with the strongest capability?
A: Should be Qiandele. Condition and capability are very strong, because the consideration of come to a standstill just comes,hit here, state of mind has the possibility rise and fall. Hear he was returned yesterday the reserve enters the court get 35 minutes, too magical.
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