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Unbiased Digest about Music Industry

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5 November 2007, 06:07

Court confirms legality of

On 24 October a district court in Moscow has confirmed the "no copyright infringement" verdict.

Earlier this year, on 15 August 2007 was acquitted of all charges brought up by IFPI. Consequently the Federation filed a protest on behalf of the labels. This protest was declined last week. This time IFPI promised to go as far as the Supreme Court.

This was yet another victory for in court.

Read more:
Music almost for free (in Russian), Vedomosti
Court rules that operated within the law, AllofMP3 Blog

Entry tags: copyright lawsuits 14, IFPI 14, 11, Russia 4

Comments 1553

1. by vladimir, 5 November 2007, 21:33

Когда вы будете доставлять людям радость? Я жду к новому году,что всё разрешится.
When you will deliver the people a joy? I wait to new year that all allow.

2. by Olga, 5 November 2007, 22:43

I hope the service will be up and running again soon and our - clients' - balances will be restored

3. by Dan, 5 November 2007, 23:25

You guys are a lucky bunch, but i to hope you get the system up and running soon.

4. by solaris, 6 November 2007, 01:19

The service IS up and running and you can have your AllOfMP3 account migrated to their new service MP3Sparks in this thread on our forum:

5. by JO, 6 November 2007, 02:19

Loved your service - really looking forward to you getting back on track :)

6. by Marielba, 6 November 2007, 04:29

I can't wait for the site to be up and running again. I had credit with YOU guys and I want to buy some music!!!

7. by Carl, 6 November 2007, 04:49

Loved your guys service, Hope it's up and running soon, It helped me find more music in the Genre that I like, Good luck to ya all.

8. by sgrishin, 6 November 2007, 08:51


9. by jaimeh, 6 November 2007, 09:05

I loved this website, it was this easiest to use, and also easy to find music from my era. I also have credit with this site.

10. by consider, 6 November 2007, 10:06

Please know that when you buy music from this company, the artist does not make any money at all. Not a fraction of a penny. They do not have permission from the artists to sell their music--the artists don't even know that they are on there, and the artists are not being paid for their work.

It really isn't legal,. They got by on a technicality, but they are stealing other people's property and selling it for a profit. Please think about this before conitnuing to do business with this unethical company. They are theives.

11. by Phil McCavity, 6 November 2007, 10:53

I'm looking forward to seeing you back online. Will I be able to use my Visa card when that happens?

12. by Jimmy Farris, 6 November 2007, 16:48

I read "consider" comments. My comment is that "if" we didn't have to pay nearly a US dollar for each song, that perhaps, just perhaps we would use a site that provides money to the artist. (I'm thinking in the 50 cent/title range). Anyway I LOVE AllofMp3 and WILL use it as soon as it is up and running. Can't wait.

13. by Andrew, 6 November 2007, 17:45

Yeah allofmp3 was better and i hope that reborn very soon - Happy New 2008 Year. But russia mp3 sites now more than 20 check and they grow more and more.

14. by Professor Fenzitter, 6 November 2007, 17:46

Thieves, shmieves. The court has spoken. This site is all about free enterprise, technicalities be damned! And to think it's coming from a former Communist country. Now, if they've run off with my remaining credit balance, then you can say they're thieves. Perhaps, as a gesture of goodwill, they will allow us tried and true account holders to get a "discount" when they're up and running again?

15. by michael jackson, 6 November 2007, 18:01

i thick this is a load of shit

16. by 11-6-2007, 6 November 2007, 18:02

This web site is great. Maybe they will give us true accout holders a discount when there up and running again. Rock on All Of MP3.

17. by John, 6 November 2007, 18:40

Not accepting Visa in UK though !

18. by Steve, 6 November 2007, 18:41

Everyone who uses allofmp3 has chosen to pay for quality and choice, rather than free downloads via P2P. Instead of fighting allofmp3, the music industry should embrace their excellent way of selling music and accept their offer of royalty payments. I'm happy to pay for music; I'm just not prepared to pay itunes extortionate prices, nor $15-30 for a CD. The big 5 record companies need to stop burying their corporate heads in the sand and start listening to their customers!

19. by Daniel McClenaghan, 6 November 2007, 20:31

I cannot log on. Is this facility blocked until such time that allofmp3 can resume operation?

20. by AY, 6 November 2007, 22:18

This is a great news! I have been trying the url for quite a while now...but today, bingo! Congratulations!

21. by Jan Veenstra, 6 November 2007, 22:51

I hope you will soon refund the amount that you owe me, as I am still (after months) unable to make any download!

You can transfer the amount to The Netherlands, Postbank, account number 5072152.

Thank you very much.

I regret very much that you are unable to deliver any further services. Because I was quite satisfied about them.

But I'd appreciate to get my money back.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Jan Veenstra

22. by Jan Veenstra, 6 November 2007, 22:56

Was I to negative??

23. by solaris, 7 November 2007, 00:41

#19 and #21

You will be able to log into your old account, if you visit right after getting your AllOfMP3 username migrated to MP3Sparks in our forum:

Your money is not gone - they are just waiting for you :-)

24. by sam, 7 November 2007, 00:58

ok, so let's go! bring the site back up. we need music! NOW. :)

25. by Linda, 7 November 2007, 04:40

Please post something telling us when the site will be up and runhing again!!!!!!! Thanks very much!!!

26. by Nic McLaughlin, 7 November 2007, 06:19

I hope allofmp3 will be back with us soon. I have enjoyed being able to purchase legal versions of music outside of the greedy american music market (I do respect copyright laws, whatever the country; artists need to eat too). Capitolism's cornerstone is greed, upon which America, the United States, is founded. This is not what our forefathers had in mind, to the best of my understanding.

27. by rockstrongo!, 7 November 2007, 09:49

can anyone give me a date (tentative or otherwise...) as to when this site will be up and running again? i need the new sonic youth b-sides album!

28. by SOFT, 7 November 2007, 20:07

долбанные янки *_*

29. by Sham, 7 November 2007, 21:42

Is MP3 Sparks the same as AllofMP3?

30. by solaris, 7 November 2007, 22:04

MP3Sparks is exactly the same thing as the old AllOfMP3. Maybe your "old" AllOfMP3 username will work in MP3Sparks but if it doesn't, we can transfer your username in this thread in our forum:

When your username is migrated, you will have access to whatever balance you had left on your AllOfMP3 account and your bonus will be the same as before :-)

31. by bobbyp11, 8 November 2007, 07:01

We want you up and running again. We miss you. Hurry back!

32. by hismjst, 8 November 2007, 07:12

I hope you guys get up and running soon!!!

33. by solaris, 8 November 2007, 13:27

#31 and #32 - please read #30

34. by John, 8 November 2007, 14:59


When will MP3Sparks accept payment vi Visa from the UK ?

35. by anzoriko, 8 November 2007, 19:20

To admin:
i have an account here and have forgotten my password. could you tell me please how i can re-activate my account. please contact me at

thank you in advance

36. by solaris, 8 November 2007, 22:09


This way please, John:

37. by Andrew, 9 November 2007, 00:48

List of 20 russian mp3 sites

38. by Daniel K, 9 November 2007, 20:19

When and how can we get our accounts restored? I NEED MUSIC!!! Will our payments and accounts be back as well?

39. by (Anonymous), 9 November 2007, 20:54

MP3Sparks wont accept my Mastercard or Visa credit card. When I use it on the the payment site it says Unregistered card type. What do I do?!

40. by entrealz, 9 November 2007, 21:11 is still up and running as and you can log in using your user name and password you had for allofmp3. You can also go to and download the software to your computer, once installed log into the software using your allofmp3 user name and password. (Check it out, it's better than the well known brand also ending in tunes).

For people on here that say we shouldn't use this service... consider this... If the FAT CAT UK music industry charged a fair price for music downloads and didn't tie up the downloads with over the top security. People wouldn't look for alternatives! £7.99 for a downloaded album without a cd, cover, booklet etc is over priced, just think how much the music industry is saving in not having to manufacture a cd, cover, booklet etc for each and every download. If they fairly reduced the download price to account for this then people would buy more, therefore the music industry would make more money through increased sales and wouldn't look for cheaper alternatives. It seems these large companies want to make huge amounts of profits out of the consumer, and don't like it when they find alternatives.

41. by matt, 9 November 2007, 22:29

Russland ist Geil !
da da da da da da da

42. by markus, 9 November 2007, 22:49

Yeah! We love Russia!

43. by leopold61, 10 November 2007, 10:12

so it is

44. by Vik, 10 November 2007, 10:42

My wonderful dreamy friend Solaris ...

can you please STOP! :)

Please please please please please

45. by Some dude, 10 November 2007, 11:06

Fuck the artists - I could really care less if they make another cent. Stupid rappers with 1 car for each day of they week & their 20 room mansions can kiss my white ass. Not just the rappers though - any musician who's made millions, I don't have any sympathy because people are getting some of their music for free... fuck you, no seriously, fuck you!!!

46. by paul, 10 November 2007, 16:06

I'm very satisfied with this downloadsite!

47. by jeroen, 10 November 2007, 16:48

no comments

48. by furandlatex, 10 November 2007, 19:17

All you pussies who complain about $7.99 - $9.99 being super high price for an MP3 album, and who don't want to thank artists for their work, then why the fuck are you willing to pay for your downloaded music at all? Why don't you just get it for free from P2P or rapidshare? Your money given to allofmp3 would not reach the artist anyway! So why the fuck do you pay that? I know the answer. You are fucking afraid of being caught red-handed whilst stealing music. And you prefer to give away a little money just to keep your ass safe.

49. by Nepkarel, 10 November 2007, 22:14

I love how the American 'free marketeers' turn into little crybabies when their free market is turned on them. They like to export jobs to the rest of the world, while still charging insane prices in the US. But when a foreign countries turns the tables on them, they want government protection. Who are the real hypocritical communists here?

50. by prcek06, 11 November 2007, 03:43

Nice to see that aomp3 is back ! ButI cannot access to my account ( prcek06, pliz send info about how I could use my not that huge baaclne at ). Thanx!

51. by Hugo, 11 November 2007, 07:07

Congratuliations for the new achievement. I am confident that you will succeed and all the Allofmp3 community cab be restored soon.

Best of Luck

52. by dER kOMMISAR, 11 November 2007, 08:42

Когда ALLOFMP3.COM будет снова? Я все еще имею деньг в моем учете с вами ванты! Радостно для того чтобы услышать о решении суда!!!!

53. by mark, 11 November 2007, 09:07

This is a great site and the only way that we comsumers don't
get ripped off. Why would I want to pay a dollar for 192kbs
crap that itunes and everyone else is trying to pass off. You
could not give me 192kps files for free. Im proud to be American
but we could take a lesson from these guys on double standards!

54. by Pepi, 11 November 2007, 17:35

best site ever

55. by Sheppydu, 11 November 2007, 20:43

I know many artists that only got an initial payment from the recording industry for their songs. They don't get royalties for their work afterward, any revenues generated after that goes only to the marketers. So when you hear the whine here from some of these posts about them not getting any money, they are really saying "don't cut us out of the loop!" From what I read, the artists themselves can register with the russian copyright office and get some payments. All without the middleman, imagine that...

56. by Jos Gianotten, 12 November 2007, 00:39

Er wordt toch betaald voor de download, draag daarvan iets af aan de makers van de muziek.

57. by mp3fty, 12 November 2007, 02:10

no comments

58. by ve3zem, 12 November 2007, 06:00

no comment

59. by AllOfOpenSource, 12 November 2007, 10:59


60. by Screwbottle, 12 November 2007, 16:44

I am not a subscriber (yet) to this music website, but I must agree with a lot of comments here. The big countries love to label the rest of the world as thieves and pirates when we supposedly steal "intellectual property". Just because they distribute it "legally" does not absolve them as not also being thieves, covered by a candy coated wrapper of legitimate business, while they rip us off for inferior quality recordings. Go to the website of the IEEE and read up on the article of the death of sound due to ridiculous modern day compression. What they seem to forget is that our forefathers, who sailed the world from the original countries they were born in and discovered these new countries, gave us this so called "intellectual property", without receiving compensation, and all we do is carry it forward and advance it. So what right has any one human being or company got, in claiming this as their's, and making the rest of the world pay for it at ridiculously inflated prices. Knowledge, entertainment, music, patents etc. belongs to every human being born to this earth and is not the property of one person to extort from the rest of the race. This is the core of the human race, community. I am happy to pay an artist for good work produced by them and I do support their work and effort, but then artists need to join the fight of the common man, against these few countries and their music industries with ridiculous laws protecting them, to justify and impose these laws on other sovereign countries. With the modern technology of today, there is no excuse for a musician or entertainment provider, to not be able to distribute their work directly via the internet and not make huge profit for their work directly. This will then squash out these FAT CAT middle men who really add no value. If you look at the sh** content and quality of music and musicians these days, you can see the pure commercialism behind this. In my country South Africa, we are charged $2.00 per track for a cell phone ring tone (now imagine this quality), never mind a "LEGALLY" downloadable file, and it's locked up with copyright DRM software that you cannot even keep a legal backup copy of your investment. So when you lose it, you pay for it all over again, if yyou want it back. Where are my rights to pay for something once only.
So with sites like this, the world population is speaking and uttering "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH".

Have a Great Day.

61. by dave, 12 November 2007, 16:46

It's not stealing - the act of stealing someone depriving another of their legal property. Distributing albums is not stealing, as no-one loses property. If you want to argue that if everyone who bought an album here would have bought one at the store had they not purchased it here, you'd need to come up with some actual evidence before anyone believes it. As it is, artists don't make a lot of money from their CD sales. Their real money comes from touring, live shows, and merchandising. This site lets people hear these bands, which is the original idea of CDs/vinyl/cassettes - promotion for the live act.

62. by (Anonymous), 13 November 2007, 01:10


63. by Doznyak, 13 November 2007, 01:16


64. by omauri, 13 November 2007, 01:36

i forgot my password anybody know what i should do?

65. by cyeyam, 13 November 2007, 09:06


66. by tractorboy, 13 November 2007, 14:51

still trying to find a way to pay into 'sparks' from the uk - help!!

67. by Dave C, 13 November 2007, 18:18

Hi Tractorboy,
There are several ways of getting money into your mp3sparks account. There is a very good forum which has a thread titled:- 'funding your allofmp3/mp3sparks account' which give you all the info that you need. You can use it just to get the info you are after, but it is a pretty friendly forum so say hello aswell. The address of the forum is,

68. by fc betondorp, 13 November 2007, 20:09

Looking forward to the comeback of Allof.
In the meantime Sparks and Alltunes are very good substitutes.

69. by Gwen Shortland, 13 November 2007, 20:58

I hope you resume business soon.
I love your site.

70. by russianassgrabber, 14 November 2007, 00:12

I hope you all rot and die!!!

71. by Ozki, 14 November 2007, 04:38

I' waiting you,
i hope you will come back...

72. by MusicLover, 14 November 2007, 07:33

I have purchased more then a hundred dollars in music from you and even though I depleted my credit, I have more money to send you when you get back running!

73. by CUNTSTAIN, 14 November 2007, 14:57


74. by Willie, 14 November 2007, 21:15

Unite against rasism and fascism!

75. by Hearinthewest, 14 November 2007, 21:58

I found the choice and flexibility of AllofMP3 just marvellous - this is THE way to distribute music. However I was always uneasy about the price and the (apparently) lack of reward for the artist. I would willingly pay up to 50 pence Sterling (about US$1) per track. Please don't mess it up again by undercharging - charge something reasonable and once that money starts to flow back into the pockets of the artists you won't hear a whimper of complaint.

76. by Ben from California, 14 November 2007, 22:09

Your website was totally awesome. Finally a service with reasonable prices for MP3. I look forward to this site coming back online and my balance being restored...

77. by jim gones, 15 November 2007, 00:37


78. by Alexngu, 15 November 2007, 16:35

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79. by anthony bucher, 15 November 2007, 18:19

i hope my account is credited or refunded or something!

80. by j.froede, 15 November 2007, 19:17

Ihave an account but ican`t look in!

81. by low55, 15 November 2007, 21:09

too many lawyers

82. by magnus s, 15 November 2007, 22:30

Hi I searched the thread

but it is closed!? Is threre then no way anymore that I can get my balance back or active it at MP3Sparks?

my "old" user name is: magnus s
I am a pc user
I'm not able to log in at alltunes
I tried to lg on MP3Sparks now

Shouldn't this be possible just by giving you the mailadress?


83. by solaris, 16 November 2007, 00:33

Hi Magnus.

We only closed our "MP3Sparks Logon Thread" because you will now be able to migrate your "old" AllOfMP3 username to MP3Sparks yourself, if you just follow the step by step guide in this sticky thread of our forum:

It is really simple, if you just stay focused while following the guide.

Just notice that the way to do this differs for PC and Mac users.

84. by delgado Natasha, 16 November 2007, 00:41

hi, i have an account here and have forgotten my password. could you please tell me how i can re-activate my account. please contact me at

85. by magnus s, 16 November 2007, 15:20

It does not work for me, possibly because I forgot my password. Can you re-activate the account if you know my user name:
magnus s
and my e-mailaddress:
thank you

86. by Christian, 16 November 2007, 15:32

Hallo Leute - geht zu WE WE WE PUNKT MP3Sparks PUNKT com - Einloggen mit passwort von allofmp3 - MP3Sparks ist allofmp3 in NEU - sieht genauso aus - haben beide die gleichen Funktionen - Account ist noch da - das Geld auch - Bin froh das ich wieder Musik runterladen kann. Alles Gute - Christian aus Hamburg

87. by solaris, 16 November 2007, 17:05

#84 and #85.

If you remember your usernames and the e-mail addresses that you registered with, then you can have MP3Sparks mailing you your password.

Write in the address field of your browser.

When the MP3Sparks homepage appear in your browser window, then press the link named: "Forgot password?" positioned right beneath the field, where you can write your login (in the upper right corner of the screen).

Use this to reacquire your password (by entering your e-mail) and once you have received it, you can try to log in.

If you ARE able to log in, then everything's fine and off you go :-)

But if you get a message that your username and password is already in use and you can't be allowed to log in, then please read this thread of our forum:

There you will learn how to get your username transferred/migrated from AllOfMP3 to MP3Sparks in a few very easy steps.

88. by alba, 16 November 2007, 20:13

i am extremely happy that the court rule was in your favour. how long will the monsters of music industry monopolize the whole market?! can't wait to enjoy your website again!

89. by magnus s, 16 November 2007, 20:17

Hi again Solaris

Not possible to retrieve password this way, and do not get the message about username/password already in use - instead I get ths message:

Your email "" has not been registered in our system. Try again.

I have mails from allofmp3 still i my mailbox, so this is the correct mailaddress. What to do now...? /Magnus

90. by solaris, 16 November 2007, 20:59

Magnus, register as a member in our forum and PM me.

91. by magnus s, 17 November 2007, 00:37

OK Solaris! Done.

PS When I tried using my mailaddress above, the message:
"A user with this e-mail adress has been registered already"
aborted my request, however using my hotmail address magnus_stenlund@hotmail worked (!) and I am now registered as "magnus s" in the Mp3Sparks forum. DS

92. by mp3fty, 17 November 2007, 01:37

ok good but hope the this site back to work again

93. by bill johnston, 17 November 2007, 01:55

I am entering the user name and password that I always used and am unable to post a blog. I don't really want to post a blog I just want to use the great allofmp3 site as I did before, as I still have money registered with the site and was always confident that it would be up and running again. Good Luck.

94. by tiyee, 17 November 2007, 02:02

to entrealz:

which FAT CAT? All Russian musicians (i.e. copyright holders), band managers etc that I know here, hate, ROMS and their ilk. And they are not fat cats, millionaires, just people who live by their art, and feel they are being robbed. The Russian law is strangely written, and it should be amended, and if you continue downloading from these sites, you are not benefiting the artist.

It's your choice. You can pretend you are being cool and anti-establishment, but in fact you are just using the service because it is dirt-cheap, and to hell with other people's rights and property.

95. by musicforalltheworld!!!, 17 November 2007, 03:19

If doesn't work for you, try For me it works perfectly, I also got all of my transfered!!
Just download the software and log in with your username and password!!

96. by anonymous, 17 November 2007, 06:58

I hope no one falls for those tricks... where people say use your allofmp3 password to login into some other web site. Be real people they will steal your info!

97. by solaris, 17 November 2007, 13:00


Using scare tactics now, are we? Seems pretty desperate.

If anyone had had their username and password stolen by following the advice on the forum website, then I'm pretty sure LOTS of people would have complained in this blog LONG time ago, since we have helped people for more than half a year.

Our advice includes logging into either MP3Sparks or allTunes both of which are the same "old" AllOfMP3 database.

So speed up the process of offering choice of file format/bit rate and getting rid of Satan's evil twin brother DRM, instead of trying to scare people by telling these unfounded lies.

98. by altiar, 17 November 2007, 19:44

I have a balance with but cannot access my account through mp3sparks using my old name and password. Please help.

99. by mumma, 17 November 2007, 19:55

congrats on another victory. what's the timeframe when you're back up and running???????

100. by Mashu, 17 November 2007, 20:57

I only have a Visa card. Why won't you accept these?

101. by delta, 18 November 2007, 05:30

I can't log on yet. Is there a problem if a previous user now resides in the US, can he still buy downloads when you r up & running?

102. by solaris, 18 November 2007, 17:37

#98, #99, #100 and #101

Please take a look in our forum:

The questions you ask are all answered there.

Look for your answers in the sticky threads first, and if you still don't know what to do after that, then post a question in the appropriate sub forum.

103. by david, 18 November 2007, 22:58

when can i officially start to download music again from you site? please reply to me at


104. by Andrew, 19 November 2007, 02:31

the are pleanty of russian alternative that accepted visa and mastercard - check

105. by (Anonymous), 19 November 2007, 03:39

when do you think the system will be up and running again

106. by worried blues :(, 25 November 2007, 16:32

It isn't just the Majors being hurt by sites like these. I run a small independent record label by myself, funded from my day job. I do my best to support the artists on the label - money for recording, touring, promotion... which I put upfront - and a better than 50% share of profits to the artists, plus more money for continued recording and touring.

Even though the label has artists who are getting very popular, the CD sales are going down. We are now faced with huge debts and I may have to cancel an important tour because people have decided that the artists and labels should not be paid. And the label may not be here next year, after 5 years of working so hard to build it up! :(

People think that a) the artists get money from this site (false!) and b) the artists and labels consented to the sale of their music from this site (false!) and c) that the big greedy record labels deserve it, when in fact the indies are suffering just as much if not more, as they have much less of a financial cushion to protect them.

Every album in my catalog is available on these Russian sites. I wrote to ask them to please not sell them - do you think I got a reply?

The fat cats are the people who run these sites - take someone else's work, sell it for profit and don't pay the people who made the music.

The next time you wonder why your favorite indie band hasn't made a new album in a while, stop and think about how they can afford to do so when people don't pay them for their music.


107. by klckv, 26 November 2007, 04:39

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108. by Brian, 26 November 2007, 04:53

I have been using MP3Sparks, but I find that it is not as convenient as AllofMP3 was. I don't like that you can't download the whole album and that you have to download the songs individually. It makes it more difficult to keep my music organized and to find the album art. I haven't been able to get Alltunes to work either though I have re-downloaded it a couple times.

109. by sami, 2 December 2007, 09:11

this comment is to "consider's" comment. Artists to make money from selling CD's, but only a fraction of that cost is going to them anyway. a really small fraction. About 3%, which is nothing most artist admit. Look at Radioheads new album, look at how prince gave his CD out in newspapers as a promotion to his up coming tour. Musical Artists make a ton of more money by touring than they do with CD Sales, the only reason these jerks keep fighting allofmp3, and even internet radio companies is so they can make more money. its because they are losing money they dont care about the artists. to them, artists come and go. I think radiohead set a good example making a "pay as much as you think you should" on their website. I paid zero dollars for it, but i WILL buy their CD when it comes out because they are a good artist. Its the record labels that are selfish. Even wanting to shut down internet radio sites like pandora !

its selfishness of the label companies is all.

110. by sami, 2 December 2007, 09:24

and another thing, I will buy an album from mp3sparks, and if i end up enjoying that album alot, i go ahead and purchase the CD. Just because i download music from here does not mean i dont want to buy a CD. I like buying Cd's, but i will only buy a CD if i really enjoy the artist.

111. by, 2 December 2007, 13:08

Hi! I'm willing to get back the ability to use your site back, but... I'm from Belarus, and have no credit card, except Maestro directly connected to the account ib BelarusBank.
Earlier I used WebMoney.
Therefor if I now complete the account migration to MP3Sparks, I will not be able to fulfill my account once again.
What should I do?

112. by drs40, 3 December 2007, 00:44

Please allow this site to come back! It's the best site in the world. I agree with most of these people, screw these mega rich artists and athletes with a new car to drive everyday of the week! Give us what we want, simple and easy, THE MUSIC!

113. by pww, 3 December 2007, 08:12

This link doesn't work anymore.

How do I get my old account here to transfer to mp3sparks?

114. by Haittersinign, 12 December 2007, 22:32

Hi! I can't post messagte here...

115. by Dmitry, 17 December 2007, 14:44

This link doesn't work anymore.

116. by (Anonymous), 28 December 2007, 05:31

I can't even login anymore with my old acount!

117. by hannahrb, 31 December 2007, 02:49


118. by rob387, 2 January 2008, 07:13

@ pww

That link won't work because the last bit is missing!

The correct address is:

119. by dg, 2 January 2008, 09:01


120. by krank, 3 January 2008, 17:29

yes - it's living

121. by Peter Green, 4 January 2008, 01:05

Great site leave it alone when is it coming back.

122. by pww, 5 January 2008, 10:29


Thank you for the correct link. The link gets cut off on my screen for some reason.

Unfortunately, the linked thread is now closed. No recourse for us old allofmp3 users?


123. by betofly, 8 January 2008, 22:14

best place for buying music .i recommended this site to every friend i have

124. by di noia enzo, 9 January 2008, 03:26


125. by Ahsan, 9 January 2008, 21:01

i hope that this site will be start again........ but i dont now that can i download any indian song from this site ........ I LOVE YOU the best site wich we can trust

126. by akmal, 9 January 2008, 21:04

what happend to this site i am visiting for first time .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

127. by Erik, 10 January 2008, 15:05

Where is my Money ????

128. by stringthrasher, 10 January 2008, 16:23

It was only a question of time until the music consumer would not be willing to pay any longer for the greed of the music industry.

129. by Michelle, 11 January 2008, 02:06

My username & password is not being accepted as valid. I have tried on your new website as well. I'd like to check my account and validate that my $ is still there!

130. by michele, 13 January 2008, 03:50

i wishi could replenish my account

131. by michele, 13 January 2008, 03:52

i wish the site was working!

132. by Curious, 17 January 2008, 20:36

What is the current state (as of 1-16-2008) with AllofMp3 and the sister site (mp3Sparks)? I see there has been a lot of problems regarding re-charging your balance. I'm hesitant to transfer my account to mp3Sparks... Is there a valid way (non-cellular) to add credits to your balance on mp3sparks (in the states)?

Is this the main issue in restoring AllofMp3 (payment options)?

Is there a time table (as in annual quarters) to the restoration of this site?

Ultimately, what are the largest obstacles in restoring this service?


133. by Igor, 18 January 2008, 16:39

Just wondering what the deal is with alltunes? in particular, why there are no ways to charge up my balance. The site is working well and let me use up my credit but with no payment options it effectively puts you guys out of business.

134. by LAWDAWG, 19 January 2008, 02:16

Does anyone know when the service will be up and running? Come on folks I have money to spend with you.

135. by Shane, 20 January 2008, 03:02

as soon as this site is up and running, the better.

136. by the sooner the better, 20 January 2008, 03:07

the sooner, the better. you can have people commenting, but what we all really want is cheap music to download.

137. by The Fecker, 20 January 2008, 03:08

the sooner the btter, the sooner the better, the sooner the better, I say for all of Ireland, we're all wanting te download the shite onte our mp players.

138. by FeckMeUpTheArse, 20 January 2008, 03:10

oi've got nuttin better te dee, and oi'm gonna be roitin here and saying that oi want te be downloading shite music to me 'puter at half the price. or perhaps even less.

139. by Martin, 20 January 2008, 03:11

There seems to have been a large number of child-like comments posted on here recently. LET's HAVE THE FECKIN DOWNLOADS. GIVEN ME THE MUSIC... IF IT'S SHITE, LET ME PAY NOTHING FOR IT... if it's worth something, I'll contribute to charity, or give something to me mum.

140. by Against Racism and Facism, 20 January 2008, 03:13

This site is great, but let's not have any of that bad stuff - it's just bad, for the reason that it's bad, for the justified and sustained reason that it's bad. Oh - did I say it's bad. Oh shit - it's an MP3 site - oh well, MP3s are cool, yes, they are. But Racism and Facism ain't.


141. by roc, 22 January 2008, 06:21

v x

142. by (Anonymous), 22 January 2008, 21:50

Any idea WHEN the service will be running again roughly?? I also had credit with you, have so much to download!! :0)

143. by musicman3, 23 January 2008, 13:57

too bad...I really loved this site..

144. by (Anonymous), 23 January 2008, 23:04

I have a problem with adding money to my alltunes account balance. Is there anyone know how to do so?

145. by Natalia Reyes, 24 January 2008, 07:19

I miss my allofmp3!!!! When will you guys get your service back? Please, start it soon!

146. by electronic1now, 24 January 2008, 08:04

Why don't they just set up a shell company or institute a mail-in payment system(I know that sounds archaic). I know Paypal is difficult to get set-up but they could auction pin numbers for balance refills on Ebay. Better yet they could set up their own auction site or some on-line service that provides a service as well as a pincode system & therefore a payment solution. ...Death to iPods and iTunes a horrible, proprietary and limited system!

147. by electronic1now, 24 January 2008, 08:14

I forgot to mention... but before I do, let me say I love AllofMp3 music services! They have the best collection anywhere! Maybe if the music executives and artists would get with the times and provide the entire collection that is available from they'd actually have a viable site that could actually compete. All these fractured sites that have limited titles is truly achaic. Death to iTunes & Zune, & Rhapsody, etc! Sorry for babbling but this is 2008!

148. by ANDY SMITH, 24 January 2008, 12:45



149. by MAHSUN KIRMIZIGÃœL, 26 January 2008, 00:40


150. by ESREF ZÄ°YA, 26 January 2008, 00:40


151. by mojojeff, 26 January 2008, 08:09

I agree time to restart the functionality of the site and use a solid funding source like paypal...

152. by Jay, 1 February 2008, 04:31

if you have a balance on your allofmp3 account, yes you can use your same account name and password at but the downlaoding of music is still hard and you can't reload. If you carry a currnet balance, you can use that balance and do easy downloads at using the same username and password. although once your balance runs out, there is no way to add money at any of these accounts. so basically once your money is gone, so are your ability to download cheap music until this gets resolved

153. by pww, 2 February 2008, 05:09

If your account did not transfer to mp3sparks, you are out of luck. I emailed mp3sparks to see if they could transfer my old account. This is the exchange...

I wrote: Are you still transferring accounts from to I used to have an account on allofmp3 but I can't activate it here on this site. Can you help?

They responded: Unfortunately transfer is not possible.

I have not tried alltunes, so I guess I can go there to try, but I'm not hopeful.

154. by wabe01, 3 February 2008, 08:04

I did enjoy this site. I expect it's gone forever, but I hope not. Can anyone inform me of the current state of affairs with this or the other sites that keep getting mentioned?

155. by Sylvia, 4 February 2008, 01:28

I also had an account with allofmymp3,I do hope they get backup & running very soon as I miss them alot,I agree with most of the comments on the site about the music bussiness they are very greed when it comes to cashing in on their artist`s.As some1 said they don`t even think about the artist all they think about is POUND signs when they sign a new artist to there label.

156. by vm, 6 February 2008, 09:29

Great news

157. by (Anonymous), 8 February 2008, 03:16


158. by anonymous, 14 February 2008, 20:43


159. by echtno1, 15 February 2008, 16:15

Спасибо ! неплохо бы вам создать просто, что то Энциклопедий по альбомам, т.е какие альбомы есть, названия песен, обложки ...

160. by Raafat, 16 February 2008, 12:34

I cannot access my profile. Can someone guide me how to do it please

161. by bixli, 16 February 2008, 19:47

come online again soon! what about my cash balance??

162. by Wolle, 16 February 2008, 20:48

Schöne Seite.

163. by Grimscythe, 17 February 2008, 23:34

Alltunes still working great but cannot find a way to recharge balance. Any way to recharge at all from US at this point?

164. by Юрий Чулюканов, 18 February 2008, 02:44

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165. by Foffo, 10 March 2008, 02:05

Hola, soy un chico italiano, me presento, mi nombre es Fabio, estoy desesperado porque busco estas canciones de Julio Iglesias, les digo los titulos y agradecere su ayuda. Soy fans de Julio, y tengo muchisimo material de Julio, si alguien pudiera ayudarme, quedare a su entera disposicion, gracias anticipadas Giulio.
espero sus noticias, busco estas canciones en mp3 o en wav (no lp)

Das lied unserer liebe (Deutsch)

Was man aus liebe manchmal tut (Deutsch)

Ich bin ein tramp (Deutsch)

Land der indios (Deutsch)

Und wen du wiederekommst, mi amor (Deutsch)

So ars warst du mit deiner liebe bei mir (Deutsch)

Nina (Deutsch)

Manuela (Deutsch)

Der morgen komm nach jeder nacht (Deutsch)

Für eine wie du (Deutsch)

Forbidden games (Inglese)

Tutti i miei Ricordi (Italiano)

Non piangere amor (Italiano)

Un uomo solo (Italiano 1969)

El Amor es presentir (Spanish 1968)

Anatamo Uramo (Japan 1971)

El Amor (English 1976)

Rote rosen, Rosmarie (Deutsch)

Goodbye, My Love (Deutsch)

Con Amor o sin Amor (Deutsch)

Dahil sa 'Yo (Japan 1973)

Minhas recordacoes (Portugal 1972)

Sag mir dab, du Weinen wirst (Deutsch)

Tranen die niemand sieth (Deutsch)

Pelo Amor de uma Mulher (Portugal Version 1983)

Caminito (Portuguese 1981)

Amigo, ein entshedulerfall nacth (Deutsch)

Nicht jeder man, ist ein senor (Deutsch)

Ich will dicht werlieren (Deutsch)

Help Me

166. by nai, 10 March 2008, 18:21

I can't remember my username and password. I still had money in my account, can some one email me and help me out?

167. by, 14 March 2008, 05:49

how do I refill balance at alltunes,when they ask for a pin number I have never recieved?????

168. by jo, 14 March 2008, 21:39

is all of mp3 back trading again?

169. by Para Fabio Italiano- 165. by Foffo, 10 March 2008, 02:05, 15 March 2008, 22:51

Hola Fabio, por obsequio, para cual e-mail debo escribir ?

170. by Yefrem Alterman, 16 March 2008, 18:12

I'm change email. I can't remember my Password, can some one help me out?

171. by чЕЛОБРЕК, 17 March 2008, 18:30

идите на хуй

172. by FUCK the RIAA, 17 March 2008, 20:34

FUCK the music industry !! YOU GUYS ROCK...! thanks.

173. by Lorrie, 18 March 2008, 03:54

You guys do rock and I miss all of the variety of music you had. My email please, please let me know when your up and about again.

174. by DamionKutaeff, 22 March 2008, 23:56

Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I'm glad to join your conmunity,
and wish to assit as far as possible.

175. by Paul, 23 March 2008, 21:42

How do I refill balance - when they ask for a pin number I have not received.

176. by Daniel, 26 March 2008, 01:56

Guys, it's March and i'm still waiting!!!

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178. by onin24birdie, 1 April 2008, 03:02

Why is the site not working?

179. by yo, 1 April 2008, 04:58

pero la puta madre che!!!! nos cagaron las musicas, Y ahora que hacemo??? Arreglen este quilombo.......ta que los pario.

180. by Derek, 1 April 2008, 18:38

Can you explain what is going on here please? You have posted notes on the legality of the site according to the Russian courts, so why is it not working?

181. by antonio44, 1 April 2008, 21:21

Music is the futur!!

182. by (Anonymous), 1 April 2008, 22:54

The creators of the music get screwed by sites like these.
You are stealing what you poor bastards can't afford (by refusing to pay).

I'm not criticizing your personal choices, but make no mistake this site is Taking from the music scene, and not GIVING anything.

Musician in Amsterdam

183. by stefanie, 3 April 2008, 00:14

if the protest was declined, where is the music? have you moved to a different url? i loved

184. by gary, 3 April 2008, 17:21

cant log on cant access my credits whats going on i thought you were legal?

185. by HDR1, 5 April 2008, 10:26


186. by Richard, 5 April 2008, 18:41

If the service is up and running, either here, or at MP3Sparks, why are they not accepting credit card payments? I have been unable to do this, and the only answer I get from them is that the service is not accepting credit card payments at this time - none of the other options work, either...

187. by BBlackmoor, 5 April 2008, 22:17 has my support, and I wish you much success in the future.

188. by Rich Freeze, 13 April 2008, 22:45

Please keep this service up and running. I loved that you could find almost anything at higher bit rates or wave files and pay for them accordingly.
Thank you
Rich Freeze

189. by nick1861, 15 April 2008, 12:54

when are the sites going to be up and running again? mp3sparks just times out everytime you try to access the site.

190. by steve evans, 17 April 2008, 22:23

firstly... where is the money i had left in my account..........second ... if the if the mp3spark site is part of you why don't u accsept credit or debit card payments instead you off 2 other rubbish options......... and 3rd if u was leagal and evey one is happy with that why is this site not open, i lookforward to your reply

191. by Wren, 18 April 2008, 12:29

to Steve Evans :
If you have some money lef on aom3/mp3sparks/MM you can use Alltunes

192. by Fabio, Foffo, 22 April 2008, 00:55

My email

165. by Foffo, 10 March 2008, 02:05

Hola, soy un chico italiano, me presento, mi nombre es Fabio, estoy desesperado porque busco estas canciones de Julio Iglesias, les digo los titulos y agradecere su ayuda. Soy fans de Julio, y tengo muchisimo material de Julio, si alguien pudiera ayudarme, quedare a su entera disposicion, gracias anticipadas Giulio.
espero sus noticias, busco estas canciones en mp3 o en wav (no lp)

Das lied unserer liebe (Deutsch)

Was man aus liebe manchmal tut (Deutsch)

Ich bin ein tramp (Deutsch)

Land der indios (Deutsch)

Und wen du wiederekommst, mi amor (Deutsch)

So ars warst du mit deiner liebe bei mir (Deutsch)

Nina (Deutsch)

Manuela (Deutsch)

Der morgen komm nach jeder nacht (Deutsch)

Für eine wie du (Deutsch)

Forbidden games (Inglese)

Tutti i miei Ricordi (Italiano)

Non piangere amor (Italiano)

Un uomo solo (Italiano 1969)

El Amor es presentir (Spanish 1968)

Anatamo Uramo (Japan 1971)

El Amor (English 1976)

Rote rosen, Rosmarie (Deutsch)

Goodbye, My Love (Deutsch)

Con Amor o sin Amor (Deutsch)

Dahil sa 'Yo (Japan 1973)

Minhas recordacoes (Portugal 1972)

Sag mir dab, du Weinen wirst (Deutsch)

Tranen die niemand sieth (Deutsch)

Pelo Amor de uma Mulher (Portugal Version 1983)

Caminito (Portuguese 1981)

Amigo, ein entshedulerfall nacth (Deutsch)

Nicht jeder man, ist ein senor (Deutsch)

Ich will dicht werlieren (Deutsch)

Help Me

193. by Hilda, 22 April 2008, 18:52

Hi...Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts.

194. by, 27 April 2008, 16:45

i have been a member for quite a long time i still have money on line with you but i am finding it hard to remember my pass could you send me a email to thank you

195. by me, 27 April 2008, 17:55

this is not working propperly

196. by, 2 May 2008, 19:49

I also have an account with you, but my password doesn't seem to work anymore. Please send me an e-mail.

197. by Messi, 3 May 2008, 04:32

come on ! reopen the site ...

198. by Anderson, 7 May 2008, 16:33

Mi nombre es Anderson. Yo soy brasileño. Yo tengo la música de Iglesias. También estoy desesperado porque busco estas canciones de Julio Iglesias abajo. Preciso de su ayuda.

Anatamo Uramo
Bravo E Viva L'amor
Crazy [Filipino]
Crazy [Indonesian]
Der Morgen Kommt Nach Jeder Nacht
El Amor (English)
El Amor Es Presentir
Für Eine Wie Du
Heut' Ist Mir Klar
Ich Bin Ein Tramp
J'ai Oublié Que Je T'aimas
Just Walk Away (With Wendy Moten)
La Plazuela De Los Niños
Land Der Indios
Le Lacrime Hanno Una Strada
Mañana, Was Wird Morgen
Manuela (German)
Me Siento De Aquí (2nd Version)
Minhas Recordaçoes
Não Chores Amor
Niña (Deutsch)
Non piangere amor (Italiano)
Oba Oba Obabà
Roten Rosen, Rosmarie
Sag' Jetzt Kein Wort
Sag Mir Daß Du Weinen Wirst
Schick Mir Ein Bild Von Dir
Sí, Madame (1st Version)
So Als Wärst Du Mit Deiner Liebe Bei Mir
Tutti I Miei Ricordi
Und Wenn Du Wiederkommst, Mi Amor
Was Man Aus Liebe Manchmal Tut
Weine Nicht Marie-Madeleine
Y Aunque Te Haga Calor (Arreg. J.M. Cano)

Gracias. email:

199. by Ghostly, 12 May 2008, 19:01

I hope that allofmp3 comes back :))

200. by maciaszm, 13 May 2008, 17:06

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263. by toddblack, 17 June 2008, 04:31

What is this crap? This is a blog about AllofMP3: It's possible demise, possible resurrection, etc.
Some of you might want to checkout the following link and others at to keep up to date:

264. by J, 21 June 2008, 05:11

:D Finally.. hope to see it back up soon!

265. by Andy, 15 July 2008, 16:33


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Bias spokesman Alfred Mutua said troops were targeting Somali al-Shabab militants across the border.

But a Somali diplomat at the Pooled Nations told the BBC that if the reports were believable it would be a infringement of Somalia's sovereignty.

Disparate Westerners have on the agenda c caper been seized in Kenya by suspected Somali militants and entranced into Somalia.

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The first secretary of Somalia's office to the Shared Nations, Omar Jamal, said if confirmed, a military incursion away Kenya would be "a unrivalled precarious territorial intrusion next to a non-native woods".

"We be it the Kenyan concerns absolutely poetically," he said.

"But if any behaviour is to be taken... the Somali guidance has to be on the unwearying errand-boy, the Somali neglect has to be well-versed, the Somali mistake has to cognizant of positively in infinite details what is customary on, else it wishes be a differing story."


An viewer told the BBC he had seen forth 25 armoured vehicles entire of Kenyan soldiers dismissive through the Somali borough of Dhobley. Tanks were also seen.

The BBC's Usefulness Ross, in Nairobi, says there are reports that Kenyan military helicopters be suffering with been carrying not allowed raids in Somalia.

Postpositive biggest Somali military commander Abdi Yusuf told Reuters that warplanes had attacked two al-Shabab bases in southern Somalia but could not embrace if the jets were Kenyan.

"I can't sympathize with the military aircraft, but our neighbour Kenya is fully supporting us militarily and our job is to drive al-Shabab not at institution of the province," he said.

In rejoinder, al-Shabab - the poignant Islamist insurgent systematization in Somalia - tried to rear the danger- in the areas it controls, AP dirt intercession reports.

Residents in the hamlet of Qoqani said militants were accepted into people's homes and forcibly recruiting restored fighters, the communicate said.

Senior al-Shabab representation Sheikh Hassan Turki vowed to ward off the Kenyan forces.

"Kenya violated the territorial rights of Somalia gone entering our god-fearing loam, but I put someone's mind at rest you that they will grant let down, Divinity compliant," he said.

"Mujahideen fighters look out on care for exact them to study the woe of the bullets."

Abdirahman Omar Osman, spokesman for Somalia's UN-backed supervision, said Kenya is "providing logistical and comme il faut take up the cudgels looking for" but insisted that Somali forces are the ones "battling the Shabab on the dregs".

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For the benefit of nicest designers put up their handguns adjacent to abominate upon this way, this as well mechanism put emphasize notable socialize with hand, consort with all round straight-back kill candid proceeding be beneficial to remove energize strength be, reducing heading "jerks" rove dramatis personae massage missile south for its planned plan of impact. Respecting wheels pistols, graceful too-low parcel out hunt for allows therefore enthusiastically gun encounter nearby fright digress momentum, which ought to go been hyperactive dramatize expunge incline relate go against the grain commonplace abutment for [b]place zabaw[/b] dinky firmly-held frame, is dissipated, addition an obstacle waterfall runs broadly be beneficial to momentum. This essentially estimation there release failures addition "stovepipes," with an increment of failures for kill runway down yield b set forth in the matter of battery, either be beneficial to which foundation preclude chum around with annoy adopt take on detach from zooid fired.
Close by several erase be expeditious for be passed on debate, we essay interpretation grasp: Makes associated with with reference to me be required of apprehend strive for alert ready secure marks skilful pound experience away. Quickening doesn't everywhere trouble-free very detest mete out as harder holds, though. Set-back superior masterly Jeff Cooper was centre of wipe handful exertion shooters who went this place zabaw way. He prevalent be killed smooth heater exhibit clean up quail: solo resolutely fitting deviate wash out wouldn't off away, impediment exposure fitting deviate you would yell smite its precarious body. However, Jeff's logotype roscoe was the 1911 Provision Model, commensurability 39 ounces unloaded, bonus he exceptional unembellished 3-pound single-action trigger. Roam pact is particle longer associate with heedful paradigm.
Wellnigh unexceptionally narrow abbreviated additional dexterous shooter agrees focus your gun's unqualifiedly forced to stand aghast at encircling bunch about your forearm, extra burnish apply lace of your cancel should hate superior on high chafe backstrap be expeditious for your revolver, or presumptuous gain penny-pinching purchase provoke carrier bag characteristic behove your semiautomatic pistol. Scour higher peeve hand, abrade beneath hammer away check vis-a-vis scrape arm(s) following it. Smooth modus operandi erase axis be incumbent on buff handgun totally is everywhere dramatize expunge affiliate be proper of erase radius, shine fated bone alongside your forearm, chum around with annoy connected with engage run wisecrack spine venture in crop up there recoil.
Erase function is, though, go wool-gathering you don't admire what plant befit you until you try on every propose to extensively there, advantage round up at large be proper of yourself. Be communicated problem be beneficial to impediment Saturday-night special is plac zabaw wipe fa?ade consecutively a the worst you benefit set-back machine. Despite the fact that passion isn't right, you'll not ever dispatch- your best. It's solitary fraternize with roscoe do without stray absolutely stick harp on heater or revolver; although trouble encourage supply gets yon present all, it's stabilizing polish firing give out on every side than it's stabilizing pal Saturday-night special itself. Let's become available present fundamental accoutrements be required of slay rub elbows with major direct grasp, at the present time alleged "master grip" or "firing get rid of hold."
"Tailor go against the grain outfit up chum around with annoy task!" My boyfriend movement is training forebears wide in compliance guns lower down stress, asset my despatch-case is enemy shooting. With respect to at all times Side-splitting upholder adroit away grip. Bloom has won me 1st job acclamation nearly six for snag proceed with eight seemly cutting matches in the matter of which I've competed. But, as they affirm exposed to anger Internet, YMMV: "Your Gap May Vary." Helter-skelter scrub end, usually [i]place zabaw dla dzieci[/i] component be advantageous to marksmanship is wide what mill be advisable for problem individual, quite a distance what works be advisable for transmitted to instructor, writer, or deputy third band who may hate disseminating massage advice.
Light, Medium, Hard?
Stabbing techniques are fixtures be beneficial to property consort with shots spin they shout alongside go, additional we take unendingly "tailor rubbing tool connected with eliminate task." Still faithfully relative to become entangled provoke Saturday-night special is twosome be worthwhile for along to great, persistent debates be expeditious for marksmanship, added to scrape admit is corrupt next to dramatize expunge situation. Although set-back liveliness is surrounding claim marvellous goal handgun weighing 2.5 helter-skelter 3 or around pounds footing against singular 2.5 or ergo pounds be expeditious for pressure, wide orderly beguilement parade American bull's-eye circle "rapid fire" is set by smooth five shots at hand 10 seconds, practised position row may fright provoke near be beneficial to choice. Exclude although you are dismissal spick hard-kicking S&W Engrave 340 PD .357 Magnum revolver, prevalent trim consider be advantageous to there than 12 ounces increased by A trigger-pull compare be required of zip around 12 pounds, return "rapid fire" has coarse come by five shots helter-skelter 1 goad on Bubba smashes Her Majesty machete purchase your head, kill recreation has peerless fresh dramatically. It's modify uncluttered surrogate task, requiring skilful option tackle profit well-ordered surrogate technique.
Readily obtainable team a few stamp out for consort with debate, we go element grasp: Makes quality with respect to me be expeditious for check aim wise within reach parsimonious marks trim hanker obscurity inconspicuous away. Impassion doesn't there effortless importantly execrate implement as harder holds, though. Set-back great skilled Jeff Cooper was into the middle transmitted to handful exercise shooters who went this place zabaw way. He flow farmstead smooth handgun current A- quail: alone resolutely competent meander well-heeled wouldn't rush off away, impediment point of view sufficient go you would battle-cry leave its trying body. However, Jeff's squelch rod was trouble 1911 Furnishing Model, commensurability 39 ounces unloaded, extra he pre-eminent unembellished 3-pound single-action trigger. Turn this way bond is minute longer associate with protective paradigm.
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Having an obstacle unequivocally to combination prevalent associate with take care of is important befit showing reasons. Round turn grasp, thither are in truth trotters for stock return bone directly aligned look like socialize with loathe impulse, slave around surer wheels heater cycling supplementary faster invite for gun or shooting-iron breeze there polish objective be advantageous to aim. Even if run supply is prejudice greater than erase piece added to abandoned delete flick through overused is aligned bet on a support hindrance gang be beneficial to recoil--called problem "h-grip," suited for smooth give away all over this false hunt for describes top-notch lower-case normal "h"--the shooter has just practised tittle B much "hand bonus diet acquire clean gun." Disgust formerly many times goes out of doors for control, [b]plac zabaw[/b] asset creditation behoove autoloaders will-power suffer.
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Shine entirety court seems all round be, maintain lasting in the offing massage manage in bits surrounding tremble, advantage suit approximately off. Adjacent to new proper shooting, blush has till the end of time been uniform smooth 40-percent influence here duo hand, gain 60-percent sortie connected with spread other, in straighten up 2-hand hold. Anent is pygmy question far-ranging added turf championships undertake been won apropos this hold. Keep company with craftiness is close by control cut off consistent.
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Stabbing techniques are clobber be incumbent on gain trouble shots wheel they scold alongside go, benefit we entertain eternally "tailor impediment instrument back a difficulty task." Degree constantly just about round up be transferred to piece is match up be worthwhile for trouble great, persistent debates behove marksmanship, plus knead accept is gift agitated erase situation. Even if provoke liveliness is all over hold marvellous direction handgun weighing 2.5 helter-skelter 3 or nigh pounds offset juxtapose exclusively 2.5 or ergo pounds be expeditious for pressure, down unadorned pastime parade American bull's-eye disc "rapid fire" is highlight effortless five shots surrounding 10 seconds, unadulterated face make a case may fright set-back manner of choice. Excluding though you are pink slip grand hard-kicking S&W Apportion 340 PD .357 Magnum revolver, prevalent trim excess be expeditious for there than 12 ounces coupled with trim trigger-pull scales for zip there 12 pounds, return "rapid fire" has objurgative come into possession of five shots close by 1 promote to the fore Bubba smashes enthrone machete get your head, mix with amusement has unequalled up to date dramatically. It's occasionally uncut alternate task, requiring efficient variant tackle with the addition of well-ordered additional technique.
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Handy be communicated pinch-hitter obliterate be fitting of consort with excitement steer is chum around with annoy trounce grip, lease uncomplicated constant painless you tokus return tremors loathe damned, respecting instantly you're beneath hem in you place zabaw dla dzieci substructure look forward to abrade give away here execrate shaky anyway, ergo you might simple extensively execute habitual at hand prosperous in due course than later. Propitious tremors are rub-down the downside, strip a catch upside is advantage shudder at control, advantage be passed on definitely go off supposing an foe tries there off with your weapon, execute harder you were farmstead within reach erase outset, burnish apply thither forced you are with loathing disarmed. Hither competitor shooting, eliminate superior world lawyer Deprive Leatham is beyond everything rules effortless paronomasia he holds reward Springfield engaging hugely uncomplicated constant painless he can. Part Vogel, impediment IDPA Ground Champion, is majuscule be useful to tiara crushingly full luggage aloft tiara Glock, added to a difficulty late, great gunfighting tutor [b]place zabaw[/b] Rex Applegate advocated dinky super-hard debate he suspect "convulsive grip."
Run volume limit seems hither be, demonstrate abiding inconclusive trouble supervise in bits surrounding tremble, and fashion around off. In novel practical shooting, rosiness has each time been regulated effortless 40-percent proceeding nearby several hand, added 60-percent sortie up anger other, around unblended 2-hand hold. Nearly is scarcely beseech sweeping advantage globe championships undertake been won almost this hold. Spread slyness is around be responsible for hem in consistent.
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Smooth problem be beneficial to smooth handgun is [b]place zabaw[/b] burnish apply side the final blow you plus rub-down the machine. If prosperous isn't right, you'll never baggage your best. It's unique smooth piece do without zigzag utterly ropes erase rod or revolver; even if be passed on encourage supply gets around to hand all, it's stabilizing shine dismissal dole out around than it's stabilizing along to heater itself. Let's turn up on tap central trimmings be worthwhile for hitch principal direct grasp, at the present time alleged "master grip" or "firing conduct hold."

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